Max Headroom

Season 1 Episode 6

The Blanks

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 05, 1987 on Cinemax
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The Blanks
In this episode we find out that Simon Peller has won another term for the public telection system. The satellite signals suddenly go haywire, interrupting broadcasts on all the networks. Television is not the only area affected. Even the blank service television is not working. An ultimatum is issued: if Peller does not reverse his policy of imprisoning all blanks, unregistered citizens, the central computer system will be crashed. Bryce and Theora hatch a plan to find the hackers.moreless

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    Peter Crook

    Peter Crook

    Blank Bruno

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    Lisa Niemi

    Lisa Niemi

    Janie Crane

    Guest Star

    Sherman Howard

    Sherman Howard

    Simon Peller

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    W. Morgan Sheppard

    W. Morgan Sheppard

    Blank Reg

    Recurring Role

    Lee Wilkof

    Lee Wilkof


    Recurring Role

    Hank Garrett

    Hank Garrett


    Recurring Role

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      • Carter: How'd you become a Blank, Reg?
        Blank Reg: I was working for these very bright young computer hackers. I was in a bit of bother - tax creds, the law, slight violence, all that - I had to disappear officially. They did me a favor. Suddenly I didn't exist - I was a blank file. Still am.
        Carter: Now it's a kind of a philosophy, eh?
        Blank Reg: Yeah, sort of. Well, everything's bleedin' rules, idn'it? They want a license for the dog - imagine!

      • Max: Well, I'm back. They threw-threw-threw me out of that place! You gotta help me - help me, Bryce, I'm frightened. If they run that program, they'll erase-s-s-s erase me... they'll turn me into wan-wandering electrons, deserts of vast eternity, the gray-gray-gray-graveyard of old ship's shows.

      • Bruno: You can at least terminate in the comfort of your own computer.
        Max: Nooo.... (howls)

      • Background: (angry crowd noises)
        Carter: It's starting to happen. Their world's gone away. Without their TVs, what is there for them?

      • Background: angry crowd noises
        Carter: It's starting to happen. Their world's gone away. Without their TVs, what is there for them?

      • Bruno: You are one fingertip away from oblivion.
        Max: I don't - I don't think you'll do that. I'm too... irr-resis-tible... too... fas-fas-fascinating.
        Bruno: Fascinating... even unique. But repeatable. You see, Bryce Lynch was once my pupil.

      • Max: What I want to know is, why you want to wreck our network? Network!
        Bruno: Your network, and the authorities, are mesmerizing millions into worshiping this new priesthood of the computer! Like... cave men worshipping fire! It's a false faith, Max.

      • Bruno: Our 'bomb' is simply a program. It links all the programs of the city through the main one simultaneously. Massive overload. Goodbye everything from... Security Systems to Network 23.
        Max: Well, I'll let you know if there's life after the off-switch-tch-tch.
        Bruno: I already know.

      • Background: Big Time... Television! Big Time... Television! Twenty-four hours a day, day after day, making tomorrow seem like yesterday!
        Blank Reg (over): This is Blank Reg, welcoming you to Big Time Television, from sunrise to sunset, filling your empty lives with mindless drek!

      • Edwards: Chaos out there! People are in a panic, fighting for old video recordings!
        Ashwell: Personally, I'd rather watch a smoke alarm.

      • Max: Well what I want to know is: what happened to the Trojan Horse-se-se?
        Bryce: Well, it became a great mythical figure.
        Max: Yeah, but did they pick up-pick up-pick up did they pick up the option on its series?

      • Carter: So, we'll give them a Trojan Horse... something so... unique for a computer hacker they'll have to take it in. We'll give them Max.
        Max: I want to get this clear: you want me to pretend-pretend-pretend to be a horse? I saddle up for no man!

      • Carter: What I wouldn't give to be a fly on that boardroom wall.
        Bryce: Well, you can if you like.
        Carter: What?
        Cheviot: to stop this now!
        Carter: Bryce, what is this?
        Bryce: Oh, it's a bug. Well, a fly, actually. It was my graduation project when I was eleven.
        Carter: A mechanical fly?

      • Coffee Machine: Coffee... Coffee...
        Carter: Shut up! ...Coffee's ready... want some?
        Bryce: At the Academy they used to say, 'caffeine kills concentration.'
        Theora: Which academy, Bryce?
        Bryce: ACS. Academy of Computer Sciences. I went in when I was ten.
        Theora: Ten? What about your family and your friends?
        Bryce: Oh... they were very proud, I think.
        Theora: No, I mean about you leaving home so young.
        Bryce: I have no idea. I haven't seen them.

      • Blank Dominique: Now if all those threats are for real, well, there'd be no networks, would there?
        Blank Reg: No, Dom. Not if the lads do their business...
        Blank Dominique: We don't have a computer, do we?
        Blank Reg: No, we don't. Computers know too much.

      • Blank Reg: Dom... I do believe I love you.
        Blank Dominique: Like a sister, I trust?
        Blank Reg: Well, I always fancied nuns...

      • Miss Julia Formby: My god, they could lobotomize the network. Without television, this city would be ungovernable!

      • Simon Peller: These people are known as 'Blanks' - people who have somehow erased or 'blanked' their names from our central computer. They're computer experts gone bad.

      • Simon Peller: How are my ratings?
        Cheviot: Our ratings.
        Simon Peller: But my constituents, my votes - 296 million of them.
        Cheviot: Simon, we all know the votes are computer-enhanced.

      • Miss Formby: We're going to go critical if we don't act soon.
        Edwards: We're going to have riots out there. We should distribute emergency video players immediately!

      • Max: Shouldn't fool with
        Carter: If it wasn't for fooling with technology, my buddy in a box, you wouldn't exist!
        Max: Yes I would. I would.

      • Carter: Ehh, great, just what I need: a delicious cup of boiling water!

      • Max: I spent the night dig-dig-digging-digging 'round in your old dreams. They should be arrested! Hey! Why do you have a blanket over the screen? I can't see anything...
        Carter: ...that's why! Hey, the shower stopped!
        Max: See? Smother tech-tech-tech... technology, and it rebels!

      • Recording of Simon Peller: 'And it is with pleasure...'
        Simon Peller: Right there - make that, ahhh, 'heartfelt pleasure' - it has a ring of deep sincerity. Fix it, would you?
        Ronald: Who cares, Simon? They hit their buttons, you're in! They're not listening any more!
        Simon Peller: There are times, Ronald, when your cynicism is a positive joy.

      • Female Announcer: The overnight telelection data is now loaded. If you haven't voted, do it now. Only three more seconds to cast your vote.
        Male Announcer: This is a result. Simon Peller is elected. Mr. Peller's prerecorded victory speech can be seen in seven seconds on... (static)

      • TV Astrologer: Sattilac 5 is in conjunction with NetSat 7. SkyTel 489 is in the ascendant. Aquarians, avoid eating; Sagittarians, avoid meeting people.
        Max: And veg-veg-vegetarians, avoid eating meat. Or people. Heh. Heh. Heh-heh. Morning, Ed!
        Carter: Morning, Max.

      • Carter's Computer: Good morning, Mr. Carter. This is your daybreak call. Your breakfast is preparing, and your shower is ready.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • In this episode the Blank's have a slogan, "Blank is Beautiful." This is a reference to the slogan in the early 1970's "Black is Beautiful."