Max Headroom

Cinemax (ended 1988)


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  • Sometimes people hate the messenger more than wondering about the message they bring. This is the case with Max Headroom.

    This show was, literally, ahead of it's time. There's this problem we seem to have, at least here in the United States. When bad news comes upon us, we'd rather not know. So much of what this show covered has come to pass...subliminal messages, the media 'faking' news...the lot of it. I really believe that the demise of the show was based on two factors: Americans hate bad news and the show was biting the hand that fed it. The chances of lasting a long time when you're a tv show taking on media is pretty small. Max Headroom was giving away trade (media) had to go. Max Headroom was a science fiction show for those people who don't like science fiction. When the show was pulled off the airwaves there was a big to do by it's fans...thousands of protest letters were sent to ABC etc. but to no avail. At least the shows are being shown still...on places like the SciFi Channel and on video. Nicely written with a heeping helping of food for thought.
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