Max and Ruby

Weekdays 11:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 21, 2002 In Season




Episode Guide

    • Max's Bug Salad:
      Grandma is having a tea party, and Ruby wants to make something special for Grandma's friends. All Max wants to do is play with a ladybug. Grandma helps Ruby make a gelatin salad, and Max helps Ruby find a "special ingredient"--red candy bugs.

      Ruby's Beach Party:
      Ruby and Louise decide to have a beach party in the sandbox while the water in the wading pool warms up. Unfortunately, Max and Morris want to use the same space for their dump trucks. The turf war ends happily, as they both get their way.

      Super Max to the Rescue:
      Ruby and Louise decide to put on a circus in the backyard. Max is listening to (and acting out) his favorite radio show, Super Bunny. But when Max sees his trusty friend Red Rubber Elephant in peril at the circus, it's Super Max to the rescue!

    • Max's Rocket Racer:
      Max isn't tall enough to go on Mr. Piazza's Rocket Racer ride at the fair because he's below the required height line. He tries several ways to make himself look taller.

      Max and Morris Blast Off!:
      Ruby asks Max to put away his rockets so she and Louise can hold a special Bunny Scout meeting in the yard for Bunny Scout Leader's birthday. Max and Morris help by giving the party an extra special touch with the rockets.

      Max's Candy Apple:
      Max wants a candy apple at the East Bunny Hop Fall Fair, but all Ruby wants is to win a race with him.

    • Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance:
      Ruby and Louise try to remember the steps of the Hippity Hop dance while Roger teaches Max how to play football.

      Ruby's Bird Bath:
      Ruby tries to make an "environmentally correct" bird bath with the wading pool to earn her young environmentalist Bunny Scout badge, but Max keeps putting bath toys in it.

      Super Max Saves the World:
      Max and Morris play Super Bunny and Zoom Zoom as Ruby and Louise work on a balloon solar system project.

    • Ruby's Easter Bonnet:
      Ruby makes an Easter bonnet from a yellow sunhat and gets some unexpected help from Max.

      Max'sEaster Parade:
      Ruby paints Easter eggs with Louise while Max uses them for an Easter parade.

      Max and the Easter Bunny:
      Ruby and her friends go on a Bunny Scout egg hunt, and little do they know that Max acts as the Easter Bunny.

    • 2/11/13
    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • Max's Dragon Shirt:
      At the department store, Max wants a dragon shirt, but Ruby only has $5 to buy him a brand-new pair of overalls. While a pretty dress distracts Ruby, Max finds his dragon shirt. But Ruby doesn't have any money left for his overalls.

      Max's Rabbit Racer:
      Ruby and Louise are taking baton twirling lessons from Mrs. Huffington, and Max is entertaining himself and Baby Huffington with his Rabbit Racer. When Ruby's baton ends up on the roof, there's only one way to get it down.

      Roger's Choice:
      Roger is coming over to play, but Ruby and Louise are in such a tizzy. They don't think Roger would like to play cars with Max, so the girls try finding a game that Roger would like to play.

    • 1/6/03

      Hide and Seek:
      A game of hide and seek has Ruby continuously looking for Max, who doesn't quite seem to understand the rules.

      Max's Breakfast:
      Ruby makes Max a surprise breakfast--an organic sunny side up egg, but Max prefers to have strawberries. He does what he could to avoid eating his egg at all costs.

      Louise's Secret:
      Ruby's attempts to take a phone call from her best friend, Louise, are interrupted by the constant clang of Max's loud toys.

    • Surprise Ruby:
      It's Ruby's birthday and she's very excited. She's convinced her friends are going to give her a surprise party. Little does she know where the surprise party is.

      Ruby's Birthday Party:
      Ruby has her surprise birthday party at Grandma's house with her friends. Max just wants to eat cake, but Ruby tells him they need to play some party games first.

      Ruby's Birthday Present:
      After Ruby's birthday party, she opens up her presents. Meanwhile, Max gets himself wrapped in all the wrapping paper to be a surprise gift for Ruby.

    • Grandma's Present:
      Max and Ruby go Christmas shopping with Grandma as Ruby tries looking for the perfect gift.

      Max and Ruby's Christmas Tree:
      Max and Ruby are looking forward to Christmas as they trim and decorate their tree.

      Max's Snow Plow:
      Ruby tries to shovel freshly fallen snow off the walk as a surprise for Grandma. Max, however, gets most of the work done using his toy car as a snow plow.

    • 1/13/03

      Bunny Cakes:
      Ruby wants to make an angel surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing for Grandma's birthday. Max wants to make Grandma an earthworm cake with red-hot marshmallow squirters. After a few mishaps and trips to the grocery store, Grandma gets both!

      Bunny Party:
      Ruby plans a surprise birthday party for Grandma, but Max brings in "uninvited" guests.

      Bunny Money:
      Ruby has saved lots of money to buy a present for Grandma, but shopping with Max costs more than she planned.

    • Ruby Delivers:
      Ruby has to deliver flyers for the Bunny Scout Bake Sale, but Max wants to play with his toy airplane fliers.

      Getting Crabby at the Beach:
      Grandma, Max and Ruby go to the beach to make a title pool. Little do they know that a crab is helping them make it.

      Max Babysits:
      Ruby helps keep an eye on Baby Huffington, but Max is playing with his noisy toys.

    • Grandma's Berry Patch:
      Max and Ruby pick berries for Grandma's special recipe, but Max wants to sample some as they're picking them.

      Ruby's Bunny Scout Banner:
      Ruby and Louise work on a banner for the Bunny Scout Parade, and Max's inturuptions give them more ideas on what to add to it.

      Ruby's Detective Agency:
      Grandma has a surprise for Ruby, but Ruby starts her own detective agency and searches for Mrs. Quack who has gone missing.

    • Max's Fire Flies:
      Ruby and Louise want to see fire works in the park with Grandma, but Max is too busy looking for fire flies.

      Max and Ruby's Fashion Show:
      Ruby and Louise have a fashion show in Grandma's attic, but Max prefers to dress up like a pirate.

      Ruby's Sing Along:
      Ruby can't decide what song to sing for a talent show. But with the help of Max and his animal toys, she decides to sing "Old MacDonald".

    • 10/7/09

      Max's Castle:
      Ruby and Louise try to make a block castle, but Max wants to make some changes to it by adding more blocks.

      Bunny Hopscotch:
      Max uses his toy cement mixer to collect stones, continuously interupting Ruby and Louise's game of hopscotch.

      Max's Grasshopper:
      Max makes friends with a grasshopper named Hoppy, and aBunny Scout experiment is interrupted when Hoppy gets in the way.

    • Ruby doesn’t believe who took her cake. She tells Max the tale of the "Bunny Who Cried Wolf." / Max is uninvited to Ruby’s party. She tells him the tale of "Max and the 3 Bears." / Max isn’t helping Ruby. She tells him the tale of "Little Ruby Hen."
    • Ruby's Lemonade Stand:
      Business is booming when Ruby and Louise set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Bunny Scouts. Max wants lemonade, but he doesn't have a nickel to his name. Can Max raise any money with his own bunny business?

      Ruby's Rummage Sale:
      Ruby and Louise hold a rummage sale to raise money for a Bunny Scout fieldtrip. Ruby wants to sell some of her old toys, but Max wants to keep all the toys for himself.

      Ruby's Magic Act:
      Ruby and Louise are practicing their magic act for the Bunny Scout talent show, and they need Max to be their volunteer from the audience. Max wants to know how they do their tricks, but Ruby and Louise insist on 'magician code of honor'. In the end, Max is the one who surprises them with his own magic trick!

    • Ruby Riding Hood:
      When Max tries to steal some cookies Ruby has made for Grandma, she tells him the story of "Little Red Ruby Hood".

      Max and the Beanstalk:
      When Max refuses to eat his beans, he listens to the story of "MaxAND the Beanstalk".

      The Froggy Prince:
      Ruby and Louise tell Max the tale of "The Frog Prince" hoping he will agree to take part in their play.

    • Ruby's Tea Party:
      Ruby wants to have a tea party for her dollies, but Max wants to play pirate. When it looks like Ruby's lost the ruby necklace that she was going to wear for the tea party, only Pirate Max can help her out.

      Max Is It:
      Ruby, Louise and Valerie want to play freeze tag. Max wants a slime dribbler. When Max is It, he freezes everyone... and he seizes the moment to get his slime dribbler.

      Ruby's Science Project:
      Ruby and Louise are making a paper-maché volcano for a Bunny Scout project. Max wants candy. Little do the girls know that Max has a totally different purpose for his Red Hot Marshmallow Squirters than they thought.

    • Ruby's Gingerbread House:
      Ruby and Louise decide to build a gingerbread house for Grandma, but they find out they are missing an important ingredient. Max and his gummy worms keep interrupting their building of their house, sometimes scaring them.

      Max's Christmas Passed:
      Max doesn't want to let Christmas end and wants it to be Christmas all the time.

      Max's New Year:
      Max and Ruby spend New Year's Eve celebrating with Grandma.

    • Ruby's Pajama Party:
      Ruby invites Louise and Valerie for a pajama party. Max wants to crash the party -- especially when he sees the snacks.

      Baby Max:
      Ruby and Louise decide it would be fun to pretend that they have a baby. Max doesn't think that it's such a good idea. He'd rather play on the slide in the playground.

      Bunny Scout Brownies:
      Ruby wants to sell her Bunny Scout brownies to make money for Bunny Scouts. Max wants to help... and to sample the brownies. Just when it looks like Max's help is going to keep Ruby from selling any brownies, Candi surprises both of them.

    • 4/12/07

      Ruby's Safari:
      Ruby holds a safari in the backyard as she and Louise look for an exotic animal, but Max just wants to play with his toys.

      Max's Mud Bath:
      Ruby and Louise set up their beauty salon with natural beauty products, They ask Max to be their customer, but all he wants to do is play in the mud.

      Max's Lost Lizzard:
      The Bunny Scouts need to make a terrarium, but a key component (a chameleon) escapes, and Max comes to the rescue.

    • Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree:
      Ruby wants to find the perfect Christmas tree at Santa's Treeland, but Max just wants to see Santa Claus.

      Max's Christmas Presents:
      Max knows who to ask... Santa! While Ruby makes Christmas tree decorations.

      Max and Ruby's Christmas Carol:
      Max's job is to ring a little bell during Ruby's Christmas Carol, but he'd rather ring a bigger bell.

    • 9/8/03

      Max's Shadow:
      Max enjoys playing with his shadow on the fence in the backyard ... until a cloud comes and it disappears. Meanwhile, Ruby and Valary are trying to make a poster for the Bunny Ballet recital.

      Max Remembers:
      By the string tied aroundMax's finger, Ruby can tell that Max is trying to remember something. Ruby helps Max remember all the things he was supposed to do until they find out what the string was supposed to remind of--to fix his yo-yo!

      Ruby's Candy Store:
      Ruby is learning how to run a candy store with Candi's help. Ruby tells Max that he shouldn't eat too much candy or he'll get sick, but she has to sample the candies so that she "knows the product". Unfortunately, Ruby gets to know the product a little too well.

    • 1/23/12

      Max Says Hello:
      Ruby wants to prepare for a tea party with Louise, but Max is too busy saying hello to his toys.

      Ruby's Spa Day:
      Ruby makes a spa in her room for her and Louise. Max has a one-bunny drum set, but his playing it disturbs the girls.

      Ruby's Tai Chi:
      Ruby and the Bunny Scouts want to earn their badges for tai chi, but Max's toys keep interupting their practice.

    • Ruby's Panda Prize:
      Ruby wants to win a plush giant panda at the annual fair, but Max wants jellyballs. By the time their tickets run out, Ruby gets her panda, but not the way she expected.

      Ruby's Roller Skates:
      Ruby wants to roller skate all the way to Grandma's, but Max is looking for his Tow-a-Ton tow truck.

      Ghost Bunny:
      During their camp out, the Bunny Scouts tells ghost stories. Max wants to listen to them, but Ruby thinks they're too scary for him.

    • 10/6/09

      Ruby's Rainbow:
      Ruby wants to paint a perfect rainbow for Grandma but she can't remember the color order. Max, who wants to go outside, helps her remember.

      Home Tweet Home:
      Ruby & Louise build a birdhouse. Thinking Max is hungry, she gives him food only to discover that it was the birds who were hungry and not Max.

      Max's Mudpie:
      Ruby wants Max to stay clean for when Grandma comes over with a yummy surprise, but Max just wants to make a mudpie and gets himself all muddy.

    • Ruby loves trying the exotic food at the multicultural fair, but Max just wants a sandwich. Ruby wants to make a special treat for Grandma, but Max keeps using the ingredients. On a hot summer day, Ruby wants to sell her art, while Max wants to stay cool.
    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • Max keeps trying to eat the popcorn Ruby needs to attract birds to earn her Badge! While Ruby tries to earn her Canoeing Badge, Max tries to catch a "Big One!" Ruby must build a campfire to earn a Scout Badge, but Max’s swing gets in the way!
    • Max's Halloween:
      Ruby wants Max to be a Prince to her Cinderella but Max's mind is set on trick or treating as a vampire.

      Ruby's Leaf Collection:
      Both siblings have different reasons for collecting leaves.

      The Blue Tarantula:
      Ruby and Max get scared after reading a bedtime story about a blue tarantula.

    • Ruby's Piano Practice:
      Ruby needs to practice "Twinkle Twinkle" for the school music recital but Max keeps interrupting her. He is looking for his fire truck.

      Maxs Bath:
      Max is still hungry after Ruby makes him a sandwich because the sandwich isn't in him, it's all over him!

      Max's Bed Time:
      Max couldn't get to sleep without his red rubber elephant.

    • 12/19/03

      Max's Christmas:
      Max is full of questions when Ruby hurries to bed on Christmas Eve so Santa Claus can come. No one ever stays up to see Santa. No one except Max.

      Ruby's Snow Queen:
      Ruby is building a snow queen while Max is playing with his screaming green alien gorilla. When his toy goes missing, Max finds that his gorilla was in Ruby's snow queen.

      Max's Rocket Run:
      Max is too little to sled down a snowy hill called the Rocket Run like Ruby and Louise. Max is to take the Gental Slope Bunny hill.

    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • The Princess and the Marbles:
      When Max keeps interrupting Ruby's princess practice with his marbles, Ruby decides to help him learn some manners by telling him the story of Princess Ruby who is very sensitive.

      Emperor Max's New Suit:
      Max learns not to be too picky about the clothes he wears after listening to a story Ruby tells him.

      Max and the Three Little Bunnies:
      Max's toy blimp almost wrecks into Ruby's paper dollhouses. Ruby tells him the story of the three little bunnies and the Big Max Wolf.

    • 11/26/03

      Max's Thanksgiving:
      Ruby and Max are at Grandma's to help with Thanksgiving dinner. Ruby is thrilled to help decorate, but Max just wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing. Unfortunately, by the time that dinner is ready, Max has sampled a little too much.

      Max's Pretend Friend:
      Ruby doesn't see that Max is playing with froggy so she assumes that he's got a "pretend friend." When froggy creates chaos, Ruby thinks Max is blaming his "pretend friend" for things that he's done.

      Fireman Max:
      Ruby wants to practice jumping rope for the Bunny Scout jump-a-thon, but Max wants to play fireman, and he keeps tripping her up.

    • 10/11/12
      Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • 1/9/03

      Ruby's Marit Badge:
      Bunny Scout Ruby tries to earn her very first Merit Badge. Max helps Ruby get her badge -- only it's not the one that she expected.

      Max's Apple:
      Ruby and Louise's clapping game about making "apple pie" makes Max hungry for an apple (or so Ruby and Louise think). Ruby picks Max every apple she can find on the tree, but Max is still not satisfied. What could Max possibly want with all of those apples? Apple pie, of course!

      Quiet Max:
      Mrs. Huffington has asked Ruby to keep an eye on a napping Baby Huffington while she's outside working in the garden. Ruby tells Max that it's their job to be quiet so Baby Huffington doesn't wake up, but Max keeps making noise.

    • 1/25/08

      Max's Snow Day:
      Max wants to go outside to play in the snow, but there's a blizzard! Ruby tries to find something for Max to do on their snow day.

      Max's Snow Bunny:
      Max wants to make sure if there really is such a thing as the Abominable Snow Bunny.

      Max's Mix Up:
      On the sledding hill, Ruby is getting cold and wants to go in to play with her dolls. Then Louise & Morris arrive, and Morris' winter snowsuit is identical to Max's, except their hats, mitts and scarves are different colors.

    • Max and Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin:
      Ruby looks for the perfect pumpkin in Mr. Piazza's store for a Halloween party, but Max keeps distracting her with his passion for candy. Another bunny buys the pumpkin Ruby picks.

      Max's Jack O Lantern:
      Ruby wants a smiley jack o lantern for her Halloween party and Max wants a scary one. Ruby thinks she's convinced Max until he discovers that a smile turned upside down can look pretty scary.

      Max's Big Boo!
      Max and Ruby are getting ready to go trick-or-treating. Max tries different ways to scare Ruby, but she knows all of Max's tricks.

    • 1/10/03

      Max's Froggy Friend:
      Making friends with a frog in the creek, Max wants to take it home with him. But Ruby is planning a tea party for Grandma, and that's no place for a froggy. She tells Max that froggy needs to stay in its home in the creek, but Max and froggy have other ideas.

      Max's Music:
      Ruby and her friends, Valerie and Louise, are coming over to play music together. They will be practicing the song, "The Farmer in the Dell". Max wants to play music too, but he keeps disrupting the girls until they come up with a way all four can play together.

      Max Gets Wet:
      Max wants to go swimming in the wading pool, but Ruby says he can't because he just ate. As Ruby waters the garden, Max tries to find a way to cool himself off and ends up getting muddy.

    • Grandma's Treasure Hunt:
      Ruby and Louise are on a treasure hunt that Grandma made up for them, but all Max wants to do is play pirates.

      Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle:
      The two bunny siblings try to find the missing piece to Ruby's jigsaw puzzle that was stolen by Max's wind-up lobster.

      Ruby's Recital:
      Max and Ruby practice for a musical recital they want to do for Grandma.

    • Ruby wants to host a perfect Earth Day Costume Party. Ruby wants to do everything on her Earth Day checklist. While Ruby helps clean up the park for Earth Day, Max finds a way to help a duckling get back to its mama.
    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • Ruby wants to finish reading her Bunny Drew book, but Max keeps stopping the story. Ruby is making a maze for Grandma, but Max's train keeps getting in the way. On a camping trip, Max needs a nightlight – and he gets one in an unexpected & beautiful way!
    • Max's Work of Art:
      Ruby and Louise are painting pictures for the Bunny Scout art exhibit -- and they use Max as a model. But Max doesn't want to model -- he wants to paint!

      Max Meets Morris:
      Ruby and Louise think that Max and Morris (Louise's cousin) will become friends while they make a banner for the Bunny Scout Picnic. But Morris isn't very good at sharing, and he wants to play with all of Max's toys, so Max is not eager to make friends.

      Ruby's Scavenger Hunt:
      Bunny Scout leader has organized a scavenger hunt in the park for all the Bunny Scouts, but Max keeps interrupting Ruby's search. In the end, Max finds the one thing that the rest of the Bunny Scouts can't.

    • 5/15/07

      Ruby's Puppet Show:
      Ruby and Louise put on a puppet show, but Max also wants to take part.

      Sugar Plum Max:
      Ruby and Louise practice a very difficult pirouette for a ballet performance, but all Max wants is to eat one of Grandma's sugar plums.

      Max's Ant Farm:
      Max's ant farm threatens Ruby's dress-up party, but Max becomes the hit of the party when he snags them all.

    • Ruby's Loose Tooth:
      Ruby wants to find her missing loose tooth, but Max wants to have a muffin.

      Ruby Scores:
      Ruby is trying to score a goal in soccer, but Max's toy robots keep getting in the way.

      Ruby's Sand Castle:
      On a trip to the beach, Ruby wants to make a sand castle.At first, Ruby thinks Max wants to go swimming, but Max just wants to use water for the moat of Ruby's castle.

    • 5/14/12
      Ruby wants to get Max to Grandma’s house for a special surprise. Ruby wants to get ready for a sleepover at Grandma’s. Ruby wants to have a very special dolly tea party with Grandma. Max wants to go for a train ride.
    • Grandma's BirthdayRuby wants to surprise Grandma on Grandma Appreciation Day Max just wants: to play with his Flying Bi Plane.Max's Hand PrintRuby wants to make a print of Max's hand for Grandma. Max just wants to play with his Lobster.Grandma's Surprise DanceRuby wants to throw Grandma a beautiful waltzing dance party. Max just wants to play some livelier music.moreless
    • 10/10/12
      Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • Ruby Gets the Picture Bunny Scouts Ruby and Louise get unexpected help from Max in their hunt for an unusual insect.Ruby's Birdie Max's rocket launches interrupt Ruby's quest to achieve her personal best in badminton.Max Plays Catch Max's game of catch with Roger threatens to ruin Ruby's garden party with Grandma!moreless
    • Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, his seven-year old sister Ruby, and the differences between them.
    • 6/1/12
      Ruby wants to learn all the beach volleyball plays. Max just want to fly his kite.Ruby wants to makes a seashell necklace for Grandma.Max just wants to play with his beach ball.Ruby wants to win the limbo contest, while Max just wants to play with his flying saucer.
    • Max's Chocolate Chicken:
      When Max and Ruby go on an Easter egg hunt in the back yard, they both find more than they bargained for.

      Ruby's Beauty Shop:
      When Louise comes over to show Ruby her Deluxe Beauty Kit, Max wants to play too. But Ruby insists Max cannot play.

      Max Drives Away:
      It's breakfast time, and Max wants ice cream. Ruby says that nobody eats ice cream for breakfast. So Max drives off in his pedal car and goes to the only bunny who understands--Grandma.

    • 2/13/03

      Ruby's Hiccups:
      Max wants Ruby to help him find his monster mask, but Ruby has a bad case of the hiccups. She and Louise try all kinds of remedies, but in the end, it's Max who scares her hiccups away.
      Ruby wants to take a picture of her and Max to show Grandma, but all Max wants to do is chase an orange butterfly.

      Ruby's Stage Show:
      Ruby and Louise decide to put on a show for Grandma, but Max wants to wear his dragon mask instead. Despite all attempts to get him into the prince's role, Max insists on staying in character as the dragon.

    • Max Saves the Parade:
      Ruby and Louise make a float for the Fall Fun Festival Parade, and so do Max and Roger. But when their floats clash, Max and Roger come up with a way to combine them together.

      Max's Big Kick:
      Roger teaches Max how to kick a football between goal posts while Ruby and Louise try to make a leaf rubbing picture, but the park may not have room for the four bunnies.

      Ruby's Horn of Plenty:
      Ruby harvests all the vegetables from her garden for decorating her horn of plenty, but Max eats the vegetables and puts toys in the horn instead.

    • Max Misses the Bus:
      Ruby is all ready to catch the next bus to Louise's house, but Max wants to stay home and play with his toys. Ruby tries to convince Max to come by promising to bring his toys along, but they miss bus after bus. Soon, there's only one bus left, and it looks like they'll make it...or will they?

      Max's Worm Cake:
      Ruby wants to plant a garden of marigold flowers for her dolls, but Max wants to make a "disgusting" worm cake. When Ruby couldn't find everything she needs for growing her garden, Max gives his worm cake to the flowers.

      Max's Rainy Day:
      Ruby wants to stay inside when it begins to rain, but Max wants to go outside. Ruby helps Max get dressed for the rain as she dresses herself. But as soon as they are ready to go outside, the rain has stopped. Max has an idea to keep the rain coming.

    • 2/14/03

      Max's Valentine:
      Valentine's Day is a busy time for Ruby and Louise, who make special Valentine cards for their friends. Max wants to make a Valentine, but he's too little to use scissors and glue. Ruby gives Max the important job of taking her Valentines to the mailbox, and Max ends up making a special Valentine delivery of his own.

      Ruby Flies a Kite:
      Ruby has just made a new kite so she can fly it. Max wants to fly a kite too, but Ruby says he's too little. When Ruby's kite gets stuck in a tree, Max's helicopter saves the day.

      Super Max:
      Ruby is preparing to go for a picnic with Louise and her dolly Sally-Swims-a-Lot, but Max is listening to his favorite radio show, Super Bunny. When Sally suddenly goes missing, it's up to Super Max to come to the rescue.

    • 9/4/03

      Max's Check Up:
      Ruby and Louise decide to play doctor's office. All they need is a patient. But Max wants to play with his markers.

      Max's Prize:
      Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet while Max tries to get to the bottom of the cereal box to get his prize.

      Space Max:
      Ruby and Louise want to make a beautiful float for the Bunny Scout parade. But Max wants to play spaceman, and soon, their float takes a different direction.

    • Ruby's Figure Eight:
      Ruby is determined to skate a figure eight. Max, who barely knows how to skate, is equally determined to play hockey with Roger and the big bunnies.

      Ruby's Surprise Party:
      Ruby plans a surprise party for Louise, and she employs Max as the lookout. But Ruby gets more surprised than Louise, and Max gets the cake that he was craving.

      Ruby's Tent:
      Ruby and Valerie try to put a tent together despite interruptions from... Super Max!
      Max's Prize. Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet while Max tries to get to the bottom of the cereal box to get his prize.

    • Ruby Writes a Story:
      Ruby needs absolute quiet while she tries to write a story but Max wants to play cowboy. Eventually, he helps Ruby come up with the perfect idea for her story.

      Max's Dominoes:
      Ruby and Louise want to earn their hospitality badge by hosting a Bunny Scout meeting. Max and Morris are busy exploring the domino effect with a variety of toys -- which culminates in a terrific welcome for the Bunny Scouts.

      Grandma's Attic:

      In Grandma's attic, Ruby is delighted to try on old clothes and Max finds an old chest that nobody is to open (according to Ruby). When he finds the key, they all get a surprise.

    • Ruby's Home Run:
      Ruby tries to hit a home run while playing a game of baseball, but Max and his airplanes keep getting in the way.

      Ruby's Missing Tune:
      Max tries to help Ruby recall a tune for her ballet recital after her music player gets broken.

      Ruby's Hand Stand:
      Ruby and Louise don't know if either one of them can perform a hand stand for their Bunny Scout gymnastics badge, and Max keeps asking Ruby to push him on the swing.

    • Picture Perfect Ruby needs Max to stop making silly faces so they can take the perfect picture for Grandma.Detective Ruby To track down her missing toys, Ruby becomes Bunny Drew, while Max's lobster provides a clue.Superbunny Saves the Cake Ruby is baking a cake for Grandma. Will Superbunny get in the way or save the day?moreless
    • Ruby's Good Neighbor Report:
      Ruby collects stories from members of the community for a report to earn her Bunny Scout Badge.

      Candy Counting:
      Ruby is trying to count gummy worms to win a candy counting contest at Candi's store, but Max isn't making it easy.

      Ruby's New Shoes:
      Ruby wants to buy new shoes at the store, but all Max cares about is seeing Superbunny in person.

    • 8/26/02

      Camp Out:
      Max is excited when Ruby tells him they are going to sleep outside, that is until Ruby explains they are sleeping inside a tent.

      Ruby's Clubhouse:
      Ruby and Louise have made a clubhouse in the backyard, but it's private and Max isn't allowed in.

      Max's Picnic:
      Max joins Ruby and Louise on a backyard bird-watching expedition. But Max is far more interested in Ruby's picnic basket than he is in finding the elusive Speckled Warbler.

    • Duck Duck Goose:
      Ruby, Louise, and Valerie want to collect their winter bird tracking Bunny Scout badge. Max wants to help them, but the girls keep thinking he wants to play "duck Duck Goose" until they see what Max found.

      Ruby's Snowbunny:
      Max wants to zoom down the hill on his sled, but Ruby wants to make a snowbunny.

      Ruby's Snowflake:
      Ruby wants to surprise Grandma with special decorations on snowflake cookies, but a determined Max wants one for himself.

    • Ruby's Hoola Hoop:
      Louise is trying to teach Ruby how to hula hoop, but Max's toy Bugs keep interfering her practice.

      Max and the Martians:
      Max helps the Bunny Scouts see Mars through their telescope.

      Ruby's Real Cinderella:
      Ruby doesn't want Max to play Cinderella with her because he's too dirty. But when the slipper would neither of the girls, Max is the only bunny to fit into it.

    • Super Max's Cape:
      Ruby and Max watch Baby Huffington while Mr. and Mrs. Huffington set up for a picnic. Ruby suggests she play quietly, but Baby Huffington wants to play Superbunny with Max.

      Ruby's Water Lily:
      Ruby and her friends try to perfect the hardest move in their synchronized swimming routine. Max's water toys keep interrupting them at first, at one of them helps them out in the end.

      Max Says Goodbye:
      Ruby and Max are going to a playdate at Louise's, but Max can't take all his toys. Max says goodbye to his toy that he couldn't take.

    • Max Cleans Up:
      Ruby wants to clean up Max's messy room, but Max cannot throw anything away. Max helps Ruby by tidying the mess away -- into his pocket!

      Max's Cuckoo Clock:
      While Mrs. Huffington is out at her garden tea party in the backyard, Ruby's job is to put Baby Huffington to sleep. But Max wants to play with the Huffington's cuckoo clock and Ruby is sure that it's going to keep Baby Huffington awake.

      Ruby's Jewelry Box:
      Nothing can keep Max away from Ruby's special jewelry box in her room--not even a "Keep Out" sign.

    • Max's Balloon Buddies:
      Ruby and Max find themselves arguing over whether to see flowers or balloon animals at a festival.

      Ruby's Penny Carnival:
      Ruby and her friends build a carnival in the backyard while Max makes a monster house for the carnival.

      Ruby's Big Win:
      Ruby does her very best to try and win a goldfish at the carnival while Max does some winning of his own.

    • 2/16/12
      Ruby wants to see everything on her trip to Bunningham. Max just wants to go on the rides. Max is on a mission to make a Bunny Guard smile outside the Palace. Ruby hopes to see the Queen at a tea party; Max just wants to play with his toy frog.moreless
    • 2/10/03

      Max's Birthday:
      Max gets so many presents for his Birthday that he forgets to open one. So Ruby opens it for him and finds a "wind-up lobster". Max is in for the chase of his life, only he's the one being the lobster!

      Max's New Suit:
      Max refuses to try on his new suit he must wear for a Bunny Scout party Ruby plans.

      Goodnight Max:
      Everybody has a hard time getting to sleep sometimes, but nobody has more trouble sleeping than Max!

    • Ruby's Horn of Plenty; Max's Big Kick; Max Says Goodbye
      Max eats the vegetables Ruby was setting aside to use for a table decoration; Ruby does a leaf project while Max plays football; Max says goodbye to his toys.
    • Max & Ruby's Museum Adventure
      Max & Ruby's Museum Adventure
      Season 6 - Episode 30
    • Max and Winston
      Max and Winston
      Season 6 - Episode 24
      Max wants to build a racer with Winston while Ruby and Valerie work on bicycle safety.
    • Max and the Pirates
      Max and the Pirates
      Season 6 - Episode 39
    • Ruby's Yard Sale
      Ruby's Yard Sale
      Season 6 - Episode 48
    • Community Garden
      Community Garden
      Season 6 - Episode 35
    • Ruby's Water Lilly; Max Saves the Parade; Super Max's Cape
    • The Whirligig
      The Whirligig
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      The berry bushes are at risk from the crows, so Max and Ruby safeguard them, but their approaches are different.
    • Show and Tell; The Whirligig
      Season 6 - Episode 5
    • Show and Tell
      Show and Tell
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Max prizes his frog toy enough to bring it to school for show-and-tell.
    • Ruby's Teacher; Max's Art Time
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Max creates a self-portrait in art class.
    • Ruby's Teacher
      Ruby's Teacher
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Ruby and her pals make card for their new teacher, but they don't want Max's assistance.
    • Max the Champion
      Max the Champion
      Season 6 - Episode 46
    • Max's Super Jet
      Max's Super Jet
      Season 6 - Episode 50
    • Camper Max
      Camper Max
      Season 6 - Episode 49
    • Max's Preschool
      Max's Preschool
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      Max makes a good impression on his new class, but not in a traditional way.
    • Grandma's Storytime Sleepover
      Grandma's Storytime Sleepover
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Grandma arrives for a sleepover, and that means lots of stories.
    • Max's Skateboard; Super Butterfly
      Season 6 - Episode 9
    • Max Whistles
      Max Whistles
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Max practices whistling and masters the skill, which benefits Ruby on the playground.
    • Ruby's Time Capsule
      Ruby's Time Capsule
      Season 6 - Episode 34
    • Super Shopper Max
      Super Shopper Max
      Season 6 - Episode 33
    • Max's Shiny Coin
      Max's Shiny Coin
      Season 6 - Episode 32
    • Max Decorates
      Max Decorates
      Season 6 - Episode 31
    • Max's Kazoo
      Max's Kazoo
      Season 6 - Episode 29
    • Ruby's Choc. Chip Chaos
      Ruby's Choc. Chip Chaos
      Season 6 - Episode 28
    • Ruby's Backyard Camping Trip
      Ruby's Backyard Camping Trip
      Season 6 - Episode 36
    • Ruby's Ice Show
      Ruby's Ice Show
      Season 6 - Episode 35
    • Max's Baby Birdie
      Max's Baby Birdie
      Season 6 - Episode 36
    • Max on a Mission
      Max on a Mission
      Season 6 - Episode 45
    • Max and Ruby's Restaurant
      Max and Ruby's Restaurant
      Season 6 - Episode 47
    • Max to the Rescue
      Max to the Rescue
      Season 6 - Episode 43
    • Ms. Bunty's Gift
      Ms. Bunty's Gift
      Season 6 - Episode 42
    • Ruby's Book Report
      Ruby's Book Report
      Season 6 - Episode 41
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Season 6 - Episode 40
    • Max's Bubbles
      Max's Bubbles
      Season 6 - Episode 27
    • You Can't Catch Me
      You Can't Catch Me
      Season 6 - Episode 26
    • Grandma's Bunny Sniffles
      Grandma's Bunny Sniffles
      Season 6 - Episode 25
      Grandma becomes ill, and Max and Ruby take two different approaches to nursing her back to health.
    • Costume Day
      Costume Day
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      Ruby needs a partner for a costume contest, but Max disagrees with her costume selection.
    • Grandma's Surprise
      Grandma's Surprise
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Grandma leaves a surprise, and Max wants to peek at it.
    • Max! Bam! Boom!
      Max! Bam! Boom!
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      Max forms a band all by himself and assists Ruby with her song performance.
    • Max's Rocket
      Max's Rocket
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Max makes a rocket out of a box and rescues Ruby's doll.
    • Dino Hunter Max; Ruby's Solar System
    • Ruby's Photo Op
      Ruby's Photo Op
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      Max makes silly faces in a photo and Ruby disapproves, but Grandma finds it amusing.
    • Super Butterfly
      Super Butterfly
      Season 6 - Episode 14
    • Dino Hunter Max
      Dino Hunter Max
      Season 6 - Episode 16
    • Ruby's Solar System
      Ruby's Solar System
      Season 6 - Episode 17
    • Ruby's Poem
      Ruby's Poem
      Season 6 - Episode 23
      Ruby learns to use jokes to help her get over stage fright when she has to recite a poem at school.
    • Cowboy Max
      Cowboy Max
      Season 6 - Episode 22
      Max pretends to be a cowboy and takes Ruby's jump rope, but this comes in handy when he must rescue her doll.
    • Max the Detective
      Max the Detective
      Season 6 - Episode 21
      Ruby can't find her diary, so Max puts on his detective cap.
    • Fun in the Sun
      Fun in the Sun
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      Kite-boarding is discovered by the kids.
    • Max and Priya
      Max and Priya
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      Max acts like his true self, and this brings bashful Priya out of her shell.
    • Ruby Juggles
      Ruby Juggles
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Ruby manages to juggle while being disrupted by Max, and this builds her confidence.
    • Message in a Bottle
      Message in a Bottle
      Season 6 - Episode 44
    • Ruby's Party
      Ruby's Party
      Season 6 - Episode 51
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