Max Monroe: Loose Cannon

CBS (ended 1990)


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Max Monroe: Loose Cannon

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Max Monroe is an L.A. police detective, called "The Loose Cannon" because he doesn't work by the book. Max's unorthodox law enforcement techniques and brazen disregard for most standard police procedure have caused most people, including the department brass, to consider him crazy and dangerous, an image that Max deliberately cultivates because he finds it keeps the bad guys on their toes. Max is a master of disguise, among other things, he has a passion for chess (grandmaster level), is also into magic, and police work ,of course. A ladies' man, he has a classy wardrobe and drives a red 1963 Corvette Stingray convertible. Max's partner, Charlie Ivers, is more conservative, has a wife and kids, drives a sensible car and is generally the opposite of his partner. Charlie's wife's name is Loretta, she appeared in two episodes, but Charlie speaks of her and the kids a lot... he's obviously happily married and a devoted family man, so Loretta actually plays a large role in the series, even when she isn't seen. The kids were never seen, usually staying over at a friend's house, outside playing, etc. during scenes set in Charlie's house. The children are boys, but it was never stated how many of them there were, their ages or names. It may have been such bedlam when the kids were in the house that even Charlie and Loretta weren't entirely sure how many kids they had!moreless