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  • More NJ shenigans

    Guys, this show sucks. Ruby should be catched by an animal hunter. Eggman should kidnap Max and take him to his lab and recruit all his badniks to feast on him so he can DIE!
  • This show is a no brainer.

    This show is so bad, that it's about 0.1foot close to being bad as Sonic X. This show is about two white bunnies named Max and Ruby. Now, the characters suck. Ruby treats Max like a mother even though she is his sister. She is super selfish and strict. She never allows Max to have any fun at all. Speaking of which, where are the parents? Are they dead? Or did they decided to leave Ruby in charge because they did not want to take care of Max anymore because she is old enough to take care of him. Max is even worse. He always wants everything. He always finds a way to get that he wants to get. No wonder why Max disobeys her, because she is too strict on him. He keeps say the same thing over and over again. Which is really annoying. And he barely speaks at all. He only says like 5 words. If I was his doctor, I would tell Ruby that he has autism. (No offense to autism). The artwork is horrible. It looks like a painting with animated stuff and Bunnies. The animation is terrible and repetitive it looks like the frame rate rapidly changes all the time. The episode plot is always the same. All Max wants is this and that. And Ruby tells him NO NO NO! He finds a way to get it no matter what. And in conclusion, either Ruby finally tells him yes, or he's got that thing. It's gets old really quick. The theme song. Don't even get me started. This song is so annoying and bad, that it almost gets the right formula for the worst song ever. The background music is just dull. The sound FX is ok. The toys sounds are so annoying. The voice actors is super irritating. Ruby sounds like she went though puberty. And Max, he sounds like a wining little brat. This show has zero education value. It's makes you wish you were watching a PBS children show instead of this awkward show. This show teaches you to disobey your parents and tell them what to do. Overall this show brainwashes me and so will you be brainwashed when you watch this. Parents, tell your kids to stay away from this show. 2/100 Horrible.
  • If you are about to have another kid, keep this away from your first child, please.

    This is pretty much like Caillou, except instead of getting off scot-free, this show is the polar opposite of that! Caillou gets away with every wrongdoing possible, without being scolded at or punished, here, Ruby prevents Max from having any fun! This show is also filled with smut. I swear to god that in the tent episode, I saw Ruby and her "girfriend" Valerie humping each other in an unfinished tent! Gross! Cover your child[ren]'s eyes once you encounter this episode! You know you're watching a bad show when the main characters have less than 2 parents, the mother & the father. What happened to them, anyway! They're never mentioned, although you can see them in a photo hanging around the living room! Are they dead? Who knows, who cares! For those who are about to have their first child, watch this and Caillou on how NOT to raise a child.
  • i think its great

    well Max a little bunny who always gets into trouble and uses his problems to make ruby things work out. Ruby a bunny who wants everything to go as planned but nothing works well until the end. I think this show actually inspires kids to help with team work, art and righteousness it's a great show to watch and max always makes it humorous
  • I agree with ThatTVDude. How in any god-damn way is THIS huge failure educational? And why is it still running?

    This show is STILL running, for god's sake. I can't stand it! Someone PLEASE put this show out of it's misery! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Sigh.

    Like any other show, I discuss the things right or wrong about this show. In this show it's all wrong. I usually describe four stuff about shows, so lets go on to the first thing to say about this show. Let's start off with how Ruby treats Max.


    I know all of you probably knew that I really wanted to get this off of my chest, so I decided rant about this first. So, as we all know, Ruby treats Max like crap, just because she's older than him, AND BY TWO DAMN YEARS, AND THEY MAKE IT LOOK SHE'S TEN YEARS OLDER THAN HIM! *panting* Sorry, I needed to do that. Taking out my rage for this show usually re-calms me. Max is 4, and Ruby is 6. However like I just said they make her look 14. 6-year-olds usually aren't THAT mature, only a quarter as mature as Ruby is. Maybe they just want to piss us off even more. Let's move on to the second discussion now.


    Where the hell are Max and Ruby's parents? Because I really want to know. Maybe they are out shopping each episode? Otherwise I have no idea where they are. Them being dead would be WAY too inappropriate for a kid's show. It could really frighten kids, and it even scares ME. Urrgh, just the thought of losing parents. Wait a minute, the creator said that they ARE just out shopping each episode. WELL, WILL YOU ACTUALLY EVER SHOW THEM?! Seriously, why? Go Deigo Go suffers the same issue. If Deigo's parents ever did make an appearance in an episode, I might take that back. But basically, you get it. But if the creator states that Max and Ruby's parents ARE alive, WHY NOT SHOW THEM EVEN ONCE?! On to third discussion.


    Why would Max and Ruby's parents leave Ruby in charge? She's only like 5 or 6. Maybe they're too lazy to hire a god damn babysitter. God, these parents must be awful. Neglecting kids? Bad move, dude. Bad move. Usually you have to be 9 or older to babysit. Even when I was 10, for god's sake, I had some babysitters! God damn! Mr. Creator, did you even think about that? Even though it IS a cartoon, that really is a pot boiler! And it's a freaking kids show no less! Has anyone noticed this?! If anyone did, they get a cookie. But I'm STILL in denial that this show is still existing. It is wrong in every single way, and it doesn't educate, it lowers kids intelligence to a negative infinity! If you want to make a good show, why not make a show for adults?! Sigh. On to fourth and final discussion.


    Why oh why does Ruby get to go to a scout without parent's permission? And why does she get to go to her friend's house or invite her friends over WITHOUT her parents permission?! It's not like she's Max's mother! She's his 6-year-old sister! Tough break! This show has nothing! Absolutely nothing! It does nothing to increase kids intelligence, it DECREASES it! No offense, creator. I wasn't allowed to go to friend's houses until I was 8! And that was just for a birthday party and a sleepover! I'm 16 now, and I have two older sisters (ages 18 and 19) who go to their friend's houses WAY more than me, for your information. And to think I LIKED AND HAD DVD'S OF THIS FOR GOD'S SAKE! I honestly think this show was a pretty bad idea back when it premiered in 2002. I don't like any kid shows with the exception of MLP:FiM. Yes, I am a brony. But this show is bad. Very bad. End of discussion.

    So overall, you get the point, this show is horrible, do NOT let your kids watch this, it will kill their brain cells. This show gets a 0/10. Off to review Bob's Burgers.
  • I love this show!

    This show is for LITTLE kids, so if you are a teenager, or worse, an adult, you should not be trashing it. I love the fact that this show is low-key, has great imagery for little ones and the 1940's music is awesome. I've had enough of shows that are loud and obnoxious. My little one (which is why I watch it) loves it, and doesn't care if Ruby is "bossy" or if Max only says 1 word. The point of not having any parents around is to show children resolving their own conflicts, if you read what the author says. Seriously folks, you take this show and yourselves way too seriously.
  • I used to like it as an child, but I have just noticed something.

    Every episode has the same thing. Two bunnys Max and Ruby live in this house together. Ruby is Max's older sibling who is an bossy, mean numpnut to his little brother Max while playing with his toys. I feel bad for max.
  • Cool!

  • idiots

    Gosh, this show isn't funny. It's some boring baby crap. No wonder baby shows are crap! Adult cartoons FTW! Also adult anime owns baby shows!
  • Ruby (Bitch) Max (Heroic boss)

    Max is such a boss, he does some legendary things. However, Ruby is a bossy bitch who forces max to do things he doesn't wamt to do. It doesn't go well for Ruby usually because of Max's smartassish nature. But the show kind of does suck.
  • Doesn't deserve those harsh reviews, but doesn't deserve positive reviews either

    I look around this website at all the educational shows, and, besides Sesame Street, I have not seen a single show that was higher than 6.5. Look people, YOU might think it's boring, but Nick Jr (EMPHASIS ON JUNIOR) could care less about what a bunch of raging teenagers think about their show targeted towards kids under the age of 6. That being said, this isn't the best show I've seen for kids. It might be cute and entertaining, but the way I rate educational shows is the level of education. I don't really see how this teaches its target audience one thing besides how to hold anger in towards younger siblings. If this were the books, I'd be giving this a WAY better review, but for now, it's a completely watered-down comedy show for little kids to watch.
  • A Boring dumb animated show


    The shows animation is horrible. Brightly colored Flash animated charaters over a ststic background. I mean this looks like someone took $100 and bought stuff for the show. You can see the moving parts!


    Just repetitive all I hear is bossy sister ruby going no max no max no max. Max messes up anything and has no parents. The show has no educational value and they keep renewing it! Its boring 2 bunnys sometimes bring freinds over run around a house. anywhere else? The 10 episodes they do go out the fair,the town,shopping, the grand mas,their freinds house, the beach, sking ruby bosses max around most of the time the are in the house. This is something that they air during Nap time to Help kids go to sleep. It has a negitive impact max gets his way. It just came out wrong!
  • OK, another Nick Jr. show which has ruined the channel...

    I used to watch Max and Ruby as a little girl. But now, I can see a few little things wrong with the show. This show deserves a 1.5/10.0 rating from me for the following reasons below, but at least there's no 4th wall breaking!

    1) The theme song: The theme song is annoying and anyone can memorize it easily. Basically the theme song goes: 'Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max. Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max. Max and Ruby, Ruby and her little brother Max! *5 second pause* Max and Ruby! *children cheer*. The theme song is also quite catchy and repetitive and doesn't make sense as the words 'Max and Ruby' are used too much.

    2) The characters: The characters are generic as usual and most of the background characters serve no purpose to the show. Before we get to the characters, there is one important question that myself and many other people are wondering: Where the hell are Max and Ruby's parents? In reality, you don't expect an 8-10 year old watch their 3 year old sibling every day, whereas in the Max and Ruby universe, none of the other adults question this which is a bit stupid really. The only adult figure in their lives is the Grandmother who isn't seen very often as well as the Grandfather. Surely they've noticed this aswell. Now, onto the characters:

    Max: He is Ruby's little brother who likes having fun and often gets into mischief quite a lot. He doesn't listen to Ruby and most of the time, I can see why he doesn't listen. In a way, he does need to stop causing problems for Ruby, but I wouldn't say he's the worst character on the show.

    Ruby: Now, here is the worst character on the show in my opinion. Ruby is Max's big sister and she isn't very kind and nurturing like a sister should be. She is too bossy and often stops Max from having his fun and games, I can see that Max shouldn't get into trouble often but then again, he's just a kid so he needs to take time to grow up. Ruby can also be quite mean to her friends in some cases and she needs a damn break from parenting, the reason I say that is because she's kinda acting like Max's mum in some cases.

    Louise: One of Ruby's best friends and the best friend who is often seen in the show. She is no better since she's pretty much a clone of Ruby to be honest and is also the second worst character in the show. Louise, how have you become friends with Ruby in the first place?

    Other characters: The majority of background characters serve no purpose to the show to be honest and couldn't save the show if they tried. Speaking of characters, in reality, if Max and Ruby were left on their own in a house, their parents would be arrested already!

    3) The plots: The plots are pretty much the same thing as per usual with different scenes to be honest. That's all I can say.

    4) Animation: The animation does look pretty cute but still couldn't save the show anyway.

    Summary and rating:

    This show seriously needs to improve because there's no values and this will teach older kids to boss around their younger siblings. I have two cousins who are sisters and sometimes, the eldest bosses her sister around and I think this was influenced from this show. I wouldn't recommend this for children.

    The theme song: 0/10

    The characters: 0/10

    The plots: 0/10

    The animation: 1.5/10

  • How the hell did this get renewed for another season?

    Nick JR has gone downhill over the years. It originally had good shows like Little Bill,Little Bear,Blue's Clues and Oswald. But now,it's educational shows are teaching kids to be braindead. Max and Ruby is a huge example of that,and a huge example of repetition. The show is about two bunnies who go through adventures through life. And now,let's get to the main problem itself:where the hell are the parents? They are never mentioned,and all they have is the grandma. The two main characters are even worse. Max is a annoying little kid who says like 5 words an episode,while Ruby is even worse. She's always bossing Max around saying no to what he's doing,and forces him to move his toys. And to top the icing on the cake,Max never listens at all,and still does what Ruby tells him not to do. And guess what? That's the entire show. I mean,there are barley any episodes focused on that. Once in a lifetime does it happen. And the show has no educational value whatsoever. It just teaches kids to act worse,and boss around people. The animation is ok,but everything is so stiff,and it moves so slowly. Overall,this education show fails at whats it doing,and should be canned. What was Nick JR doing renewing this? Are they braindead? Please don't let toddlers watch this show.
  • Things just got out of hand here.

    This show has a lot of explaining to do...

    Plot: Max and Ruby, two bunnies who always go out to have an adventure and have fun with each other, that was in the book, but in this show, everything is reversed. It has bad points instead.

    Characters: Terrible, except Max. He doesn't belong here because of his sister abusing him around. Their grandma, is the one who raises them. But that granny is irresponsible; she's not there when you need her. She always goes out for no reason. And where the hell are their parents? They need their parents to fix the order of those siblings. Unless they are both junkies....

    Show value: Bossing around and having an irresponsible family? No show value. What value can you find in this show? You can tell me if you find one.

    Art: Too bright and colorful. Cheap flash puppet-like animation. This show should be labeled "Seizure Warning" or be cancelled because of that. That's just hazardous.

    Overall: -2. No good points. They ruined the book.
  • Max is a bunny of very few words, and Ruby is his older sister who's always trying to get him off her back.

    Max and Ruby is a show I can relate to because I have a younger sister who is just like Max. She always gets me distracted the way Max always bothers Ruby in each story. Another reason my sister is a bit like Max is because she doesn't speak full sentences--she has autism. I will admit that the first one or two seasons are a bit dull because of...well, many of you have seen the show and know how it goes. But as the seasons progress, Max's playing and distractions help Ruby solve her problems. At 1 being the worst score to give this show, I give it a fair 6.5 overall.
  • Ruby is always so autocratic

    She is like 7 years old and she thinks she can boss around her little brother Max and tell him what he can and can't do. I feel sorry for Max because her sassy, ignorant sister bossing him around all the time. This show is a bad influence for kids because it just teaches a big sister to boss around her little brother and also doesn't teach about not playing. This show has a lot of witchcraft and lots of other bad stuff. With Max, there is nudity in this show. Ruby really irritates me when I see her treating Max unfairly.
  • Lame, lame, lame

    Rather have a shards of glass into both my ears than to listen to Ruby's annoying voice. The unrealistic stories are beyond comprehension. Would totally dumb down anyone watching this crap
  • Very Dissappointed

    I agree fully with MovieNerd, however I do not like his use of curse words to get his point across. I am 21 years young and I have been watching Nick and Nick Jr. my entire life. In my youth, Blue, the screen face, was a wonderfully fun narrator through the commercials. They got rid of Blue and now our kids are force fed toy commercials and more terrible show promos. I remember a time when people fought to ensure the cartoons our kid's were watching were good for them. WHAT HAPPENED TO RICHARD SCARRY'S BUSYTOWN? What happened to Eurika's Castle?? What happened to Rupert? Even Blues Clues was a fun, innovative, and interesting show to keep our children's minds active. MAX AND RUBY IS A DISGRACE! It isn't a HORRIBLE show, but MovieNerd IS correct about a LOT of things. 1. The parents are never there. Apparently their grandmother raises them, and she is never home. 2. Max is never listening and he is doing whatever he wants. 3. He gets REWARDED for doing BAD things at the end of each episode, by the grandmother. EVERY EPISODE! (OK, I can see if he was doing harmless things, exercising his CREATIVITY.. YES, this IS the case for SOME episodes. But NOT ALL of them. SOME episodes, Max is indeed actually just breaking real rules, like getting OUT of the TUB... and he is REWARDED for this behavior. 5. Ruby is a VERY bossy sister, whom pays NO attention to max. No WONDER max is acting out so much. Hes got NO adult male figure in his life, and he is left alone for the entire day. I hope to GOD he is enrolled in a well-off nursery school. :(

    Finally, and this is my NUMBER ONE PROBLEM WITH THIS SHOW... If you will take notice, of ruby's "BUNNY SCOUTS OUTFIT" There is CLEARLY.. CLEARLY a BLUE PENIS on her hat and all over the outfit. This is OUTRIGHT DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR for an animation team. Granted, upon further pondering, I see that it slightly resembles a bunny's head.. But there is NO REASON why the animation team had ANY MERIT to choose this symbol, A BLATANT PENIS for the "bunny-scouting" patches and symbol. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR that is potentially putting THE SUBLIMINAL IMAGE OF A BLUE PENIS IN ALL OF OUR CHILDREN'S MINDS! DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR. This NEEDS to CHANGE! :(

    Now, I am watching the NEW Franklin series. The original Franklin series was very entertaining and nice for children. THIS is a travesty. I literally just watched Franklin's mother tell Franklin "Sometimes, you have to be rude!" While showing him that he needs to spit the watermelon seeds onto the ground, if he wants them to grow in the garden. She literally, blatantly says "Sometimes, you have to be rude!" WHAT THE? THIS IS HORRIBLE!!

    AND ANOTHER THING.. I won't even ALLOW my children to watch Nick if shows like I-Carly keep showing up. Are you KIDDING ME? The show is CONSTANTLY making fun of different characters. CONSTANTLY poking fun of characters. "SAM" is VIOLENT, RUDE, and downright MEAN to Frankie. There is a ROMANCE in the show? Are you KIDDING ME? DRIBBLE. This is mindless DRIBBLE Nick. While I commend you for pushing the envelope... While I enjoy Carley's brothers artistic side.. The rest of this show is downright destructive to a young person's reering. Constant violence, bullying, episodes about breaking into houses, stealing, prisoners busting out of jail, hurting "weird" characters feelings, manic i-carley fans with mental illnesses.. I mean, some of these can slide through, but BULLYING? VIOLENCE? PRISONERS BREAKING OUT OF PRISON? EMOTIONAL ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR? I want to say "get real" Nick, but I can't.. Because, all of this IS real, IS in our children's lives, BECAUSE OF SHOWS LIKE THIS.

    Why don't we skip the next 20 years and just plop our children down in front of the TV for some Jersey Shore? I'm sure we will be there in 20 years at this rate. End Rant.
  • kinda boring...

    max and ruby is kinda lame. what annoys me is that max only says ONE word throughout the entire ep. ruby is kinda bossy too. she's always telling max to go play with his toys while she does something else. plus, where in the heck are their parents?! max and ruby are too young to be by themselves! the animation really weird as well. the theme song could be a lot better. i would only watch max and ruby when nothing else is on tv. the plots for the eps are lame! to me, this show's nothing special. avoid this show if you dont wanna be bored outta your mind.
  • How is this educational at all?

    Whenever a children book series is turned into a show, there are mixed results. On one hand Arthur is a brilliant show based on a book seris. On the other hand, there are shows like this that prove that not every children book series should be turned into a show. Max and Ruby is about two rabbit siblings who live together and have adventures with their friends and family, and try to teach kids lessons of life. It doesn't sound too bad at first, but it's executed horribly. Despite the show being called "educational", I have yet to see what's so educational about this show at all. There is not a single moral or educational thing in this show at all. So how this show teaches lessons for kids is anyone's guess. The characters on this show are also annoying. The grandma is fine and the only likable character on this show. Ruby's friends are annoying. The Huffingtons are idiots and are just as annoying as the friends. Max is very annoying and constantly disobeys everyone and is always causing trouble and the fact that he constantly says the same word in each episode is annoying. Ruby is no better at all, and I think she's the worst character on this show. She's always bossing everyone around. She constantly tells Max no this or no that. She never lets Max do anything fun and always wants things to go her way. I can see now why Max disobeys everyone, for he is constantly being suppressed by Ruby. Ruby is also very rude to her friends and seems to treat them just as bad as Max. There is also a constant question in this show and in the books. Where in the world are the parents?! They are never mentioned at all in this show or referenced to. Seriously, everyone else has parents, but not Max and Ruby. They never explain it to us, we are just supposed to accept it with no questions asked. The artwork looks OK, but everything from the characters, to the set designs, and colors look bland and unoriginal. The animation is even worse. It's so stiff and nobody has any real movement to heir body parts at all, nobody moves or does anything normal and they act like they have arthritis. The plots are boring and unoriginal as well. It's just Ruby being her selfish self who wants things perfect for something and tells Max not to do anything fun, but ends up messing things up. Everything in this show is just horrendous and completely stupid. There are no morals at all in this show and no educational value at all. I was glad this show got canceled but now it's coming back. Why? This show only teaches kids to disobey older people or be rude to their friends and young siblings and be bossy. But I haven't heard about new episodes yet, so hopefully a new season will never come for this abomination. Parents are advised to keep their children away from this show unless they want their child to become as bad as these so called educational models.
  • I feel this show gives children a very bad example of how to interact with other children and siblings. Ruby is always supressing Max's imagination and ideas and she is not very polite to her friends or her brother. I dislike and think it is inappropriate

    My son loves this show but as I pay attention I really don't like it. Ruby may be portrayed as patient but she is also bossy and condescending to Max. Also where are the parents? This show is not good for teaching appropriate family dynamics. Grandmother is great; she is very encouraging of both Max and Ruby. I am just irritated every time it comes on because of the way that Ruby treats Max and I have seen my 5yr old son acting in a similar manner towards his 1yr old brother. I correct the problem as soon as I see it but I feel that Max and Ruby is not a very good show for the simple fact of teaching children the inappropriate way to socialize with siblings and friends. Ruby is quite rude to Max and her friends.
  • Cook these bunnies so that we never have to see them again.

    Nick Jr's Dora era started sucking with it's educational shows. I have to admit,Blue's Clues and Oswald were the best,but The Wonder Pets and Ni-Hao Kai-lan just sucked. But out of all of them,this was the worst. Max and Ruby is about two bunnies who are kids and go do things together. It's also based on a book. Did I mention that there were no parents at all in this show? I'm not kidding,we never learn if they're dead or they got a divorce. What happened to them? We don't know,but who cares. The animation is basically the same from the book,but still looks horrible. The two main characters,Max and Ruby, are just bad characters. Max is a brat who constantly disobeys everybody,and only says 4 words a sentence. I always wanted to slap him everytime he does that sneaky look. Ruby is worse that Max. She never lets Max do anything fun,always tells him to go move his toys and is annoying. All of the other characters are bad and are people I don't care about. The education of this show lacks so hard. It teaches kids to boss around their little brothers,to disobey everybody and to be rude. Thank god,this ended. However,there are still reruns of it. Even BlueMario was right about what Max would do with matches. Please let this be forgotten and never remembered again. Please cook these bunnies and eat them. Even Angry Grandpa from Youtube was right about this show.
  • Believe It or Not, I actually enjoy watching "Max and Ruby" (I don't why I enjoy it but I just like it for some reason)

    I was maybe 14 years old when I decided to give this show a chance. That's right, a 14 year old boy giving "Max and Ruby" a chance. I'm 17 years old so that was three years ago that I decided to give this show a chance. I thought that this show would be a major nightmare and torture like "Dora The Explorer". I know, I'm getting too old for these kind of cartoons BUT still... I shouldn't let my age get in my way of watching this show. It's okay if you don't like this show because everyone does have their own opinions. Believe It Or Not, I actually enjoy watching this show, I have no idea why I actually enjoy this show but I just like it and that's it. This show does have a two flaws which is the reason why my score is a little low. One flaw I have with this show is that Ruby bosses Max around and never lets him do anything fun and she can be even more bossy whenever she plays with her friends. The second and last flaw I have with this show is that it can be a bad example on little kids, I have read at least half of the reviews on this show and I do agree with them. This is show is kinda teaching little kids to be bossy and all that. Despite those two flaws that I have with this show, it is very enjoyable. Max is also very cute bunny and he is my favorite character. Also, where are Max and Ruby's parents? that never made sense to me but oh well, this show is good enough for me to enjoy it. Overall, I enjoy pretty much all of the storylines and can have fresh and feel-good humor at times that I really enjoy... it may not be an educational show but I do enjoy watching "Max and Ruby" (Believe It Or Not). 9/10
  • Not cool.

    This show bites. The animation is whacked, Max is annoying, Ruby is stupid, the episodes make no sense what so ever, no education in it at all, no main point, & low ratings. You put all that together in a pot, mix it up, & you've got a really bad crappy show. Where do you think this came from?
  • About 2 rabbit siblings living together.

    This show is good. I know that I'm to old for it but I think it's very funny and smart. this is good but I don't have cable so I can only watch it on videos. But It's my 2nd favorite Nick Jr. Television show. Who says I'm to old to watch this?
  • How much do you like it?

    The egg one is a little freaky!Max & Ruby is a half-hour animated comedy series based on the children's books by Rosemary Wells. Each episode centers on Max, a determined three-year-old bunny, and his big sister, Ruby, a smart, goal-oriented seven-year-old. The show offers an empowering message for children by showing Max and Ruby playing together and resolving their differences in ways that are respectful and supportive. Max & Ruby celebrates the triumph of the individual against the impossible odds of being little. Each episode centers around Max, a preschool bunny, and his seven-year old sister Ruby. What goes on in the mind of a three-year-old boy is very different from what goes on in the mind of a seven-year-old girl, and Max and Ruby enjoy working and playing together in spite of their conflicting agendas. The brother and sister relationship is at the heart of these stories, and what makes the relationship humorous and fulfilling is that Rosemary Wells has added salt and pepper to it, instead of sugar.
  • Patient and loving Ruby, and 1 yr old Max is delightfully mischevious and ultimately cooperative.

    I'm shocked at all the clueless reviews here. Max is like 1 yr old! That's why he only says one word. Duh! What kind of robotic children do you want anyway ... anyway Max, although delightfully mischevious, always ultimately either cooperates or proves to have great motivations that are often misunderstood. How true to real life. Parents: clue in.

    And what's with slamming parentless shows? Do you also not let your kids play with single-parent kids? Sheesh.

    Wonderful music too.

    And all you brats that slam this show ... hey, it's for pre-schoolers. Go watch High School Musical. Max and Ruby rocks.
  • This could be a very good show. My 5 year old son loves it and has been watching it for about a month. But not any more. Unfortunately, the writing is terrible and teaches horrible lessons.

    Max is constantly being rewarded for his inappropriate behavior. He teases his sister, he doesn't listen to authority figures. No parents, or guardians, but a little sister who constantly neglects Max in different episodes, which usually leads to Max's deviant behavior. My son started teasing his little brother and nephew, and stopped listening to his parents after watching this show. He is no longer allowed to watch it. Writers, wake up! The characters in this show, and the show itself has great potential, and it would be a really cute show if you would just incorporate good moral lessons for children. Don't let Max get his way when he's bad, and for goodness sake bring home the parents, they've been away way too long.
  • How is this show educational?!

    Bluntly, I hated it. But, like the iCarly review I did months back, I need reasons to hate this show. Now, here are my reasons. First of all, Max is very annoying-like a hyped up little brother, but worse. He CONSTANTLY disobeys people, and when he wants something that's someone else's, he grabs it and goes, in a voice that's supposedly cute, but comes off as irritating, "Mine!" Ruby also bugs me, if not for her snobby know-it-all 'tude, acting like she's the Queen of the World. The parents aren't even there-but with Ruby 'caring' for Max, you almost wish they were. The neighbors--there several times in episodes, they win the award for being more nerve-wracking than the title characters. Ruby's sidekick bugs me too for some reason, lack of friends other than Ruby, perhaps? The fact every lesson Max learns is useless by the next episode really annoys me too. Go watch Arthur instead, that show is EDUCATIONAL.
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