Season 1 Episode 1

War Of The Silver Kings

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Sep 22, 1957 on ABC



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    • Bret: I understand there's usually a … big game here Saturday night?
      Thayer: Upstairs. (points finger and shakes it "No")
      Bret: What's the matter - rigged?
      Thayer: Doesn't have to be. People in this town are so used to losing to Mr. Phineas King - they do it insinctively (clears throat) instinctively.
      Bret: Phineas King, the one who owns the mine?
      Thayer: And everything else in Echo Springs … including this, uh … that very excellent whiskey.

    • King: What's your business, Mr. Maverick, mining?
      Bret: Grass inspector.
      Crane: You inspect grass?
      Bret: The kind that's always greener in the other fellow's yard.
      King: (laughing) And you stop to do a little mowing, too, occasionally, I presume?
      Bret: When it's green enough.
      King: (laughing) Well, we can't say he didn't warn us.

    • (King "accidentally" turns over Bret's folded hand)
      King: Oh, excuse me, I … uh … folding on three aces? Why, you're a very conservative poker player, Mr. Maverick.
      Bret: I just hate to be second best, Mr. King.

    • (King reaches for the envelope but Bret stops him)
      Bret: You call the bet, Mr. King?
      King: (chuckling) Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to see the money.
      Bret: You call the bet and I'll open the envelope.
      (King puffs furiously on his cigar and then forces a laugh)
      King: By Jonathan, Mr. Maverick, I gotta hand it to you. You're a very smart poker player. Looking right down my throat, weren't you?
      Bret: I could almost see what you had for lunch, Mr. King.

    • McComb: (laughing) Whatever you're drinkin', lad's, on the house. First time anyone ever tucked Phineas King's tail between his legs and tickled his chin with the end of it. Tell me, lad, was the money in the envelope or wasn't it?
      Bret: Mike, there's two things a gentleman doesn't discuss : the ladies he's known and his poker.

    • (Bret's been given a card with "Get Out of Town" written on the ace of spades)
      McComb: What do you think about this, Maverick?
      Bret: Well, it's a heck of a way to ruin a good deck of cards.
      McComb: Did you check out?
      Bret: No, I guess I should have, but I got a serious vice : curiosity. I'd like to find out why anyone would want me outta town.
      McComb: But you were at the desk?
      Bret: Just payin' two weeks rent in advance.

    • Bret: I never had a town pulled out from under me like that before. I don't like it.
      Stoller: There are lots of other towns - and vengeance is a poor reason for doing anything. You weren't robbed, what are you going back for?
      Bret: Answers, Mr. Stoller. There's someone mighty anxious to get sir of me - I'd like to know who and why.

    • McComb: Well, if you know why, I wish you'd tell me.
      Bret: Because your Mr. King is a card cheat - and he knows I know it.
      McComb: Aw, you're crazy. He owns the town - and five million dollars.
      Bret: Maybe so, but he still cheats - the way some men drink, because they have to.

    • (Bret demonstrates how he can deal crooked from a cold deck)
      McComb: (eyes wide) Remind me not to play poker with you.
      Bret: You play with King. He does it even better.

    • Bret: Well, Mr. King, you've gone to considerable trouble to have me moved out of your town.
      King: What are you talking about?
      Bret: Well, a man doesn't have to be too bright to figure that when he's dragged into an alley, beaten up and dumped into a ditch - somebody just doesn't want him around.

    • McComb: You mean kill him?
      King: I didn't say that.
      McComb: Mr. King, there's only one way to get rid of a man permanently.
      King: Do what you're getting paid to do and don't bother me with the details.
      McComb: Now, you listen to me. I don't mind doin' your dirty work when there's a small profit to be made and nobody gets hurt too bad. But I ain't never murdered a man and I'll not startin' now - not for you or all the silver in this territory!

    • Thayer: Aw, you're too decent, Bret. You'll never make it in this town. You're a lamb among wolves.
      Bret: That your trouble?
      Thayer: (shrugs) Part of it. You know what I was? I was a judge once. A Judge. Coulda gone far … if I'd learned to say yes to the right people and no … to the bottle. Trouble is, the right people are always the wrong people.

    • McComb: You go back and pack your things and meet me here in ten minutes. You're leavin' town.
      Bret: Who says so?
      McComb: I say so! I hate funerals and love postcards. Drop me one, I'll write back and tell you all about … (interrupted by gunfire)

    • McComb: Will ya listen to me, you mule-headed Maverick?
      Bret: I'm listenin'.
      McComb: He hates ya, I tell you, it was himself that tried to kill you and he'll do it again. You've got to get out of here!
      Bret: It took me a long time to get a coat like this.
      McComb: It's a small rip - a few stitches and it'll never show. I'll send you the new one as soon as it's finished.
      Bret: Mike, you've convinced me.
      McComb: Oh, have I now? I'll get your horse, laddy buck. I'll even ride to the end of town with you.
      Bret: I'm stayin'.
      McComb: What?
      Bret: A man like King has gotta be stopped. I'm gonna stop him. I don't know how, but I'm gonna stop him.
      McComb: Well, the coat'll never be finished in time for the funeral.

    • Man at Bar: Well, another election … same old thing.
      Second Man at Bar: Could be worse.
      Third Man at Bar: Yeah? How?

    • Thayer: I'm a drunk, Bret - a busted, miserable vagrant - a no good, polluted bum - and you made me a judge. Why?
      Bret: You're none of those things, Josh …
      Thayer: Oh, don't con me. I got mind enough left to know that there's got to be an angle. Well, whatever it is, there's something you got to know : no-one has ever bought me, no-one ever will.

    • Thayer: Law's been around as long as human nature. Neither of 'em have ever changed very much.

    • King: Oh, sitting here helpless while Maverick and those crooks are robbing me blind. And not only that, they're stealing all my miners - ten hours a day instead of twelve, and ten cents more an hour - and with my money!
      Finnelly: Well, until we get a decision we could meet the competition. Raise wages, reduce hours?
      King: Reduce hours? Me? I will not. It's bad enough being robbed without giving money away. Besides, it's immoral.
      Finnelly: Immoral?
      King: Working ten hours a day. You can only sleep eight hours. What do they do with the other six?

    • McComb: Not much else to do - mine shut down, town wearin' black crepe.
      Telegrapher: Yeah, it's gettin' ugly. Lotta bad feelin' buildin' up towards your friend, Maverick.
      McComb: Well, why Maverick? King flooded the mines.
      Telegrapher: Maverick started it and they blame him. It don't take long for hungry men to turn violent - and when that happens they'll go after his scalp first.

    • McComb: Bret! Bret!
      Bret: Don't shout, Mike, you make me nervous.
      McComb: You've got reason to be nervous, boy, that mob out there's meat eaters and you're the meat! You gotta get outta this town!
      Bret: I tried. They got the place surrounded.

    • Bret: Enjoyin' the show, Phineas?
      King: Why you …
      Bret: You heard what I told them, how does it sound?
      King: Like the rattle of a Diamondback. If you think you can blackmail me into that kind of loss …
      Bret: Wait a minute, I've just given those men out there a mighty glowin' description of you, Phineas. You wouldn't wanna disillusion them. If I were to tell them you backed out now …
      King: Back out!? I promised them nothing! And I'd just as soon merge with a nest of rattlesnakes as you and your thieving conspirators.

    • King: (about Bret) Remember that poker game where he raised me with the envelope?
      Bixby: Yeah.
      King: What do you think he had in it?
      Bixby: How would I know?
      King: No, you wouldn't. It was guts. Nothin' but guts - and you're still fired.

  • Notes

    • War of the Silver Kings was not actually Maverick's pilot episode. Warner Brothers' policy at the time was to avoid paying royalties to the creators of their shows by using a "studio-owned" script for the pilot. The actual series pilot was the second episode aired, Point Blank, written by Maverick's creator Roy Huggins - who never even received any on screen credit as creator until the 1994 Mel Gibson movie.

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