Max and Ruby - Season 1

Weekdays 11:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 21, 2002 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Max's Valentine:
    Valentine's Day is a busy time for Ruby and Louise, who make special Valentine cards for their friends. Max wants to make a Valentine, but he's too little to use scissors and glue. Ruby gives Max the important job of taking her Valentines to the mailbox, and Max ends up making a special Valentine delivery of his own.

    Ruby Flies a Kite:
    Ruby has just made a new kite so she can fly it. Max wants to fly a kite too, but Ruby says he's too little. When Ruby's kite gets stuck in a tree, Max's helicopter saves the day.

    Super Max:
    Ruby is preparing to go for a picnic with Louise and her dolly Sally-Swims-a-Lot, but Max is listening to his favorite radio show, Super Bunny. When Sally suddenly goes missing, it's up to Super Max to come to the rescue.

  • Ruby's Lemonade Stand:
    Business is booming when Ruby and Louise set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Bunny Scouts. Max wants lemonade, but he doesn't have a nickel to his name. Can Max raise any money with his own bunny business?

    Ruby's Rummage Sale:
    Ruby and Louise hold a rummage sale to raise money for a Bunny Scout fieldtrip. Ruby wants to sell some of her old toys, but Max wants to keep all the toys for himself.

    Ruby's Magic Act:
    Ruby and Louise are practicing their magic act for the Bunny Scout talent show, and they need Max to be their volunteer from the audience. Max wants to know how they do their tricks, but Ruby and Louise insist on 'magician code of honor'. In the end, Max is the one who surprises them with his own magic trick!

  • Max's Chocolate Chicken:
    When Max and Ruby go on an Easter egg hunt in the back yard, they both find more than they bargained for.

    Ruby's Beauty Shop:
    When Louise comes over to show Ruby her Deluxe Beauty Kit, Max wants to play too. But Ruby insists Max cannot play.

    Max Drives Away:
    It's breakfast time, and Max wants ice cream. Ruby says that nobody eats ice cream for breakfast. So Max drives off in his pedal car and goes to the only bunny who understands--Grandma.

  • Max's Christmas:
    Max is full of questions when Ruby hurries to bed on Christmas Eve so Santa Claus can come. No one ever stays up to see Santa. No one except Max.

    Ruby's Snow Queen:
    Ruby is building a snow queen while Max is playing with his screaming green alien gorilla. When his toy goes missing, Max finds that his gorilla was in Ruby's snow queen.

    Max's Rocket Run:
    Max is too little to sled down a snowy hill called the Rocket Run like Ruby and Louise. Max is to take the Gental Slope Bunny hill.

  • Max's Birthday:
    Max gets so many presents for his Birthday that he forgets to open one. So Ruby opens it for him and finds a "wind-up lobster". Max is in for the chase of his life, only he's the one being the lobster!

    Max's New Suit:
    Max refuses to try on his new suit he must wear for a Bunny Scout party Ruby plans.

    Goodnight Max:
    Everybody has a hard time getting to sleep sometimes, but nobody has more trouble sleeping than Max!

  • 1/13/03

    Bunny Cakes:
    Ruby wants to make an angel surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing for Grandma's birthday. Max wants to make Grandma an earthworm cake with red-hot marshmallow squirters. After a few mishaps and trips to the grocery store, Grandma gets both!

    Bunny Party:
    Ruby plans a surprise birthday party for Grandma, but Max brings in "uninvited" guests.

    Bunny Money:
    Ruby has saved lots of money to buy a present for Grandma, but shopping with Max costs more than she planned.

  • Max Cleans Up:
    Ruby wants to clean up Max's messy room, but Max cannot throw anything away. Max helps Ruby by tidying the mess away -- into his pocket!

    Max's Cuckoo Clock:
    While Mrs. Huffington is out at her garden tea party in the backyard, Ruby's job is to put Baby Huffington to sleep. But Max wants to play with the Huffington's cuckoo clock and Ruby is sure that it's going to keep Baby Huffington awake.

    Ruby's Jewelry Box:
    Nothing can keep Max away from Ruby's special jewelry box in her room--not even a "Keep Out" sign.

  • Ruby's Marit Badge:
    Bunny Scout Ruby tries to earn her very first Merit Badge. Max helps Ruby get her badge -- only it's not the one that she expected.

    Max's Apple:
    Ruby and Louise's clapping game about making "apple pie" makes Max hungry for an apple (or so Ruby and Louise think). Ruby picks Max every apple she can find on the tree, but Max is still not satisfied. What could Max possibly want with all of those apples? Apple pie, of course!

    Quiet Max:
    Mrs. Huffington has asked Ruby to keep an eye on a napping Baby Huffington while she's outside working in the garden. Ruby tells Max that it's their job to be quiet so Baby Huffington doesn't wake up, but Max keeps making noise.

  • Max's Halloween:
    Ruby wants Max to be a Prince to her Cinderella but Max's mind is set on trick or treating as a vampire.

    Ruby's Leaf Collection:
    Both siblings have different reasons for collecting leaves.

    The Blue Tarantula:
    Ruby and Max get scared after reading a bedtime story about a blue tarantula.

  • Camp Out:
    Max is excited when Ruby tells him they are going to sleep outside, that is until Ruby explains they are sleeping inside a tent.

    Ruby's Clubhouse:
    Ruby and Louise have made a clubhouse in the backyard, but it's private and Max isn't allowed in.

    Max's Picnic:
    Max joins Ruby and Louise on a backyard bird-watching expedition. But Max is far more interested in Ruby's picnic basket than he is in finding the elusive Speckled Warbler.

  • Max Misses the Bus:
    Ruby is all ready to catch the next bus to Louise's house, but Max wants to stay home and play with his toys. Ruby tries to convince Max to come by promising to bring his toys along, but they miss bus after bus. Soon, there's only one bus left, and it looks like they'll make it...or will they?

    Max's Worm Cake:
    Ruby wants to plant a garden of marigold flowers for her dolls, but Max wants to make a "disgusting" worm cake. When Ruby couldn't find everything she needs for growing her garden, Max gives his worm cake to the flowers.

    Max's Rainy Day:
    Ruby wants to stay inside when it begins to rain, but Max wants to go outside. Ruby helps Max get dressed for the rain as she dresses herself. But as soon as they are ready to go outside, the rain has stopped. Max has an idea to keep the rain coming.

  • Hide and Seek:
    A game of hide and seek has Ruby continuously looking for Max, who doesn't quite seem to understand the rules.

    Max's Breakfast:
    Ruby makes Max a surprise breakfast--an organic sunny side up egg, but Max prefers to have strawberries. He does what he could to avoid eating his egg at all costs.

    Louise's Secret:
    Ruby's attempts to take a phone call from her best friend, Louise, are interrupted by the constant clang of Max's loud toys.

  • Ruby's Piano Practice:
    Ruby needs to practice "Twinkle Twinkle" for the school music recital but Max keeps interrupting her. He is looking for his fire truck.

    Maxs Bath:
    Max is still hungry after Ruby makes him a sandwich because the sandwich isn't in him, it's all over him!

    Max's Bed Time:
    Max couldn't get to sleep without his red rubber elephant.