Max Headroom - Season 2

Cinemax (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Baby Grobags
    Baby Grobags
    Episode 8

    In this episode, a new way to create a child is shown. Society is now able to eliminate the need for a woman to carry a child for nine months in her womb. Fertilized eggs can be extracted and placed into nutrient-rich Grobags. This accelerates the birth, eliminates the pain of childbirth, and allows the child to be customized by the parents. One of Theora's friends is giving the process a try. However, the baby turns up missing. Edison is assigned to the investigation and discovers disturbing information about the company offering this service.

  • Lessons
    Episode 7
    Network 23 censors are trying to shut down a secret school in the fringes. It seems the new regulators how the power to deem good taste. As Edison, Theora, Blank Reg, and Dominique enjoy a festival, Edison stumbles across a story. During a raid of a nearby home, a Metrocop arrests a man for showing pirated educational programs to children. In addition, a street performer is picked up by the Metrocops. Edison rescues the street performer's daughter and tries to launch a "live and direct" newscast. If the censors block the broadcast, will anyone ever learn what really happened?moreless
  • Neurostim
    Episode 6
    In this episode Edison tries to find out more about Zik Zak's latest promotional gimmick. Zik Zak's is giving away free Neurostim bracelets with every burger pack. You would think that Zik Zak would welcome this reporter, it would increase sales and they are both working for the same Network. Instead, they set out to end his investigation by giving him an addictive Neurostim bracelet. Edison discovers first-hand that the Neurostim is a mental narcotic.moreless
  • Whackets
    Episode 5
    Big Time TV has a mind-numbingly dumb game show that is becoming wildly popular. The viewers request the show be run for the 11th time in a row. Big Time TV, now with its new show "Whacketts", has even pulled ahead of Network 66. Edison and Bryce discover that a subliminal video signal is embedded into the one episode of "Whacketts". Ned Grossberg is trying to buy the show from Dominique at Big Time TV, which would result in an entire population becoming addicted. Even Max has fallen victim to the addiction.moreless
  • Dream Thieves
    Dream Thieves
    Episode 4
    This episode focuses "dream houses." Edison is doing an exposè on a new industry. The industry sells dreams. People pay to experience the immersive, tactile sensations of others' dreams. During the investigation Edison encounters an old friend who was once a rival report, Paddy Ashton. Since Paddy has been donating his dreams, Edison thinks this may have something to do with his death and decides that to best investigate he will go undercover as a dream donor.moreless
  • Grossberg's Return
    Grossberg's Return
    Episode 3
    This episode focuses on a vicious political battle between Simon Peller and his rival candidate Harriet Garth. Network 23 is supporting Simon, a fair and honest man. Harriet is being backed by Network 66. Recently, Network 66 has hired Ned Grossberg, who was the ex-Network 23 executive that got fired in the first episode with the blipvert scandal.moreless
  • Deities
    Episode 2
    The Vu-Age Church is the first religious organization to operate primarily on television. The Vu-Age promises video resurrection for their believers. They claim to be able to store cortical scans and keep them until cloning is perfected and their personalities can be placed into a new body. This promise gets Murray's attention and he assigns Edison to the story.moreless
  • Academy
    Episode 1
    In this episode the Hackers are disrupting network transmissions by hacking into satellite transmissions with their own high-power signals. Cheviot assigns Bryce the task of tracking down the pirates. Bryce discovers the source of the signal at the Academy of Computer Sciences. He does not want to expose his Alma master. Instead he says the source is at Blank Reg's Big Time Television. The Metrocops arrest Blank Reg. Dominique pleads with Edison to help clear her husband's name.moreless