Maximum Exposure

(ended 2002)



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Maximum Exposure

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This fast-paced reality show features the most incredible stunts caught on tape. Camera crews from around the world catch everything from botched stunts to natural disasters. MAXIMUM EXPOSURE's adrenaline-filled moments bring viewers the most awesome action on television with frame-by-frame, replays, extreme close-ups and slow motion.

Re-runs of Maximum Exposure air in syndication on local channels.
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  • Enjoyed until its end!

    I watched the show during its run and like the more current "Most Shocking" and "Most Daring", this show had humor mixed in with violence. Generally the crash and explosion themed episodes were my favorites but overall it was a great show and I was sad to see it go.
  • Recently changed the model from action with happy endings to showing footage where people die. Makes me sick, and should be rated MA at least.

    Recently changed the model from action with happy endings to showing footage where people die. Makes me sick, and should be rated MA at least.

    Max X used to be one of my favorite shows. It was excellent programming because no matter the accident, they only showed footage where individuals made it out alive. They recently changed models, now showing footage in which people die. Makes me sick to my stomach to watch.

    It's not entertainment watching someone die. How much more disgusting can a show get? It doesn't matter if someone dies a "hero" because they didn't land the plane in the middle of a bunch of people... It's still watching someone die.moreless
  • Me Want This Show To Come Back And Produce New Episodes

    MASTER PIECE... What I like more is the narrator's high level of comedy. This show is by far the only thing that has made me laugh and laugh NON-STOP! There is nothing like this. Literally what the heck? Or is there another cool and funny show out there? Too bad it only comes out once a week. And I hope it'll still be on for a long time. A Year or Two at least! And If the biggest miracle happens, which would be MAX X once again be back in production... I hope they'll still stick will the same dude(the narrator)...moreless
  • This is the greatest show ever. Ever. Best fight scenes on TV for sure.

    It's all in my summary - basically the best real fight videos you have ever seen. I see that the review has to be 100 words long, so I will add a few more words. After you watch the show, it makes you want to go out and fight - this is probably not a good thing, but it speaks to the high quality of the show. They also do a good job of including a diverse group of fighters (Asians, white people, black people, women - although it's mostly Asian and white men). I guess I'm still not at a 100 words.moreless
  • The best narrated comedy show I love the spill of discriptions matching to the film. Awesome work, and the Narrator delivers with great canny.

    This is the family bonding show. We laugh and we dont stop laughing, the narration scripts are simply well cued and it delivers well every time. Just when you overlooked something "Try that again in slo mo" LoL. The retakes are just as humorous as the orginal montonage. Great work my daughter and I will be forever greatful for the film works shared by our fellow american with spendid candor. Lovinging it always. Thanks all who participated in getting my funny bone jumping. This is the true human source show, It shows man at his very best. It delivers laughter at its best without guilt. I think its the best of its kind.moreless

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