Max Headroom

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 05, 1988 on Cinemax

Episode Recap

Network 23 censors are trying to shut down a secret school in the fringes. In this episode a yearly festival surrounds the return to Earth of debris from fallen broadcast satellites. Edison and Theora get out of the control room to join Blank Reg and Dominique for the festivities. Edison and Theora are troubled by a new a new censorship body. Edison has just notified of his on-air "transgressions." It seems the new regulators how the power to deem good taste. As they enjoy the festival, Edison stumbles across a story. During a raid of a nearby home, a Metrocop arrested a man for showing pirated educational programs to children. In addition, a street performer is picked up by the Metrocops. Edison rescues the street performer's daughter and tries to launch a "live and direct" newscast. If the censors block the broadcast, will anyone ever learn what really happened? The censors maybe able to ensure that the entire population only learns what they want learned.