Max Steel - Season 3

The WB (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Truth Be Told
    Episode 9
    Stuck in a van with a bomb, Josh is left with no choice, but to reveal his secret in front of another extreme sports star.
  • Turbulence
    Episode 8
    Psycho steals a plane in order to steal from the federal reserve.
  • Special Delivery
    Episode 7
    Max, Kat and Berto meet up with Matt Hoffman to lend him some help and suport. However, his room is trashed and the team discover someone is trying to kidnap him.
  • Prey
    Episode 6
    Josh is stuck in South America - in the jungle. Even worse is the fact that he is pursued by "unseen forces"
  • Rough Seas
    Episode 5
    Josh, Berto and Kat take a dream cruise, but Psycho hijacks the ship. Max, Kat and Berto must get the passengers to safety and stop Psycho.
  • Fan Appreciation
    Episode 4
    While attending the opening of a new extreme sports park, Kat is especially well treated by the park owner and worker. However, Max begins to grow suspicious...
  • Cold Seat
    Episode 3
    Luc Robitaille invites Josh, Kat and Berto to the hockey playoffs, but Vitriol ruins their plans.
  • Cold Sweat
    Cold Sweat
    Episode 3
    Josh and co. attend a major hockey game, invited by a major hockey star. But things go the wrong way when a boy is held ransom.
  • Survival Instinct
    Episode 2
    While competing in a snowboarding competition, Josh meets up with one of his rivals. The two do not hesitate to make life hard for one another, but when an avalanche strikes, the two are trapped in a small cave with diminishing oxygen. It is up to the two to help one another tunnel out before the oxygen supply runs out.moreless
  • Deep Cover
    Episode 1
    NTEK was shut down, and Max Steel returned to his role as Josh McGrath, the extreme athlete. When Josh discovers illegal weapons smuggling at the Radical Games, he and his team returns to crime fighting business. But without constant T-Juice supply as he did in NTEK days, can Max survive the battle before his juice runs out?moreless