Max Headroom

Cinemax (ended 1988)


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  • Entertainment to the MAX !

    When all the media is being controlled by a few "greedy" bigwigs, whose sole motive is to control the entire population's mind using unethical subliminal techniques in their advertisements and other messages, it seems the world is doomed. However, one reported discovers this outrageous plan and is determined to expose it. Alas, the bigwigs come to know of his plans and try to catch him. In a fast and furious car chase, he has an accident in an underground parking lot and dies with the memory of the last thing he saw: a caution sign indicating the Maximum Headroom in the parking area. The bigwigs take his memory and digitize it into their computers and a new personality is born: Max Headroom. Max uses his knowledge and the computer access and the help of a few human friends to expose the corrupt businesses who were responsible for his death and for controlling the mids and bodies of milllions of consumers. Entertainment with a moral message. What more can one ask for ?