Season 1 Episode 1

War Of The Silver Kings

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Sep 22, 1957 on ABC

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  • This first episode sets the stage for the basic "stranger comes to town" series dynamic.

    A young, square-jawed Bret Maverick comes to a small silver-mining town, and his first act is a clever con. He then outfoxes the town's leading citizen in his own crooked card game, gets knocked out, meets an amusingly forward young lady, and basically saves the town. There is male bonding in the form of face-punching, Bret is shot at, and in the end Maverick rides out of town on his trusty horse. The only ingredient missing in this first episode is the witticisms and slapstick physical comedy that were added to later shows, but it already has a certain tongue-in-cheek attitude about itself. The dialog is smart, and if there's just that one female in town, well, it is a silver mining town. As a wise man has informed me, it is a show about guys, er, men.