Max and Ruby - Season 2

Weekdays 11:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 21, 2002 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Max's Thanksgiving:
    Ruby and Max are at Grandma's to help with Thanksgiving dinner. Ruby is thrilled to help decorate, but Max just wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing. Unfortunately, by the time that dinner is ready, Max has sampled a little too much.

    Max's Pretend Friend:
    Ruby doesn't see that Max is playing with froggy so she assumes that he's got a "pretend friend." When froggy creates chaos, Ruby thinks Max is blaming his "pretend friend" for things that he's done.

    Fireman Max:
    Ruby wants to practice jumping rope for the Bunny Scout jump-a-thon, but Max wants to play fireman, and he keeps tripping her up.

  • Ruby Writes a Story:
    Ruby needs absolute quiet while she tries to write a story but Max wants to play cowboy. Eventually, he helps Ruby come up with the perfect idea for her story.

    Max's Dominoes:
    Ruby and Louise want to earn their hospitality badge by hosting a Bunny Scout meeting. Max and Morris are busy exploring the domino effect with a variety of toys -- which culminates in a terrific welcome for the Bunny Scouts.

    Grandma's Attic:

    In Grandma's attic, Ruby is delighted to try on old clothes and Max finds an old chest that nobody is to open (according to Ruby). When he finds the key, they all get a surprise.

  • Ruby's Figure Eight:
    Ruby is determined to skate a figure eight. Max, who barely knows how to skate, is equally determined to play hockey with Roger and the big bunnies.

    Ruby's Surprise Party:
    Ruby plans a surprise party for Louise, and she employs Max as the lookout. But Ruby gets more surprised than Louise, and Max gets the cake that he was craving.

    Ruby's Tent:
    Ruby and Valerie try to put a tent together despite interruptions from... Super Max!
    Max's Prize. Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet while Max tries to get to the bottom of the cereal box to get his prize.

  • 9/4/03

    Max's Check Up:
    Ruby and Louise decide to play doctor's office. All they need is a patient. But Max wants to play with his markers.

    Max's Prize:
    Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet while Max tries to get to the bottom of the cereal box to get his prize.

    Space Max:
    Ruby and Louise want to make a beautiful float for the Bunny Scout parade. But Max wants to play spaceman, and soon, their float takes a different direction.

  • Max's Shadow:
    Max enjoys playing with his shadow on the fence in the backyard ... until a cloud comes and it disappears. Meanwhile, Ruby and Valary are trying to make a poster for the Bunny Ballet recital.

    Max Remembers:
    By the string tied aroundMax's finger, Ruby can tell that Max is trying to remember something. Ruby helps Max remember all the things he was supposed to do until they find out what the string was supposed to remind of--to fix his yo-yo!

    Ruby's Candy Store:
    Ruby is learning how to run a candy store with Candi's help. Ruby tells Max that he shouldn't eat too much candy or he'll get sick, but she has to sample the candies so that she "knows the product". Unfortunately, Ruby gets to know the product a little too well.

  • Ruby's Pajama Party:
    Ruby invites Louise and Valerie for a pajama party. Max wants to crash the party -- especially when he sees the snacks.

    Baby Max:
    Ruby and Louise decide it would be fun to pretend that they have a baby. Max doesn't think that it's such a good idea. He'd rather play on the slide in the playground.

    Bunny Scout Brownies:
    Ruby wants to sell her Bunny Scout brownies to make money for Bunny Scouts. Max wants to help... and to sample the brownies. Just when it looks like Max's help is going to keep Ruby from selling any brownies, Candi surprises both of them.

  • Max's Dragon Shirt:
    At the department store, Max wants a dragon shirt, but Ruby only has $5 to buy him a brand-new pair of overalls. While a pretty dress distracts Ruby, Max finds his dragon shirt. But Ruby doesn't have any money left for his overalls.

    Max's Rabbit Racer:
    Ruby and Louise are taking baton twirling lessons from Mrs. Huffington, and Max is entertaining himself and Baby Huffington with his Rabbit Racer. When Ruby's baton ends up on the roof, there's only one way to get it down.

    Roger's Choice:
    Roger is coming over to play, but Ruby and Louise are in such a tizzy. They don't think Roger would like to play cars with Max, so the girls try finding a game that Roger would like to play.

  • Max's Bug Salad:
    Grandma is having a tea party, and Ruby wants to make something special for Grandma's friends. All Max wants to do is play with a ladybug. Grandma helps Ruby make a gelatin salad, and Max helps Ruby find a "special ingredient"--red candy bugs.

    Ruby's Beach Party:
    Ruby and Louise decide to have a beach party in the sandbox while the water in the wading pool warms up. Unfortunately, Max and Morris want to use the same space for their dump trucks. The turf war ends happily, as they both get their way.

    Super Max to the Rescue:
    Ruby and Louise decide to put on a circus in the backyard. Max is listening to (and acting out) his favorite radio show, Super Bunny. But when Max sees his trusty friend Red Rubber Elephant in peril at the circus, it's Super Max to the rescue!

  • Ruby's Panda Prize:
    Ruby wants to win a plush giant panda at the annual fair, but Max wants jellyballs. By the time their tickets run out, Ruby gets her panda, but not the way she expected.

    Ruby's Roller Skates:
    Ruby wants to roller skate all the way to Grandma's, but Max is looking for his Tow-a-Ton tow truck.

    Ghost Bunny:
    During their camp out, the Bunny Scouts tells ghost stories. Max wants to listen to them, but Ruby thinks they're too scary for him.

  • Ruby's Tea Party:
    Ruby wants to have a tea party for her dollies, but Max wants to play pirate. When it looks like Ruby's lost the ruby necklace that she was going to wear for the tea party, only Pirate Max can help her out.

    Max Is It:
    Ruby, Louise and Valerie want to play freeze tag. Max wants a slime dribbler. When Max is It, he freezes everyone... and he seizes the moment to get his slime dribbler.

    Ruby's Science Project:
    Ruby and Louise are making a paper-maché volcano for a Bunny Scout project. Max wants candy. Little do the girls know that Max has a totally different purpose for his Red Hot Marshmallow Squirters than they thought.

  • Max's Froggy Friend:
    Making friends with a frog in the creek, Max wants to take it home with him. But Ruby is planning a tea party for Grandma, and that's no place for a froggy. She tells Max that froggy needs to stay in its home in the creek, but Max and froggy have other ideas.

    Max's Music:
    Ruby and her friends, Valerie and Louise, are coming over to play music together. They will be practicing the song, "The Farmer in the Dell". Max wants to play music too, but he keeps disrupting the girls until they come up with a way all four can play together.

    Max Gets Wet:
    Max wants to go swimming in the wading pool, but Ruby says he can't because he just ate. As Ruby waters the garden, Max tries to find a way to cool himself off and ends up getting muddy.

  • Ruby's Hiccups:
    Max wants Ruby to help him find his monster mask, but Ruby has a bad case of the hiccups. She and Louise try all kinds of remedies, but in the end, it's Max who scares her hiccups away.
    Ruby wants to take a picture of her and Max to show Grandma, but all Max wants to do is chase an orange butterfly.

    Ruby's Stage Show:
    Ruby and Louise decide to put on a show for Grandma, but Max wants to wear his dragon mask instead. Despite all attempts to get him into the prince's role, Max insists on staying in character as the dragon.

  • Max's Work of Art:
    Ruby and Louise are painting pictures for the Bunny Scout art exhibit -- and they use Max as a model. But Max doesn't want to model -- he wants to paint!

    Max Meets Morris:
    Ruby and Louise think that Max and Morris (Louise's cousin) will become friends while they make a banner for the Bunny Scout Picnic. But Morris isn't very good at sharing, and he wants to play with all of Max's toys, so Max is not eager to make friends.

    Ruby's Scavenger Hunt:
    Bunny Scout leader has organized a scavenger hunt in the park for all the Bunny Scouts, but Max keeps interrupting Ruby's search. In the end, Max finds the one thing that the rest of the Bunny Scouts can't.