Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere

Friday 9:30 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Nov 12, 2004 Between Seasons


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Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere

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Hot on the heels of the hugely popular Peter Kay Live and his award-winning, critically acclaimed Phoenix Nights comes Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere...

This much-anticipated spin-off, co-written by Peter Kay and Patrick McGuinness, is a six-part comedy drama that chronicles the adventures of Phoenix Club bouncers Max and Paddy.

A comedy journey following the exploits of two modern outlaws as they escape the club in their prized motorhome and take to the open road, creating havoc across the country.
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  • This is a show that people will be watching in 50 years time and still be laughing

    Max and Paddy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and many people think they should have continued with Phoenix Nights, but when watching it, you can’t help but cry with laughter. Whether its at the characters and how the interact with each other or even running a cow over, it still remains close to its phoenix nights roots, and has many good one liners like \"We\'ve all got a breaking point, Patrick. He told her he didn\'t like jigsaws.\".

    It also makes a good change to watch a TV comedy without the recorded laughter in the background telling us when to laugh.

  • Is there any more episodes? Is it back on TV? Is there any more DVDs?

    I think this is the best show ever, iv got the DVD of the 6 episodes.

    Is there any more episodes?

    Is it back on TV?

    Is there any more DVDs?


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    Thats now 100 words.

  • On a journey around the middle of no where with Max and Paddy.

    Where you think your going you nothing do why watch this show? Why do think show is funny because it follows stright Phoinix Nights with Max and Paddy. Paddy and Max road to no where!?(the intro I mixd around)

    Yes this a comedy if you loved Peter Kays Phoinix Nights Which so Funny this Will make you lugh even more. After the last sereis of Phoinix nights last episode you'll see Max and Paddy in the Auto-mobial setting off to a brave new adventure where they bump into all sorts of things on there journey. You'll Max's first girlfriend,Max and Paddy in jail,Lost in the woods every episode gets funnier by the week.moreless
  • peter kay does it again

    peter kay is back in this spin off from phoenix nights. max and paddy, the door maen from the pheonix club, star in this show which sees the pair travel across the uk in a motor home. coming across all kinds of mayhem along the way, this is a funny show.
  • One of the best there is!

    One of the best there is. Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere is yet another comical masterpiece from Peter Kay. There are six episodes on offer here, and each encapsulates belly-laugh comedy values, and expertly crafted politically incorrect gestures you'll find hilarious. Peter Kay has dont it again. Watch It!
  • Dave Spikey
    I was reading a supplement about Peter Kay having a fued with dave and he refuses to appear in road to nowhere .It all stems from ...
  • Your favourite moment
    I think the whole send up of Dirty Dancing in Episode 1 was my favourite moment :D