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Max Headroom

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Max Headroom is a look into the future. Society is run-down and dominated by televisin and large corporations. Edison Carter is a reported intend on exposing corruption and greed. In the pilot episode, Edison is hunted down by his own employer. He is injured and his mind is digitized into a computer program. The resulting program takes on a life of its own. This is the creation of the eccentric and unpredictable character of Max Headroom. Max can move through computer and television networks at will. The series is about Edison Carter and Max Headroom in their combined fight to expose and eliminate the corruption in society.
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    • This was on Cinemax, Not ABC!

      This was first aired originally on Cinemax (A sister premium movie channel to HBO). I had never saw it on ABC. I thought Cinemax only runs movies, Well you were wrong. Cinemax can also run their TV series as well (just like HBO).
    • M-M-Max Headroom!

      This series had a surreal feel to it. It was a combination of "Roller Ball"(the original, not the awful remake) and "Blade Runner".

      Max was a bright shining star that burned out far too quickly. He even appeared as a guest on David Letterman!

      This is one series that begs to be remade. Frewer is still alive, give him a call! I heard hes currently on "Eureka!" So maybe hes ready for a big 2 series come back. If they do bring it back they need to keep the same look and feel of the originals. The atmosphere of the sets is a large part of its appeal.

      This would be good series for the SCI-FI Channel to take on.moreless
    • Either ahead of it's time or behind in technology. Either way, an awesome series.

      When i first watched Max Headroom as a teenager i pretty much believed it. Many people stated that "a world like shown in the series Max Headroom will not happen nor will we see anything like those shows they show on TV there".

      Well we are still not there but the path gets clearer. Meaning that from todays point of view, knowing the development of TV of another decade, the stuff they show in the series seem so much more possible. Doubt the series would be much of a success if aired again. The outdated equipment like monitors and cameras and the overwhelming 80s look is too much a contrast to work as a view 20 minutes into the future when it's 20 years into the past. I wish they would redo the series or at least make it a nice movie tho it might destroy some of the charm the series has.

      If they would film Max Headroom today the stuff would be much more brutal and inhuman than the original as the stuff they showed then wouldn't shock anyone anymore.moreless
    • a totally new experience back when it was first broadcasted.

      this show is one of my all time favourites. i just loved all of it: the dark. almost apocalyptic atmosphere reminding of "blade runner". the great acting of matt frewer playing both edison carter and max headroom. the social issues being brought up. the eccentric humour added by ma-ma-ma-max. the seemingly old fashioned computer equipment (back in 1987 mine looked most definitely more modern than this) in a story that was taking place in the future. the music. the thrilling storys. the sympathy added to weird characters like blank reg. the sometimes almost anarchistic criticism against a world that seems to have been made up in the mind of george orwell. for me all of this has made this show cult.

      even though it dates back almost 20 years now, it still remains up to date in a very prophetical way.moreless
    • A cool sci fi show.

      A look at a distant future, we may be there by now. The news media today controls how people think. With the advent of satellite television, people around the world can view the same news programs simultaneously 24 hours a day. This have both good and bad implications. News media companies who have agendas other than informing the public on current events are so real today. Max headroom was a prediction of what might happen to the world if news companies look to influence how the public thinks and create chaos to a society. This is a cool show that explores that very real possibilities happening now in the 21st century.moreless

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