Season 3 Episode 4

You Can't Beat the Percentage

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 04, 1959 on ABC
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You Can't Beat the Percentage

Bart Maverick stumbles onto a bizarre murder plot in which he is high on the list of planned victims.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Plot hole: Lindell claims that he shot himself in the shoulder while cleaning his gun, so Sheriff Satchel doesn't believe Bart's claim that he earlier shot the killer in the left shoulder, However, Bart said that Lindell would have a wound in his left shoulder before they heard the gunshot and found the wounded Lindell. Unless Satchel somehow thinks Bart can predict the future, he would reasonably believe Bart's claim and realize that Lindell deliberately shot himself.

      • Discontinuity: When Bart plays Lindell and the others the first time, he looks at his cards and they are upright in the closeup shot. However, in the medium shots immediately before and after, they are sideways.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Lindell: I own the place, Maverick. What's your excuse for being here?
        Bart: Oh, I'm lookin' for the fella that said he was gonna kill you.
        Lindell: Lookin' to help him, stop him or just lookin'?

      • Bart: Is that an open game?
        Lindell: Open and rough.
        Bart: What does that mean, three out of five are house men?
        Lindell: Only two: the dealer and the man opposite him.

      • Lindell: Well, what happened? He should've had 6 cards and a dead hand.
        Harry: I don't know, boss. Charley slipped him the extra card while Myra was givin' him the sandwich.
        Charley: That's right, Dave.
        Lindell: Well, what'd he do with it? He didn't eat it. (finds card in breast pocket and laughs)

      • Myra: Santa Fe. That was a wonderful week we spent, wasn't it?
        Bart: I'll never forget it.
        Myra: Oh, you dog, you've forgotten it already. It wasn't Santa Fe and it wasn't a week. It was St. Jo, one afternoon between trains.

      • Myra: Together we can get them. Interested?
        Bart: Myra, the small sound of a silver dollar bouncing on a plush sofa interests me, but a thing like this could grow on a man until he took roots.
        Myra: What's the matter with roots?
        Bart: Nothing, except that I like to feel free to say "Thank you", and move on.
        Myra: That can be arranged. Both ways.

      • Lindell: This cowboy you were telling me about last night - the one who wants to kill me - what'd he look like?
        Bart: Like he meant it.

      • Bart: There must be a lot of people around wanting to kill you if that poker game was any sample of your action.
        Lindell: It wasn't. Most games are practically honest.

      • Pop: (carrying off a dead cowboy) Knowed we couldn't go over two days agin' the percentage.

      • Myra: We were raised together in a little shriveled-up, dried-out Texas town … where a girl had nothing to look forward to but hard work and a big family. I had to get out of there. I could feel myself growing up and I had to get out of there before I got hooked.
        Bart: So you went along with Lindell?
        Myra: That's right. 'Could've been Joe Blow for all I cared, just so he had a clean shirt and two tickets out of town.
        Bart: And you don't call that being hooked?

      • Pop: Grave's a lonesome place, some folks like to dress it up a little. Lotsa poetry written about graves. You know, they seem to fascinate people.
        Bart: Maybe that's because the odds in their favor.
        Pop: Yeah, ya can't beat the percentage. I tried it once. I thought I was bettin' on a sure thing, had a real good hand - even a tip ta what the other feller was holdin'.
        Bart: What happened?
        Pop: Fouled my hand.
        Bart: Extra card?
        Pop: Yeah. I knew I'd been had. Tried everything in the world to get rid of that card, even went so far as to eat some of it in a sandwich. Them buzzards, they just set there a'laughin', every bite I took. Well, they finally called me down, had me dead ta rights. There was over half of a one-eyed jack still in that sandwich!

      • Pop: She's bad news from the back creek.
        Bart: You mean that she could've married him, but she wouldn't have him?
        Pop: Dave Lindell has been fightin' men away from Myra ever since I been here. She's responsible for half the graves on that hill, way she kept them in torment.

      • Bart: It's just an odd pair of boots I found in your closet. Does that mean you're not true to me?
        Myra: You're supposed to be dead.
        Bart: That's what everybody tells me. I thought you knew better.

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