Season 2 Episode 24

Two Tickets to Ten Strike

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 15, 1959 on ABC

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  • Another great episode of Maverick

    Bret Maverick wonders why someone is trying to force him out of the town of Ten Strike, New Mexico and stumbles into a bizzare murder plot. Guest star Connie Stevens as Frankie French, a girl he met on the stagecoach, plays sidekick and helps Bret unravel the mystery. Pre-Batman Adam West also puts in an appearance in this one as a hired gunman. Commissioner Gordon would be shocked at his antics.

    Great episode here especially the interplay between Garner and Stevens. Those two had real chemistry together. Too bad this marked her only appearance on the series. They could have made Frankie French a recurring character and romantic interest for Bret Maverick. Sadly, we'll never know how that might have developed but at least we can enjoy this episode.