Max Liebman Presents - Season 1

NBC (ended 1956)




Episode Guide

  • The Chocolate Soldier
    Captain Bumerli, a cowardly Swiss Army pastry chef, finds himself in the midst of battle and flees the scene. He escapes up a trellis and ends up in the bedroom of Nadina, the fiancee of a war hero. Nadina helps him avoid capture by the Bulgarians and later helps him escape. A year later Bumerli returns to win Nadina's love and prevent her loveless marriage to Major Spiridoff.moreless
  • Promenade
    Episode 16
    Revue program with music, comedy skits and song & dance.
  • The Desert Song
    The Desert Song
    Episode 15
    Pierre Birabeau, son of the general of all French troops in Morocco, is secretly sympathetic to the local Riffs. Disguising himself in a red costume, he leads the Moroccans against his own countrymen, but at the garrison he pretends to be a weakly simpleton. His behavior with his fellow Frenchmen does not help further his desire for romance with the beautiful Margot. She prefers dashing, but fickle, Captain Paul Fontaine. Pierre has no choice but to go to Margot in his other identity, the notorious Red Shadow, and carry her off to his desert camp. Complications arise when Azuri, a dancing girl, reveals the camp's location to the French.moreless
  • Kaleidoscope
    Episode 14
    Revue program with music, comedy skits and song & dance.
  • The Merry Widow
    The Merry Widow
    Episode 13
    Sonja Sadoya is a wealthy young widow who is being romanced by the dashing Prince Danilo, a womanizing Marsovian embassy attache who is courting Sonia in hopes of using her money to restore his country's fiscal solvency. Sonia attempts to convince Dalio that she is penniless and still get him to marry her.moreless
  • A Connecticut Yankee
    Max Liebman presents A Connecticut Yankee, inspired by the Mark Twain tale. It tells of a modern-day groom-to-be who is projected back in time to the days of King Arthur. There, the people he knows at home assume the identities of the characters about the Round Table and their lady-loves. Songs included: This is My Night to Howl / My Heart Stood Still - Eddie Albert / Thou Swell - Eddie Albert / At the Round Table - Boris Karloff / On a Desert Island with Thee / To Keep My Love Alive - Gale Sherwood / Hymm to the Sun / Ye Lunchtime Follies / Can't You Do a Friend a Favor? - Eddie Albert / I Feel At Home with You - Jack Thompson / You Always Love the Same Girl - Eddie Albert / The Camelot Samba.moreless
  • Variety
    Episode 11
    A melange of music, comedy and song & dance, including a jazz version of Gilbert & Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore."
  • Naughty Marietta
    Naughty Marietta
    Episode 10
    Operetta set in New Orleans circa 1780. Marietta is there to escape from an unwanted marriage in France and Capt. Dick is there to lead his Rangers against a pirate gang. Marietta is first attracted to the son of the lieutenant govenor. But when he is revealed as the pirate leader, she turns her attentions to Capt. Dick. She decides he is the man for her when he is able to finish the "Dream" melody that Marietta recalls from childhood.moreless
  • Good Times
    Good Times
    Episode 9
    Revue program with music, comedy skits and song & dance.
  • Babes in Toyland
    Babes in Toyland
    Episode 8
    A department store Santa entertains a lost young girl with tales of a land where storybook characters live. The girl dreams of Toyland and the story of Tommy Tucker who wants to win the hand of Jane Piper despite the evil Silas Barnaby who wants Jane for himself.
  • Spotlight
    Episode 7
    Ice show revue program with music, comedy skits and song & dance featuring Olympic gold medalist and movie star Sonia Henie.
  • Best Foot Forward
    Best Foot Forward
    Episode 6
    The story of a fading Hollywood movie star, Gale Joy, who descends on a boy's prep school as a publicity stunt to accompany a student, Bud Hooper, to his prom. The kids at the Junior Prom go wild over the movie star and she's forced to seek refuge in the boy's dormitory - a move that could get the boys expelled from school.moreless
  • Fanfare
    Episode 5
    Revue program with music, comedy skits and song & dance.
  • The Follies of Suzy
    This color spectacular features Steve Allen as a young playwright who daydreams about an imaginary French ballerina, Jeanmarie, as she appears in three romantic stories set in different time periods of American history.
  • Sunday in Town
    Sunday in Town
    Episode 3
    Revue program with music, comedy skits and song & dance.
  • Lady in the Dark
    Lady in the Dark
    Episode 2
    Liza Elliot, neurotic editor of Allure magazine, seeks psychiatric help to solve her problems with men, her past and her indecisiveness. Her psychiatric sessions lead to three musical dream sequences, including: Glamour Dream: Oh Fabulous One/Huxley/One Life to Live/Girl of the Moment . Wedding Dream: Mapleton High Chorale/This is New/The Princess of Pure Delight . Circus Dream: The Greatest Show on Earth/Dance of the Tumblers/The Best Years of His Life/Tschaikowsky/The Saga of Jenny / Childhood Dream: My Ship.moreless
  • Satins and Spurs
    Satins and Spurs
    Episode 1
    Original musical about Cindy Smathers, a rodeo star who appears at Madison Square Garden in New York City and becomes the subject of a Life magazine photo essay about a country girl in the big city. The photographer at first makes her feel like such a rube but eventually they fall in love and the pictures land Cindy the lead in a Broadway musical. Songs by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston, all sung by Betty Hutton, include: Whoop-Diddy-Ay / Wildcat Smathers / Satins and Spurs / The Little Roll Rock / I've Had Enough - Hutton & McCarthy / Nobody Cares / Back Home / You're So Right for Me - Hutton & McCarthy / Sexy Sadie/Finale.moreless
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