Max and Ruby - Season 4

Weekdays 11:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 21, 2002 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Super Max's Cape:
    Ruby and Max watch Baby Huffington while Mr. and Mrs. Huffington set up for a picnic. Ruby suggests she play quietly, but Baby Huffington wants to play Superbunny with Max.

    Ruby's Water Lily:
    Ruby and her friends try to perfect the hardest move in their synchronized swimming routine. Max's water toys keep interrupting them at first, at one of them helps them out in the end.

    Max Says Goodbye:
    Ruby and Max are going to a playdate at Louise's, but Max can't take all his toys. Max says goodbye to his toy that he couldn't take.

  • Max Saves the Parade:
    Ruby and Louise make a float for the Fall Fun Festival Parade, and so do Max and Roger. But when their floats clash, Max and Roger come up with a way to combine them together.

    Max's Big Kick:
    Roger teaches Max how to kick a football between goal posts while Ruby and Louise try to make a leaf rubbing picture, but the park may not have room for the four bunnies.

    Ruby's Horn of Plenty:
    Ruby harvests all the vegetables from her garden for decorating her horn of plenty, but Max eats the vegetables and puts toys in the horn instead.

  • Ruby's Good Neighbor Report:
    Ruby collects stories from members of the community for a report to earn her Bunny Scout Badge.

    Candy Counting:
    Ruby is trying to count gummy worms to win a candy counting contest at Candi's store, but Max isn't making it easy.

    Ruby's New Shoes:
    Ruby wants to buy new shoes at the store, but all Max cares about is seeing Superbunny in person.

  • Duck Duck Goose:
    Ruby, Louise, and Valerie want to collect their winter bird tracking Bunny Scout badge. Max wants to help them, but the girls keep thinking he wants to play "duck Duck Goose" until they see what Max found.

    Ruby's Snowbunny:
    Max wants to zoom down the hill on his sled, but Ruby wants to make a snowbunny.

    Ruby's Snowflake:
    Ruby wants to surprise Grandma with special decorations on snowflake cookies, but a determined Max wants one for himself.

  • Ruby's Hoola Hoop:
    Louise is trying to teach Ruby how to hula hoop, but Max's toy Bugs keep interfering her practice.

    Max and the Martians:
    Max helps the Bunny Scouts see Mars through their telescope.

    Ruby's Real Cinderella:
    Ruby doesn't want Max to play Cinderella with her because he's too dirty. But when the slipper would neither of the girls, Max is the only bunny to fit into it.

  • Max's Balloon Buddies:
    Ruby and Max find themselves arguing over whether to see flowers or balloon animals at a festival.

    Ruby's Penny Carnival:
    Ruby and her friends build a carnival in the backyard while Max makes a monster house for the carnival.

    Ruby's Big Win:
    Ruby does her very best to try and win a goldfish at the carnival while Max does some winning of his own.

  • Ruby's Rainbow:
    Ruby wants to paint a perfect rainbow for Grandma but she can't remember the color order. Max, who wants to go outside, helps her remember.

    Home Tweet Home:
    Ruby & Louise build a birdhouse. Thinking Max is hungry, she gives him food only to discover that it was the birds who were hungry and not Max.

    Max's Mudpie:
    Ruby wants Max to stay clean for when Grandma comes over with a yummy surprise, but Max just wants to make a mudpie and gets himself all muddy.

  • The Princess and the Marbles:
    When Max keeps interrupting Ruby's princess practice with his marbles, Ruby decides to help him learn some manners by telling him the story of Princess Ruby who is very sensitive.

    Emperor Max's New Suit:
    Max learns not to be too picky about the clothes he wears after listening to a story Ruby tells him.

    Max and the Three Little Bunnies:
    Max's toy blimp almost wrecks into Ruby's paper dollhouses. Ruby tells him the story of the three little bunnies and the Big Max Wolf.

  • Ruby's Gingerbread House:
    Ruby and Louise decide to build a gingerbread house for Grandma, but they find out they are missing an important ingredient. Max and his gummy worms keep interrupting their building of their house, sometimes scaring them.

    Max's Christmas Passed:
    Max doesn't want to let Christmas end and wants it to be Christmas all the time.

    Max's New Year:
    Max and Ruby spend New Year's Eve celebrating with Grandma.

  • Ruby's Home Run:
    Ruby tries to hit a home run while playing a game of baseball, but Max and his airplanes keep getting in the way.

    Ruby's Missing Tune:
    Max tries to help Ruby recall a tune for her ballet recital after her music player gets broken.

    Ruby's Hand Stand:
    Ruby and Louise don't know if either one of them can perform a hand stand for their Bunny Scout gymnastics badge, and Max keeps asking Ruby to push him on the swing.

  • Grandma's Treasure Hunt:
    Ruby and Louise are on a treasure hunt that Grandma made up for them, but all Max wants to do is play pirates.

    Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle:
    The two bunny siblings try to find the missing piece to Ruby's jigsaw puzzle that was stolen by Max's wind-up lobster.

    Ruby's Recital:
    Max and Ruby practice for a musical recital they want to do for Grandma.

  • Max's Castle:
    Ruby and Louise try to make a block castle, but Max wants to make some changes to it by adding more blocks.

    Bunny Hopscotch:
    Max uses his toy cement mixer to collect stones, continuously interupting Ruby and Louise's game of hopscotch.

    Max's Grasshopper:
    Max makes friends with a grasshopper named Hoppy, and aBunny Scout experiment is interrupted when Hoppy gets in the way.