Max Headroom

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1987 on Cinemax



  • Trivia

    • Robert O'Reilly got his science fiction start on this show but was later seen as the leader of the Klingon Empire, Gowron. He was on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

  • Quotes

    • Max: And now - and now we come to a special moment on Network 23... that is 'The Most Point-Point-p-Pointless and Extravagant Television Award.' This, of course, is the award for the piece-piece of television which-which-which, in the opinion of the judges, is the most expensive and wasteful use of television time this year! So! So! Let's see the nominations, shall we? ...and I'll be right back.

    • Cheviot: (explosion) Braddock! I'll kill him with my own hands.
      Miss Formby: Then let me!
      Edwards: Look at those ratings!

    • Max: Hi, this is Max-Max Headroom on Network 23, brought-brought-brought to you by... ah... oh, no no no no no no-no-no. I'm sorry, but sorry, but if they think I'm endorsing car accessories, they've got another dipstick-stick coming! Ah, ah, they've tried this one before and I'm radial tired of it. If they expect me to change gear now and start spark-spark-sparkplugging their products, they must be out of their pis-pis-pistonheads! Listen, I don't like to blow my own gasket, but I have better things to do than to sit here and wax-polish lyrical about car parts! Car parts! I've got letters from fan-belts who say, 'Max! You're special! You're unique! You're differential!' Yes, yes, I know it's what they want... that's because they're air-conditioned to it. To it. (Oh.) To it. Oh, I've fendered it off time and timing belt again... I mean, who's calling the tu-tu-tune-up? Who's in cru-cru-c-cruise control here, anyway? I'll tell you who: Me! Me! Max Headlamp! And if they don't like it, they can stick-stick-stickshift it in their exhaust pipe and cho-choke it! And smoke it!

    • Cheviot: It would have to be clean. I wouldn't want so much as a single injury, is that clear?
      Frank Braddock: Bennie... Bennie... If I have to... french kiss... Croyd Hauser in the middle... of the Doggie Dance Show, it'll be clean! Trust me!

    • Formby: You have no choice, Ben. A strong global is worth any sacrifice... even Frank Braddock.
      Edwards: Ben... Formby's right, we're broadcasters. In our business, morals are one thing, but ratings are everything!

    • Max: And interrupting your breakfast... -fast -fast... breakfast... for those cold mornings, why not try... Chernobyl Pops! Pops-Pops! Give you that warm glow all over. Just-Just-Just the stuff to feed your kids!
      Carter: What is he talking about?

    • Carter: What does the White Brigade get out of all this?
      Croyd Hauser: Money. We're the first terrorists to apply modern merchandising theory.

    • Carter: What happened to your war?
      Croyd Hauser: A long time ago, it became obvious that military action was obsolete. People could die, of course, and passions would be inflamed... but only until the next TV program came on. It finally struck me that I didn't need to wage a real war. I could wage one... through TV.

    • Carter: Certainly have an unusual command post. Very disarming.
      Croyd Hauser: Disarmed. It's more comfortable than being in the field. The hours are just as bad, though. Maybe worse. And the scripts need changing all the time.
      Carter: Can we talk?
      Croyd Hauser: Might as well. It's either that or kill you. Gotcha. (laughs) Come on, I'll show you around.

    • Frank Braddock: You're a dreamer, Croyd, you always were. Filled from this half-baked, cliche-ridden world of semi-revolution, and suddenly you actually suggest killing people! You're nuts! Now, I'm a businessman! I am not a folk hero! Our deals were 'no casualties'!
      Croyd Hauser: Get the girl into the van, Hewett. Maybe we'll have to sacrifice her for a 'half-baked, cliche-ridden world of semi-revolution.

    • Theora: So, if the van was there at the time of the explosion, then why wasn't it in the news report?
      Carter: Exactly.
      Max: Ahh! Be-Be-Be-Be-Because it was reporting the news! The news!
      Carter: He's right. There's a camera on top.
      Max: Uh. Uh. It's certainly not an exhaust pipe! Well, the rig-rig-rigors of investigation... so tiring!

    • Braddock: Sorry to bother you, Bennie... uh, didn't we call this 'fringe time,' once upon a time - the - the dead hour just before prime time?
      Cheviot: Before we had ten thousand channels? Yes, I remember. I see you've added nostalgia to your repertoire - that's very touching.

    • Martinez: So what did they blow up, anyway? Looks like it was already blown up.
      Carter: No kidding.
      Martinez: I wonder who wrote this explosion.
      Carter: The only thing that survived was a good script.

    • Max: Do you - do you know who won?
      Murray: It was a draw.
      Max: So who won the dr-dr-dr-draw?

    • Theora: Mmm, nice legs!
      Carter: Oh, thanks. Maybe I can get a closer look at yours some time.
      Max: (Max is a computer image with only the image of a chest and head). I'd just like to see my-my-m-mine!

    • Carter: Nice shot.
      Max: Did-Did-Did the hole in your racquet come with the shorts?
      Carter: People in glass houses should not throw stones!
      Max: Now that - Now that sounds like a game!

    • Max: No, no... I think Breakthru TV gives bad-bad-bad broadcasting a good name!

    • Breakthru TV Reporter: This Is Breakthru TV with an exclusive news story. Moments ago, a huge explosion rocked this area. Only luck prevented huge casualties. Responsibility is claimed by the White Brigade, an activist group dedicated to 'neo-radicalistic anarcho-syndicalism.

    • Carter: Since when has news been entertainment!?
      Murray: ...since it was invented?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • This episode was the source that defined the series with the following quotes:
      Question:Since when has news been entertainment?
      Answer: Since it was invented.

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