Max Headroom - Season 1

Cinemax (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • The Blanks
    The Blanks
    Episode 6
    In this episode we find out that Simon Peller has won another term for the public telection system. The satellite signals suddenly go haywire, interrupting broadcasts on all the networks. Television is not the only area affected. Even the blank service television is not working. An ultimatum is issued: if Peller does not reverse his policy of imprisoning all blanks, unregistered citizens, the central computer system will be crashed. Bryce and Theora hatch a plan to find the hackers.moreless
  • War
    Episode 5
    In this episode, a news package broker contacts Network 23. They offer an exclusive access to a terrorist group called White Brigade for a premium price. Cheviot refuses the offer; he does not want to be bought by a terrorist group. The next day the group blows up an entire city block, only rival network Breakthru Television has the coverage. Network 23's board or directors is anger over Breakthru's sudden ratings surge. The networks are all in the middle of a global rating sweep. Edison Carter wants to expose this sinister link between Brakkthru and White Brigade.moreless
  • Security Systems
    Security Systems
    Episode 4
    In this episode, Security Systems Incorporated (SSI) is the world's leading provider of personal and corporate security and surveillance systems. However, there is a hostile takeover of SSI happening. While the company's CEO says she is terrified, she is outwardly calm. Edison suspects something more is happening. After questioning her, he discovers his credit and his ID no longer work. He can not go home. He can not go to Network 23.moreless
  • Body Banks
    Body Banks
    Episode 3
    Edison recruits the help of Blank Reg to help him deal with a doctor who is using blanks as unwilling organ donors.
  • Rakers
    Episode 2
    Max is concerned that there is a homicidal madman running around and laying waste to people. He is surprised when he finds out that "Missile Mike" is a violent children's television show. There is an illegal sport called raking. Individual use these motorized skate board for a deadly match. Theora receives a phone call from her sister-in-law Winnie. Winnie is upset because Theora's brother, Shawn, has taken up the sport of raking. Theora sets Edison onto the case. Edison wants to keep this sport outlawed because it is so dangerous. Zik Zak is wanting to legalize it and sponsor it.moreless
  • Blipverts
    Episode 1
    In the near future, it will be illegal to have a television that can be shut off. Ratings are all that matters. To improve ratings, Network 23 creates "Blipverts." Blipverts are high speed commercials condensed into a few seconds and embed themselves into the viewers mind. Unfortunately, a few viewers have exploded while watching them. Network 23 star reporter, Edison Carter, discovers that the Network executive Ned Grossberg is aware of the problem and is covering up the issues. Ned decides to replace Edison with a computer stimulated version of Edison. Bryce Lynch creates this computer simulated version, who calls himself Max Headroom.moreless