Max Headroom

Cinemax (ended 1988)


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  • In a post-apocalyptic future, a television network rules society through television. Investigative reporter Edison Carter is the only one looking for the truth in this new, completely mediated age. Anyone who dosen't give this show a chance because of the

    A show that would still be ahead of its time if it were on TV today. Max Headroom starred Matt Frewer as investigative reporter Edison Carter, a hero of principle in a dark future where truth is obfuscated by the media. The only thing holding this show back was the unfortunate association with the computer-generated character Max Headroom. Yes, the show is named after him, but he appears so infrequently and provides so little to the plot that its almost easy to forget him, if he weren't so annoying. Nevertheless, the show was well written with an impressive cast that included Jeffrey Tambor and Charles Rocket (as a sinister network executive). A rare attempt at true media criticism (thinly veiled in the sci-fi backdrop), it shows how the media can engender public acquiescience through obfuscation of the truth. The evil entity in this future is a network corporation (Channel 21) that controls the public (often literally) through television.