Max Steel

Season 2 Episode 9

Old Friend, New Enemy

Aired Saturday 6:00 AM Feb 10, 2001 on The WB
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Old Friend, New Enemy
Max & Kat are sent to Kansas, where a former N-Tek employee, Dr. Klimo, is continuing his experimentation into harnassing the DNA of poisonous animals to create new weapons. (Jefferson had fired him when his experiments started going beyond good science. He USED to be a nice guy, even playing ball with N-Tek employee kids, like little Josh McGrath.) They find Klimo at work in an old barn, surrounded by cages of bats & snakes, and huge bubbling vats. He isn't interested in being taken back to Del Oro Bay, and a fight ensues. Klimo falls off a platform down into one of his vats of bubbling blue toxins. Just as Max & Kat turn to go, lamenting his death, a creature rises out of the vat -- Klimo's DNA has been altered, and his body is now sssssuper-ssssstrong, and constructed of coiled ssssssnakes! Klimo has become a poisonoussssss sssssnake himself, and can call other sssssnakes to help. They fight further, with Kat getting hurt in the ankle, but eventually Klimo morphs into a long, fat snake and slithers down the drain. Max & Kat get back into the Hawk, waiting for Klimo's next appearance, which turns out to be the hijacking of a train heading southwest. They rappel down on to the train. Throughout the episode, half the time they are fighting Klimo; half the time Max is trying to reconnect with that nice guy who played ball with him as a boy. It doesn't work; Kat is feeling bad, gets knocked down off the train, and Max finally has to go save her. They uncouple, and let Klimo go in the engine, while the rest of the train comes to a stop. That's when Max notices that Kat's hurt ankle is actually a poisonous snake bite from Klimo, back at the farm. Kat is becoming gravely ill, and Max sends her back to N-Tek in the Hawk. Also, by this time, 'Berto has named the new creature -- a Biologically-engineered Constrictor -- Bio-Constrictor, or Bio-Con. 'Berto figures out that Bio-Con is heading towards White Sands Cavern, where snakes of all sorts head to escape the summer heat, and Max heads there. After a terrific fight, in which Max is *still* trying to reach the old friendly Dr. Klimo deep inside Bio-Con, Bio-Con finally tumbles down a bottomless pit in the cavern, with Max unable to get a grip on his slippery snake-skinned hands. But, Max has managed to get Bio-Con to bite a snake venom capturing kit, and sends it back to N-Tek in the Hawk so 'Berto can figure out how to save Kat's life. Max follows it back to Del Oro, but we are left with the image of a scaley hand grasping up from the pit -- Bio-Con will be back!moreless

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