Season 2 Episode 17

Two Beggars on Horseback

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 18, 1959 on ABC
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Bret and Bart's devotion to one another is tested when they're offered a deal that can mean $10,000 for one of them but just one.

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  • A Wild Tale Of Sibling Rivalry Run Amok

    This was a wild tale of sibling rivalry run amok. As Bart said to Jessie (they always have a woman to compete over as well), "the one thing we don't do is kill each other". However, as Bret and Bart race to cash a check at the last open branch of a bankrupt bank, everything else is fair game : lying, cheating, sneaking - even cutting the saddle straps of a brother's horse. But in the end, if one of them is threatened by outsiders, they stand together (for a percentage of the profits). Most likely, anyone who has ever struggled with a difficult brother or sister will get a kick out of the Mavericks in action with, and against, each other. Hell, even 'only' children will enjoy this delicious farce.moreless
Ray Teal

Ray Teal

Harvey Stryker

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John Cliff

John Cliff


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Will Wright

Will Wright

General Hoyt Bosco

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    • Pappyism: When you're playing poker don't trust anybody - especially your brother.

    • Bret: If you'll excuse us, please, I think my brother's gonna be sick. If he isn't, I am.

    • Bret: I've still got $30. I was thinkin' I might split it with ya, and then again I might get back in that poker game and run it up to a thousand.
      Bart: But what if ya lose the thirty..
      Bret: You don't get the fifteen.
      Bart: But if ya win the thousand?
      Bret: You do get the fifteen.
      Bart: Bret, sometimes your heart runs away with your head.

    • Jessamy: Bet you could stand a drink about now. My grandmother sent me this all the way from Tennessee. (holds up bottle) It's an old family cure for headaches : sour mash. She made it with her own little feet.
      Bart: No thanks, I just had an apple.

    • (Jessamy enters Bart's room and begins pouring the liquor)
      Bart: None for me, please.
      Jessamy: You don't like sour mash?
      Bart: If I wanted another bad habit, I don't think that'd be it.
      Jessamy: Oh, well that sort of leaves me without an excuse for being here.
      Bart: Did you need one?
      Jessamy: I suppose you think I'm forcing myself on you, and I am. And if you think it's because of your money? It is.
      Bart: You mean you actually prefer paupers?

    • Jessamy: But suppose I could tell you how you could get your money back? Would you be grateful?
      Bart: $10,000? There isn't that much gratitude.
      Jessamy: Well, I'd settle for a thousand … cash!
      Bart: I think you're serious.
      Jessamy: About money - grimly.
      Bart: I don't know what you have in mind, ma'am, but you're speaking my language - greed.

    • Jessamy: I'm really awfully sorry, Bart, but business is business.

    • Jessamy: What happened to the horse?
      Bret: I was robbed.
      Jessamy: By who?
      Bret: Robbers.

    • Old Man: Tell me somthin', Shifty, does an ear of corn ever have an odd number of rows?
      Bart: Nope!

    • Sundown: Any objections, Mr. Maverick?
      Bret: No, none that I can back up.
      Sundown: You got a nice attitude.

    • Jessamy: Bart, wait up. Something's happened to Bret.
      Bart: You think somebody coulda cut his saddle cinch?
      Jessamy: Bart!
      Bart: Now we better not wait for him. He's liable to be quite a while, especially if all the saddle cinches have been cut.

    • Stryker: Well, folks, I'm gonna bid you a fond adieu. I'm sorry, but … business is business.
      Bart: Where have I heard that before?
      Jessamy: Oh, shut up!

    • Bart: That's not the way it works between Bret and me. You see, Jesse, the one thing we don't do is kill each other.

    • Bart: What are you thinkin' now?
      Bret: I'm thinkin' you're awful lucky not to be an only child.

    • (The Maverick boys narrate their differing points of view)
      Bret: When Bart understood how wrong he had been, there weren't any more delays.
      Bart: Once Bret realized how his greed had slowed us up, we made it to Deadwood in good time.

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