Max Headroom

Cinemax (ended 1988)


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  • Edgy sci-fi classic about a future world controlled by technology and television.

    Reporter Edison Carter is a normal man. He works hard and dreams of breaking a big story.

    One day, he gets his chance. Does he ever.

    A television conglomerate secretly places vast numbers of super-compressed subliminal ads called 'blipverts' into breaks between shows. They are so quick that it's impossible for people to turn the channel. The advertiser has a captive audience-- literally.

    Until one day, the plan takes a turn for the worse: some viewers cannot stand the pressure, and their brains fry.

    Carter wants to do the report, but the t.v. bosses are not so eager to let him do this. The man gets into a chase for his life, pursued by company thugs. A producer rescues him after network bigwigs have picked his brains. The brass siphoned out the computerized personality named for the traffic sign that was the last thing Carter saw:

    Max Headroom.

    Edison must bring the story to the public and save the lives of himself, his friends and everyone else fighting to get out from under the nightmare hegemony. Exciting, well-acted and written, and with visuals far above standard for prime time shows.

    A great series, far too short.
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