Max Headroom

Season 2 Episode 4

Dream Thieves

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1987 on Cinemax

Episode Recap

This episode focuses "dream houses." Edison is doing an exposè on this new industry. The industry sells dreams. People pay to experience the immersive, tactile sensations of others' dreams. During the investigation, Edison encounters an old friend who was once a rival report, Paddy Ashton. Paddy is an articulate Irishman. He is out of place, a drifting blank, and he stills has a grudge against Edison. Paddy turns up dead a few hours after Edison shares a drink with him. Edison recalls in their last conversation that Paddy was telling him about dream donors. For people to buy dreams, others must donate them. This usual provides an earning of pittance for the donator. Paddy was managing to live off of selling dreams. Edison thinks this may have something to do with his death. Edison decides that to best investigate he will go undercover as a dream donor. He finds that dream house attendants have been forcing their donors to have intense subconscious sensory experiences. The process has killed some of the donors with their own nightmares.