Max Steel

The WB (ended 2002)


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Max Steel

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Max Steel starts off when college student and sportsman Josh McGrath almost dies when a freak accident infuses his body with nanoprobes. But it is discovered that if periodically charged with trans-phasic energy, they not only enable him to survive but give him superhuman abilities. He adopts the secret identity of Max Steel, now working for his foster father Jefferson Smith as one of N-Tek's elite team of high-tech secret agents. However, this considerably complicates Josh's relationship with his girlfriend Laura and his friendship with Pete. Characters Max Steel: Josh's other half. He is the hero who saves the day. Josh sometimes uses Max as a disguise when doing undercover work. Josh McGrath: A normal college student who is an extreme sport athlete. He was involved in an accident that caused him to be dependent on "T" juice. This caused him to live a double life as Max Steel. Kat: Kat is mostly what you call a "punk" She isn't as strict as Rachel was, but she knows how to fight. She is now Max's partner, since Rachel was promoted. Rachel Leeds: A top agent in N-Tech. She is in charge of contolling max and being his "handler." She used to be Max's partner . Dr. Roberto "Berto" Martinez: At 18 years old, he is already one of the most famous experts in pano-technology. He was assign to Max and through a bio link, he can see what Max sees, and hears what Max hears. He's also constantly monitoring the nano probes in Max's body, so he can survive. Laura Chen: Josh's girlfriend. She wants to spend all her time with Josh but He is busy saving the world. Although she doesn't know Josh's secret she is gutsy and doesn't want Josh to be harmed in any way. Pete Costas: Josh's best friend. He's sometimes not very smart, but he's couragous and very curious.


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