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Max and Ruby

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In creator Rosemary Wells's own words, she explains the show's goal:

"Max and Ruby celebrates the relationship between Ruby and her younger brother, Max, and the universal nature of sibling relationships. It's as common an experience to many childhoods as Band-aids and birthdays. And what makes the relationship in the series compelling is that I've added salt and pepper to it, instead of sugar."

The residents of the show's universe are all rabbits which children (and even adults!) will find quite adorable. The superb animation appears to have been done on computer (not three dimensional, though) and the artwork itself is very, very well done. The characters' expressions, especially Max's mischievous look, and behaviors are worth watching!

Interestingly, we never see the parents of Max and Ruby, making it look like they live by themselves in a big house. This has come under criticism by many parents. However, their neighbor-grandmother and other adults do make frequent appearances.

Rosemary Wells has created many books and shows, such as Timothy Goes to School among others.


Max. An enthusiastic and determined three-year-old who speaks no more than a few words each show. Often at odds with his sister mainly because she doesn't understand him or doesn't want him to do some certain things (such as making noises). He tends to get things his way at the end, though!

Ruby. Max's seven-year-old sister, a very smart, goal-oriented and responsible (albeit bossy) young lady. Almost in every episode, Ruby is frustrated by Max getting into messes or disobeying her, but she displays a tremendous amount of patience while she tries to set him straight.

Grandma. Grandmother of Max and Ruby, she lives next-door and often pays them a visit, or vice versa. A c grandmother both in personality and appearance: kind-hearted, generous, crow's feet, and a sweet smile.

Louise. Best friend of Ruby's, they have a lot of things in common, including being related to curious little boys. Louise is in Bunny Scouts along with Ruby and Valerie.

Morris. Louise's cousin who is a year or so younger than Max. Appears in very few episodes. (Thanks, Kerry & her daughter for pointing out that Morris is a cousin, not a brother of Louise's.)

Valerie. Another friend of Ruby's as well as Louise's. She wears glasses and is an intelligent, funny girl. She's also in the Bunny Scouts.

Martha. One of Ruby's friends and a Bunny Scout, although she appeared in only two episodes or so. Didn't speak much.

Roger Piazza. Even though the only words he utters are "uh-huh" and "nuh-uh", he is perceived as the cool kid by Ruby and her friends. The "jock" type of boy, he's several months older than Ruby. ("He's seven and a half years old!" gushes Ruby in an episode.)

The Huffington Family. The family is composed of sweet-tooth Mr. Huffington, friendly Mrs. Huffington, and their adorable kid Baby Huffington. They're well-known locals/neighbors, and Mrs. Huffington often asks Ruby to babysit Baby Huffington.

Candi. She runs a local candy store and is very generous with candies.

Rosalinda. The owner of the town's gift shop. Always willing to lend a paw.

Bunny Scout Leader. (Anyone know her name?) The Bunny Scout Leader guides the girls through the activities to earn their badges. Yes, it's the bunny version of the Girls Scout.

Mr. Piazza. Roger's father. He owns and runs the grocery store which Roger sometimes helps out at.

Katie. Owner of a restaurant; she's also the waitress. Not a frequent character and played a role in Ruby's Surprise Party episode.


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AIRED ON 2/11/2013

Season 5 : Episode 26

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  • More NJ shenigans

    Guys, this show sucks. Ruby should be catched by an animal hunter. Eggman should kidnap Max and take him to his lab and recruit all his badniks to feast on him so he can DIE!
  • This show is a no brainer.

    This show is so bad, that it's about 0.1foot close to being bad as Sonic X. This show is about two white bunnies named Max and Ruby. Now, the characters suck. Ruby treats Max like a mother even though she is his sister. She is super selfish and strict. She never allows Max to have any fun at all. Speaking of which, where are the parents? Are they dead? Or did they decided to leave Ruby in charge because they did not want to take care of Max anymore because she is old enough to take care of him. Max is even worse. He always wants everything. He always finds a way to get that he wants to get. No wonder why Max disobeys her, because she is too strict on him. He keeps say the same thing over and over again. Which is really annoying. And he barely speaks at all. He only says like 5 words. If I was his doctor, I would tell Ruby that he has autism. (No offense to autism). The artwork is horrible. It looks like a painting with animated stuff and Bunnies. The animation is terrible and repetitive it looks like the frame rate rapidly changes all the time. The episode plot is always the same. All Max wants is this and that. And Ruby tells him NO NO NO! He finds a way to get it no matter what. And in conclusion, either Ruby finally tells him yes, or he's got that thing. It's gets old really quick. The theme song. Don't even get me started. This song is so annoying and bad, that it almost gets the right formula for the worst song ever. The background music is just dull. The sound FX is ok. The toys sounds are so annoying. The voice actors is super irritating. Ruby sounds like she went though puberty. And Max, he sounds like a wining little brat. This show has zero education value. It's makes you wish you were watching a PBS children show instead of this awkward show. This show teaches you to disobey your parents and tell them what to do. Overall this show brainwashes me and so will you be brainwashed when you watch this. Parents, tell your kids to stay away from this show. 2/100 Horrible.moreless
  • If you are about to have another kid, keep this away from your first child, please.

    This is pretty much like Caillou, except instead of getting off scot-free, this show is the polar opposite of that! Caillou gets away with every wrongdoing possible, without being scolded at or punished, here, Ruby prevents Max from having any fun! This show is also filled with smut. I swear to god that in the tent episode, I saw Ruby and her "girfriend" Valerie humping each other in an unfinished tent! Gross! Cover your child[ren]'s eyes once you encounter this episode! You know you're watching a bad show when the main characters have less than 2 parents, the mother & the father. What happened to them, anyway! They're never mentioned, although you can see them in a photo hanging around the living room! Are they dead? Who knows, who cares! For those who are about to have their first child, watch this and Caillou on how NOT to raise a child.moreless
  • i think its great

    well Max a little bunny who always gets into trouble and uses his problems to make ruby things work out. Ruby a bunny who wants everything to go as planned but nothing works well until the end. I think this show actually inspires kids to help with team work, art and righteousness it's a great show to watch and max always makes it humorous
  • I agree with ThatTVDude. How in any god-damn way is THIS huge failure educational? And why is it still running?

    This show is STILL running, for god's sake. I can't stand it! Someone PLEASE put this show out of it's misery! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Sigh.

    Like any other show, I discuss the things right or wrong about this show. In this show it's all wrong. I usually describe four stuff about shows, so lets go on to the first thing to say about this show. Let's start off with how Ruby treats Max.


    I know all of you probably knew that I really wanted to get this off of my chest, so I decided rant about this first. So, as we all know, Ruby treats Max like crap, just because she's older than him, AND BY TWO DAMN YEARS, AND THEY MAKE IT LOOK SHE'S TEN YEARS OLDER THAN HIM! *panting* Sorry, I needed to do that. Taking out my rage for this show usually re-calms me. Max is 4, and Ruby is 6. However like I just said they make her look 14. 6-year-olds usually aren't THAT mature, only a quarter as mature as Ruby is. Maybe they just want to piss us off even more. Let's move on to the second discussion now.


    Where the hell are Max and Ruby's parents? Because I really want to know. Maybe they are out shopping each episode? Otherwise I have no idea where they are. Them being dead would be WAY too inappropriate for a kid's show. It could really frighten kids, and it even scares ME. Urrgh, just the thought of losing parents. Wait a minute, the creator said that they ARE just out shopping each episode. WELL, WILL YOU ACTUALLY EVER SHOW THEM?! Seriously, why? Go Deigo Go suffers the same issue. If Deigo's parents ever did make an appearance in an episode, I might take that back. But basically, you get it. But if the creator states that Max and Ruby's parents ARE alive, WHY NOT SHOW THEM EVEN ONCE?! On to third discussion.


    Why would Max and Ruby's parents leave Ruby in charge? She's only like 5 or 6. Maybe they're too lazy to hire a god damn babysitter. God, these parents must be awful. Neglecting kids? Bad move, dude. Bad move. Usually you have to be 9 or older to babysit. Even when I was 10, for god's sake, I had some babysitters! God damn! Mr. Creator, did you even think about that? Even though it IS a cartoon, that really is a pot boiler! And it's a freaking kids show no less! Has anyone noticed this?! If anyone did, they get a cookie. But I'm STILL in denial that this show is still existing. It is wrong in every single way, and it doesn't educate, it lowers kids intelligence to a negative infinity! If you want to make a good show, why not make a show for adults?! Sigh. On to fourth and final discussion.


    Why oh why does Ruby get to go to a scout without parent's permission? And why does she get to go to her friend's house or invite her friends over WITHOUT her parents permission?! It's not like she's Max's mother! She's his 6-year-old sister! Tough break! This show has nothing! Absolutely nothing! It does nothing to increase kids intelligence, it DECREASES it! No offense, creator. I wasn't allowed to go to friend's houses until I was 8! And that was just for a birthday party and a sleepover! I'm 16 now, and I have two older sisters (ages 18 and 19) who go to their friend's houses WAY more than me, for your information. And to think I LIKED AND HAD DVD'S OF THIS FOR GOD'S SAKE! I honestly think this show was a pretty bad idea back when it premiered in 2002. I don't like any kid shows with the exception of MLP:FiM. Yes, I am a brony. But this show is bad. Very bad. End of discussion.

    So overall, you get the point, this show is horrible, do NOT let your kids watch this, it will kill their brain cells. This show gets a 0/10. Off to review Bob's Burgers.moreless

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