Max Steel - Season 2

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • The Great Turbo Star Caper
    Feeling the pressure of Makino's approaching planet ship, Max Steel tells Forge he wants to finish what his father started - he wants to use the Turbo Star to destroy Makino. But when Forge forbids him, Max and Steel go it alone and try to retrieve it from Dredd anyway.
  • Fugitives
    Episode 23
    While Ven-Ghan is convinced of Steel's innocence and now his ally, the Black Star Council still seeks justice against the "evil" Steel.
  • Reprogrammed
    Episode 21
    Makino has learned much from 214/215 when he started torturing/dissecting Steel. Makino has created what he thinks is the programming antidote to Steel's anomaly
  • Torbolt the Terrible
  • Definitely Fear the Reaper
    Halloween Night and Max is locked inside the Museum with the rest of his class from school. But, when they accidentally stumble upon a meteor that is a chunk of Takion, they inadvertently alert Mega Metal Elementor to its existence.
  • Me, Myself and Extroyer
    After getting framed by Extroyer, Max must work to prove his innocence and repair his good name.
  • My Best Friend Is an Ultralink
    Just when it appears that Max is actually making friends with a bully, Butch, something terrible happens.
  • Breakout
    Episode 13
    When John Dread escapes from prison, it's up to Team Steel to recapture him before he wipes out a global peace conference.
  • The Race
    The Race
    Episode 12
    Max Steel is sent to test a new vehicle in the Sahara. However, he discovers a plot...
  • Best Friend
    Best Friend
    Episode 11
    Max finds out his friend has been brainwashed and is intent on committing a murder. It is up to Max to save his friend, the person about to be murdered and discover who is behind the brainwashing.
  • Extreme
    Episode 10
    Josh enters a sports event and ends up entering as Max steel and teaming up with Tony Hawk. You may think that he'll be lucky but there's more. Someone is trying to cheat and it's up to Max to figure out what's wrong.
  • Old Friend, New Enemy
    Max & Kat are sent to Kansas, where a former N-Tek employee, Dr. Klimo, is continuing his experimentation into harnassing the DNA of poisonous animals to create new weapons. (Jefferson had fired him when his experiments started going beyond good science. He USED to be a nice guy, even playing ball with N-Tek employee kids, like little Josh McGrath.) They find Klimo at work in an old barn, surrounded by cages of bats & snakes, and huge bubbling vats. He isn't interested in being taken back to Del Oro Bay, and a fight ensues. Klimo falls off a platform down into one of his vats of bubbling blue toxins. Just as Max & Kat turn to go, lamenting his death, a creature rises out of the vat -- Klimo's DNA has been altered, and his body is now sssssuper-ssssstrong, and constructed of coiled ssssssnakes! Klimo has become a poisonoussssss sssssnake himself, and can call other sssssnakes to help. They fight further, with Kat getting hurt in the ankle, but eventually Klimo morphs into a long, fat snake and slithers down the drain. Max & Kat get back into the Hawk, waiting for Klimo's next appearance, which turns out to be the hijacking of a train heading southwest. They rappel down on to the train. Throughout the episode, half the time they are fighting Klimo; half the time Max is trying to reconnect with that nice guy who played ball with him as a boy. It doesn't work; Kat is feeling bad, gets knocked down off the train, and Max finally has to go save her. They uncouple, and let Klimo go in the engine, while the rest of the train comes to a stop. That's when Max notices that Kat's hurt ankle is actually a poisonous snake bite from Klimo, back at the farm. Kat is becoming gravely ill, and Max sends her back to N-Tek in the Hawk. Also, by this time, 'Berto has named the new creature -- a Biologically-engineered Constrictor -- Bio-Constrictor, or Bio-Con. 'Berto figures out that Bio-Con is heading towards White Sands Cavern, where snakes of all sorts head to escape the summer heat, and Max heads there. After a terrific fight, in which Max is *still* trying to reach the old friendly Dr. Klimo deep inside Bio-Con, Bio-Con finally tumbles down a bottomless pit in the cavern, with Max unable to get a grip on his slippery snake-skinned hands. But, Max has managed to get Bio-Con to bite a snake venom capturing kit, and sends it back to N-Tek in the Hawk so 'Berto can figure out how to save Kat's life. Max follows it back to Del Oro, but we are left with the image of a scaley hand grasping up from the pit -- Bio-Con will be back!moreless
  • Space Opera (a.k.a. Shooting Stars)
    Episode "Space Opera" in this database, listed as "Shooting Stars" on Cartoon Network 'Berto has been dying to do something that allows public recognition, unlike all his N-Tek work, and he gets word from NASA that he and his optics experiment have been approved to fly on the next Space Cruiser flight. Max agrees to give him a week of training to get him into shape for the flight. It's clear that 'Berto really is used to a lot of sitting! 'Berto gets to the Cape and meets Sarah Wolf, the Mission Specialist in charge of him and the payloads, and the rest of the crew. When N-Tek finds out his parents can't get to Florida in time to watch the launch, Max goes there to cheer on 'Berto. After 'Berto notes the last-minute loading of the latest space telescope onto the Cruiser, Josh arrives, and invites 'Berto to party on his last earth-bound night -- but 'Berto collapses, exhausted. 'Berto gets up early on launch day and goes into the Cruiser to check on his experiment, only to find the engines starting! While Max goes into action to save launch pad workers, 'Berto withstands the launch forces and begins to explore the Cruiser -- finding Sarah Wolf! 'Berto learns that Dragonelle has been impersonating Sarah Wolf, and that the space telescope is actually a disguised partical beam weapon, as she announces a threat to N-Tek to obliterate the soccer world cup stadium unless John Dread is released. N-Tek *can't* release Dread, so Kat launches from Del Oro Bay, meeting Max in-flight from Cape Canaveral, and they both head towards the hijacked Cruiser. Floating through space, through the Cruiser, and climbing the partical beam weapon itself, threatened with being spun off and left in orbit, the three members of Team Steel fight Dragonelle to stop the beam. Poor 'Berto's experiment is a success, but, once again, classified for N-Tek only -- no public recognition. :-(moreless
  • Steel vs. Steel
    Steel vs. Steel
    Episode 7
    Kat & Max are sent to retrieve a "magma crystal" from the mouth of an active volcano, but fail. Regrouping back at N-Tek, one of Electrix's electrobots (captured in a previous episode) attacks Max! No wait, it's not the same old electrobot -- 'Berto has modified it with trans-phasic energy to become an N-Tek "techbot": another agent, like Max & Kat. Max is none too pleased about being replaced by "a bucket of bolts with a motherboard strapped on", but 'Berto makes him understand that it is just to help, not replace him. Jefferson notes it would have been perfect to send into the volcano, instead of human agents, but Max is still skeptical. They undertake to train the new "agent" over at the N-Tek training island. Things begin to go wrong, and it turns out that Electrix included special code on the motherboard that, if captured, would re-assert the need to attack N-Tek agents, despite 'Berto's programming. The electrobot activates its three pals in storage, and they take the Behemouth aircraft, with Team Steel fighting them off, painfully, one by one. Two down, two to go -- but those two take the helifoil and head back to Del Oro, chased by TS in the Behemouth. They're headed back to N-Tek to get refueled with trans-phasic energy -- imagine fighting them when they're recharged! And, before leaving, they've jammed all communications, so Del Oro can't be warned. 'Berto rigs an electromagnetic pulse device to wipe out electronic circuits, and thus finally stop the robots, but worries that it could hurt Max's probes if he is too close. The 'bots penetrate N-Tek, and the final fight is on!moreless
  • Trapped
    Episode 6
    An unsatisfied employee is holding hostages in a high security building and plans to blow it up.
  • Fire & Ice
    Fire & Ice
    Episode 5
    Josh is eating dinner over at Pete's house when he is called to work by 'Berto. Pete, who now knows Josh is also secret-agent Max, begs to come along, but Josh tells him no. 'Berto sends the Hawk airplane to pick up Max, sending him to Arctic Alaska, where two N-Tek research scientists have gone missing. Enroute, he discovers Pete stowed away in the back seat, still wanting to help his pal Josh with his secret agent role. Pete will cause no end of distraction and trouble for Max, today. Approaching the Arctic, Max has to fight off anti-aircraft missles from the villain, while Pete has to fight off motion sickness. They end up crash-landed close to the research station, and start to ski the rest of the way, where Max has to fight off a huge polar bear (without harming this endangered species!). At the research station, they discover that Vitriol has tapped in to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and try to discover whether they're stealing oil or planning to cause an ecological disaster. It turns out that Vitriol, now working on his own with Dread behind bars, is contracted with a rival oil company to pump oil-eating microbes from a tanker INTO the Alaskan oil field, destroying the entire oil field, and jacking up world oil prices for the rest of the world. Max has to stop Vitriol, stop the microbes, fight off that stupid polar bear again, while keeping Pete safe. It isn't easy!moreless
  • When Lightning Strikes Twice
    The evil villain Electrix is angry with her history of being defeated by Max Steel and his crew. She becomes bent on revenge, but this time with a plan.
  • Amazon
    Episode 3
    Max is dispatched to the Amazon rain forest to investigate, as large swaths of the forest are mysteriously being cleared. There's another N-Tek operative, named Kat, who has been on the job for a few days, but her communications have gone silent. Also, 'Berto has to come along, because Max's communications won't work properly inside the dense rain forest (huh ??) and 'Berto knows the area. (Being from Columbia, he knows Brazil well.) After landing, Max & 'Berto are jumped -- and it turns out that they've surprised Kat, alive & well, but with a broken communicator. Kat doesn't need any help, thank you. Nor does Max need Kat. But they have to work together, or at least in close proximity. Orders, you know. Kat is mildly pleased when Max saves them from an enormous boa constrictor, while they're motoring up river, but the boat sinks, and she turns sarcastic again. They find some of the clear cuts in the forest, where 'Berto examines a felled tree, and identifies it as one with a special red sap that, when processed, makes a deadly poisonous gas. They dispatch a couple of Dread Minions who are felling trees and taking them to be processed, and figure out that the only place that could house a processing factory is a nearby Aztec pyramid. With 'Berto's help, they get inside, and discover Psycho, free-lancing now, is just trying to raise a little money with this business. 'Berto has a freezing crystal that will render the goop harmless, but thay have to fight off Psycho and the rest of the Minions to stop the factory. Psycho, of course, escapes in his clear-cutting machine, felling a new swatch as he takes the last of the poison off to carry out his plans. He and Max have a terrific fight on the moving machine, trying to kill each other without setting off the poison gas. Finally, Psycho and the machine are tumbled off a cliff, to their doom. Psycho's now dead, and the world is safe again. Um, right?? At the end, having introduced fiesty Kat, Jefferson formally adds her to Team Steel, and they'll have to live with each other for many more episodes.moreless
  • Fun in the Sun
    Fun in the Sun
    Episode 2
    Things are quiet for a few days at N-Tek (with the robotic dog problems of last week, 'Berto's now developed a robotic cat reminiscent of Sony's Aibo [who's the studio making this show!?!]), so Rachel lets Max take 'Berto to Waikii Beach, Hawaii, where they can both vacation, and Josh can talk to a submarine scientist at the Pearl Harbor naval base about his latest designs, helping Josh with his civil engineering class project. After Josh & 'Berto make friends with an initially-hostile local windsurfer, a strange tsunami hits their hotel, and more rescues are in order. While Josh talks with the submarine scientist, 'Berto hacks in to their systems and finds out that there's no natural cause to the tsunami. Max & 'Berto decide to climb up to a mountainous side of the island to locate the cause of the tsunami when called from N-Tek, officially activating them and relaying L'Estranger's ransome demand for $5B to not wipe out Honolulu. They manage to fight off his minions, but L'Estranger escapes as his machine fires off the next big tsunami. Max & 'Berto then have to swipe the experimental naval submarine, and surf some equipment into position, to counteract the tsunami before it hits Oahu, with 'Berto left alone to battle off L'Estranger again.moreless
  • The Return
    The Return
    Episode 1
    Starting off the season by saving a hijacked NY City tour bus, Rachel is then promoted to be Max's boss, while Josh is approached by a pubescent girl to support the kids' efforts to get an extreme sports park built. Laura isn't in the episode -- but is mentioned as leaving on a one-year trip. But, arriving back at the apartment to try to spend a little time with Pete for a change, Josh finds a that Pete's been taken by Dread, who has survived last season's climax, and demands Max steal for him a vial of nano probes and a research disk, sending Max on a chase through a series of hurried legs to exchange vial & disk for Pete. Oh, and Dread managed to jam Max's link with Berto, thank you. In the process of saving Pete and putting Dread behind bars, Pete learns that Josh is Max. We're left with Dread in prison, vowing that "it's not over, Max!"moreless
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