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ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Great show in the 1990's because it was Leonard Elmore stuff. This guy is just a really good writer.This show was like Pulp Fiction on the small screen.And damm funny too

    I wish this show had a longer run than it did because it;s cast was great,shot florida I believe that were they filmed it in some back water town. Bo Bridges a terrific actor by the way was find in this fantastic part.He was just about everything from sheriff,to undertaker,and thief and crazy wives and girlfriends.There was always something going on in this town murder,drug,alligators.And every sneaky thing anyone could think of,man I love got this show back on TV.
    Or better yet the DVD of just seven episodes and that would me fun to see.
  • One of the best shows ever on television.

    My family and I all enjoyed watching this together, and let me tell you, in a family like mine, it's hard to find things we'd all like to watch together (my dad has odd tastes, and my mother doesn't watch much of anything).

    This show was quirky, cute, and every episode was hilarious! I was soooo disappointed to discover that it was only meant to be a short summer series (much like Young Americans). I just don't understand why networks always seem to put out their coolest shows during the summer, and even when they're really popular, don't add them to the regular line up. I would have been a devoted fan of this show.
  • The remote side of Florida!

    This show was such a great and different show. It one of those shows that when you try to explain what it was about to people who haven't seen the show they just give you a blank look. But it off-the-wall senarios just made it all the more interesting because nothing was what worked liked you think it should and you could tell that the characters lived in a place that I've never seen and they would just say and do the most oddball things. I wish it went on longer. I also wish they would at least release it on DVD so I could watch it again.
  • One of the most interesting shows that I've seen in the past. Judge Bob was so cool. And it had many great side stories forming, then poof! it was gone. I'm still not over it.

    Let's face it, the reason this show was cancelled is the final airing had the "Intern" scenario and the liberal-weenie network heads (aka ClintonITEs) were afraid of the subject matter. Shame on them for canning a wonderful show. ABC are so confused they don't know whether to wind their watch or scratch their butt. Boooooooo! Bring it back, although after almost 8 years it might have lost something in the transitional phase. LOL
  • ABC never gave it a chance

    Sometimes, you wonder if network execs have two braincells to rub together between the whole worthless pack of them.
    Television history is littered with the pitiful corpses of worthy shows which died in their first season (or first month, even) because some witless wonder of an unimginative suit "didn't get it".
    Leonard's books are a hoot, and this show about an eccentric judge (the real life counterpoint is a woman nicknamed "Maximum Morphonius"); and the even more eccentric characters (one man made it his mission to steal, then blow up cars made before seatbelts were made mandatory) around him; could have been a great one, if not for network idiots who didn't know what a great vehicle they had (another example: "Twin Peaks")
    ABC probably axed it when they found out it wasn't a standard cop show in the mold of "NYPD Blue" (don't get me wrong, a great show itself); therefore not a surefire hit.
    Maybe one of the male leads of "Maximum Bob" should have bared his backside on camera; THAT would have gotten them talking.
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