Max Headroom

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1987 on Cinemax

Episode Recap

In this episode, a news package broker contacts Network 23. They offer an exclusive access to a terrorist group called White Brigade for a premium price. Cheviot refuses the offer; he does not want to be bought by a terrorist group. The next day the group blows up an entire city block, only rival network Breakthru Television has the coverage. Network 23's board or directors is anger over Breakthru's sudden ratings surge. The networks are all in the middle of a global rating sweep. Edison Carter wants to expose this sinister link between Brakkthru and White Brigade . The board of directors supports him with the investigation. Edison eventually tracks the terrorists to their headquarters. There he discovers that the terrorist war is actually being fought for television. It is a war of publicity with as few casualties as possible to avoid negative reaction from the viewers. White Brigade bombers feel that their deal with Breakthru TV is no longer serving their cause. They change their policy regarding casualties.
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