Maximum Exposure

(ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Max X Coolest, Most Awesom-est Videos! You're Ever Gonna See in the 21st Century
      Rappeler jumps off cliff and hits ground face-first; Men thrown from speedboat; Japanese mud wrestlers; Boy stuck in manhole; Wife almost falls though seatbelt on slingshot ride; Boy shoots clown in eye with rubber dart; Arizona troopers use spike strips to stop armed robbers in stolen truck, then the robbers lead cops head on into highway traffic; Sky diving instructor strangled by parachute cord during tandem jump; Man tries to jump semi trucks with motorcycle and slams into one of the trucks; Race car rams spectator on the side of the road; Man jumps off roof and hits edge of pool; Car hits kid in shopping cart; Naked burglar asleep on couch; Woman records husband flipping jeep; BMX biker tries to jump from ramp to roof and hits the side of the building Max X List: 3. Afghans open fire on cameraman in car 2. Burning tanker full of chemicals explodes 1. Extreme video montagemoreless
    • Dudes in Uniform
      Dudes in Uniform
      Episode 25
      Italian cops bust drug dealers; French firefighters try to put out a gasoline fire; California cops shoot a robbery suspect after he stabs an officer; Cop on toll booth patrol; Man slashed in face by sword during Revolutionary War re-enactment; Australian jockey throw off horse; Japanese tug-o-war festival; Hawaiians lift heavy object at the Hawaii Strong Man Competition; Skiing nuns; Italian motorcycle racer crashes; San Francisco street lugers; Romanian lone shark throws flaming cocktail bottles at cops; Thai druggie falls from power lines; Russian cops rescue a naked drunk from a garbage chute; Georgia DUI suspect loses his pants while running from cops; Georgia cop hit by car during traffic stop; Cops peruse an escaped cow in the Bronx; Arkansas cops bust a drunken man in a Santa suit riding a lawnmower Max X List: 3. Police officers open fire on a drug dealer in an SUV 2. Scientist enters erupting volcano 1. Rodeo cowboy gets his arm caught in the stirrup of a running broncomoreless
    • Them Friggin' Critters
      Bear gets head stuck in large milk jug; Ostriches bite reporter; Monkeys have boxing match; Monkeys steal hats and sunglasses from tourists; Surfing dogs; Starling trapped in bathroom; Dog's head stuck in jar; Dog catchers round up vicious stray dogs; Runaway pig; Kid shakes stuck cat out of tree; Monkeys stuck in water filtration system; Seagull stuck on church spire; Hamster stuck in drain pipe; Veterinarian wrestles runaway cow; Hippo escapes from zoo; Polar bear reaches through fence bars and grabs tourist; Squirrel steals Christmas lights; Ostrich bites reporter's hair; Dog falls from crate; Horse knocks reporter over; Lion bites man's butt; Bird attacks camera; Dog drags chair around; Dog bites boom microphone; Animal runs into wall; Dogs pull boy on roller skates; Dog hangs from tree limb by mouth; Talking dog; Dart playing bird; Driving dog; Cat on ping pong table; Hamster obstacle course; Talking parrot Max X List: 3. Dog plays with tether ball 2. Doberman chases its tail 1. Dog fetches beer from refrigeratormoreless
    • Crash! Bam! Boom!
      Crash! Bam! Boom!
      Episode 23
      Funny car explodes and rams into opponent; Drag boat crashes and explodes; Race car rams spectator on the side of the road; Funny car crashes into wall and flips; Motorcyclist jumps sand dune and smacks into hillside; Air show plane cartwheels on runway and explodes; Sprint car flips over barricade and lands in audience; Racecar rolls five times; Motorcycle racer clips opponent and crashes; Italian car crashes; Trains hitting cars; Semi truck vs. car crash tests; Airplane crash tests; Motorcycle crash tests; Bi-plane crashes into shed; Motorcyclist rides over sheds and crashes through roof; Motorcycle dirt track race crashes Max X List: 3. Two extreme clown car crashes 2. Hydroplane flips and explodes 1. Racecar spins out, hits spectator, then hits another car and both cars to explodemoreless
    • Wild in the Streets
      Argentina police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesting college students; Protesters take over construction site and throw flaming cocktails at construction workers; Rival monk groups fight over control of monastery; Underpaid nurses on hospital roof throw rocks at civilians and cops; Greenpeace (a protest group) takes over oil rig so it won't be sunk into the ocean; Greenpeace storms French navy ship to prevent them from testing nuclear bombs; Greenpeace takes over Russian logging ship; British ship drops toxic waste barrels on Greenpeace rafts; Venezuela motorcycle cops take down protester; Mexican protesters storm legislative hall; Mobsters attack civilians in car; Protester run over by stampede of horses; Mourners fight Ukrainian police over dead priest's burial site; PETA protesters try to attack runway models; Seal poacher with knife attacks cameramen; Cops rub mace directly in women protesters' eyes with cotton swabs; Cameraman hit with pipe bomb shrapnel; Duck hunters and protesters ram each other's boats; Nuclear protester in ultra light drops funeral wreath on British battle ship; Rioters attack cops caught in traffic jam; Angry rock fans throw rocks at promoter's store after concert is cancelled Max X List: 3. South Korean students get into street war with cops 2. Greek protesters throw flaming cocktails at U.S. Embassy 1. Greek rioters set themselves on firemoreless
    • The Future of America
      Car hits kid in shopping cart; Boy on rollerblades gets yelled at for falling in street; Teenager gets pulled over after jumping his bike off the roof of a school; Teenagers raid convenience store; Teenagers have raves in the middle of the desert; Teenagers hold secret boxing matches; Frat boy jumps off cliff into rough ocean and becomes stranded on a rock after losing his bathing suit; Inline skaters fight skateboarders; BMX biker wipes out on jump; Cricket spitting contest; Child tae kwan do champion; Boy pops M&Ms out his ear and his friend catches them in his mouth; Girl wins dirty kid contest by riding go-kart in mud; Scantily clad teenager climbs stoplight and destroys it; College students start riot in Iowa town; UCLA wild party; Michigan State students riot; Rollerblader falls from roof to pavement; Rollerblader falls from rail and hits head on sidewalk; Cop busts teenagers for skating at local bank; Inline skaters blow up skateboards with firecrackers; BMX bikers have painful wipeouts Max X List: 3. Teenager jumps off cliff over lake and hits rock at the bottom 2. Rollerblader falls while being towed behind car 1. Woodstock riotsmoreless
    • Recipe for Disaster
      Trapped victims under tornado debris; Plane wing clips tree during takeoff and the plane cartwheels, leaving hunters stranded in wilderness; Floridians record hurricane; Bus falls over 30-foot embankment and lands in river; Snowmobiler plows into audience; Burning warehouse collapses and causes fireman to fall of ladder; Tornado causes power line transformers to explode; Eight fishermen trapped on sinking boat in Alaska waters; Rafters fall into raging river; Tornado damages restaurant on top floor of skyscraper; Flooded Venezuela city; Romanian Landslide; Construction workers trapped on top of burning high rise; Helicopter catches fire over navy aircraft carrier Max X List: 3. Inferno destroys Nevada town 2. Occupants of car stranded in floodwaters 1. Japanese volcano eruptionmoreless
    • Special Moments, Special People
      Janitor breaks into restaurant and vandalizes it; Man with knife tries to rob people in convenience store parking lot; Man with shovel hits trespassing ATV rider in the face; Car owner and friend beat up would-be car thieves; Man butts camera lens with head; Motel owner sprays news reporters with hose; Flower salespeople in turf war whip each other with belts; Cops put domestic violence suspect in trunk after he resists arrest; Mayor punches man in town meeting; Home owner video tapes burglar and finds out it's his neighbor; Shoplifters wreck convenience store; Family of shop lifters; Man with axe terrorizes cruise ship passengers; Car owner sets up surveillance camera to record vandal; Fidel Castro opposition group attacks people who try to transport medical supplies to Cuba; Gary Coleman stops paparazzi from harassing Pamela Anderson; Chiropractor shows undercover cop posing as patient how to fake back injuries for an insurance fraud; Undercover female cop poses as dentist patient as part of a molestation sting Max X List: 3. Cop falsely accuses fast food employee of pocketing his money and maces her 2. Man robs cash register when clerk is away and poses as clerk when customers come in 1. Man attacks traffic meter watcher after his car is towedmoreless
    • Max X How To Show
      Max X How To Show
      Episode 18
      Parachutist lands wrong and breaks his legs; Motorcyclist does a backflip into a river; Motorcyclist jumps sand dune and hits truck's windshield; Snowmobile rolls down hill while still running; Man kayaks down spillway; Parents and coaches fight at tee ball game; Man falls down cliff face-first while attempting to rappel; French man does balancing acts on top of mountain; Funeral candle falls and lights casket on fire; Drunk Russian woman falls from barn loft; Fraud tries to convince church goes that the Virgin Mary is communicating through him; Spanish runners throw barrels at each other; Motorcyclist almost flies over handlebars at 150 MPH, but corrects himself and keeps going; Large waves collide and send surfers flying through the air; Boaters film great white sharks; Shark bites underwater cameraman; City counsel man wrestles cop after getting maced; Fat man rides mini-bike off plank into lake; Thai man lifts furniture with teeth; Barber uses fire to trim hair; Man tears down signs attached to phone poles Max X List: 3. Implosion of the Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta 2. Biker jumps 50-foot cliff and crashes 1. Show host in wolf mask hides in trashcans and jumps out when people walk bymoreless
    • 3,147,568,279 Women Can't Be Wrong... Men Are Stupid
      Man does fishtails with cousin's car and crashes into tree; Car thief videotapes himself confessing to stealing a car on stolen camcorder; Hidden camera records roommate stealing money; Man on mechanical bull smashes face; Man on reality show gets drunk on blind date and gets into fight potential girlfriend; Man's car catches on fire due to items stored under his hood; Guys in car drive through inferno; Burglar in attic falls through ceiling into bedroom; Man pulled over with marijuana passes out; Enraged motorist at traffic stop tears up his car and yells at cop; Men thrown from speedboat; Guy in jeep speeds down muddy road and hits his friend who is filming him; Skateboarder falls from rail; Clown rides motorcycle down beach and terrorizes children; Sprint car driver starts fight after crashing; Man burns unreliable car in street Max X List: 3. Football fan eats cockroaches because his team lost the super bowl 2. Man tries to prove that he can blow cigarette smoke through his eyes 1. Man tests armored suit designed to protect him from grisly bearsmoreless
    • The Beat Goes On: Shocking Police Action
      Fleeing suspect keeps driving past his house; Undercover cop gets into struggle with armed drug dealer; Police officer jumps over wall to catch suspect and realizes it's too high; Cops arrest naked woman; Miami cops put cardboard cutouts of themselves with radar guns on the side of the road; Maryland state troopers put fake car on the side of the road; Cops with radar guns disguise themselves as civilians; Car drives in circles around parking lot with no driver; Undercover cop arrests robber in gas station; Police send robot to confront armed drunk man; Murder suspect attempts to jump off courthouse balcony; Japanese murder suspect gets caught in traffic jam and shoots himself in the head; Hijacker holds Greek flight attendant hostage; Police dog pulls suspect out of car; Russian cops brutally arrest gang of armed robbers; Cop shoots at suspect in car that tries to run over him; Owner of illegally docked boat shoots flare at cop; Cop with grandson in police car pursues drunk driver; Police dogs catch suspects in canal Max X List: 3. Fleeing suspect crashes into tree 2. Mexican townspeople capture cops and tie them up 1. Cop tries to diffuse bomb and it explodes in his facemoreless
    • Hell on Earth
      Hell on Earth
      Episode 15
      Over 100 people trapped in burning Chicago hotel; Brazilians trapped in flooded street; Afghans open fire on cameraman in car; Couple on honeymoon in Israel leaves café just before it is suicide bombed; Alaska forest fire; Burning oil tanker; Mortar hits car in church parking lot during wedding; Construction workers build makeshift bridge to get people out of burning high-rise; Man trapped under earthquake rubble; Yellow Stone forest fire; Tornado ravages North Carolina town; Airliner crashes into ocean; Burning building collapses on firefighters; Burning gasoline plant Max X List: 3. Passengers trapped in burning ferry 2. Police helicopter drops bomb on house, and causes the whole block to burn 1. Girl tapped under burning gasoline tankermoreless
    • Bad Dudes With 'Tudes
      Guards beat up fan who jumps on stage while Metallica is playing; Man attacks murder suspect in courtroom; Crack dealers shoot at cop; Murder convict punches his lawyer in courtroom; Ice Hockey fights; Opposing baseball teams fight on field; Fight breaks out in bleachers at high school basketball game; Racer rams opponent's car into wall and a fight breaks out among the pit crew; Raiders fan stabs Chargers fan; Audience attacks punk band on stage; Boxing matches on the beach; Greek mobsters throw flaming cocktail bottles at cops; Mayor candidate and friends storm radio station; Russian cops attack mafia members; Björk attacks news reporter; Store clerk throws hot tea in robber's face and beats him in the head with her cup; Teenagers attack bus driver outside court room; Chick-fight in parking lot Max X List: 3. Canadian ice hockey players fight 2. Lead singer of band attacks heckler in audience 1. Prisoners attack guardsmoreless
    • Pain Fest
      Pain Fest
      Episode 13
      Man jumps off roof and hits edge of pool; Human catapult bounces off safety net; Motorcycle jumper crashes into sand dune; Electric weight loss belt shocks woman; Boy shoots clown in eye with rubber dart; Rollerblader falls from rail onto concrete; Stunt man falls on wet floor and cracks head; BMX biker flips and hits head on ramp; Parachutist slams into stadium roof; Bicyclist falls off 30-foot wall; ATV flips over backward and lands on rider; Three wheeler tumbles down hill on top of rider; Skateboarder falls and brakes arm; Rollerblader jumps stairs and hits light pole; Skateboarder lands on face loses teeth; Skateboarder falls off rail and twists ankle; Bullet ricochets off target and hits girl in head; High school wrestler twists leg; Rollerblader falls and scrapes chin on pavement Max X List: 3. Wrestler falls face first, hits mat, and bends over backward 2. Bull impales man's leg with horn and thrashes him around 1. Fisherman gets hook stuck in jawmoreless
    • Super Heroes
      Super Heroes
      Episode 12
      Man trapped on crane 220 feet above burning building; Woman passes out while climbing radio tower; Bank robber holds teller hostage in car; Boat collision leaves girl trapped underwater for five minutes; Plane stuck in mud; Woman trapped by security bars in burning restaurant; Boy stuck in the middle of a frozen lake; Cameraman protects man being attacked by mob; Bank teller maces robber; Woman with gun scares off robber; Hotel guest fights robbers; Decoy cop gets mugged as part of a sting; Woman saves children stranded in floodwaters; Mother and son jump from burning apartment and are caught by bystanders; Elephant stuck in mud; Highway patrol rounds up ducks on highway; Pig truck stuck in tunnel; Alligator in swimming pool Max X List: 3. Family trapped on top floor of burning apartment 2. Boy and firemen trapped in flooded drainage ditch 1. Reporter exchanges himself as gunman's hostage so a baby will be releasedmoreless
    • Born to Lose
      Born to Lose
      Episode 11
      BMX biker tries to jump from ramp to roof and hits the side of the building; Man jumps off 200-foot high bridge; Car dominoes; Man attaches hang gliding kite to motorcycle and crashes while trying to jump 350 feet; Chef throws candle into gas grill and causes an explosion; Man jumps ATV off cliff and crashes; Man surfs on bike; Belgians try to land plane on car and fail; Magician sets herself on fire; Man tries to balance pole on head and falls while kid climbs it; Man tries to parasail on land and crashes; Motorcyclist jumps dirt ramp and falls off bike in midair; Man tries to cut cucumber on assistant's throat with sword and cuts the assistant's throat; Man gets a broken arm while arm wrestling a 260-pound competitor; Man sleds down gravel hill and cartwheels; Stuntman sets himself on fire and his assistants can't put him out; Bikers bob for trout in fish tank Max X List: 3. Man tries repeatedly to jump 250 cars and crashes 2. Man on snowmobile hits telephone pole 1. Motorcyclist hits ramp too hard and overshoots landingmoreless
    • The Max X Commandments
      Man flips BMX bike over dirt pile for money; Convenience store gets robbed twice in ten minutes; Rim flies off bouncing truck and hits man in face; BMX biker crashes into tree; Cop makes erratic driver apologize for cutting off motorcycle officers; Man throws water on reporter; Boy electrocuted at birthday party; Kid steals letter from mailbox; Man juggles flaming torches and sets room on fire; Fight breaks out on hockey rink; Man freaks out in back of police car; Man tries to jump semi trucks with motorcycle and slams into one of the trucks; Horse bites woman's breast; Surfer washed off large rock by wave; Five people swing on pendulum from high bridge and the cord snaps; Motorcyclist flips; Base jumpers jump off Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas; Firework goes off in moving car Max X List: 3. Paparazzi films cops arresting a man who broke into his car 2. Drunks push van in swamp and set it on fire 1. Man screams on ejector seat ridemoreless
    • Wonderful World
      Wonderful World
      Episode 9
      Japanese New Year celebration; Turkish spa full of fish that clean wounds; Indonesian tribal village; Indian stone throwing ritual; Indian women beat husbands with sticks; Laotians run knifes across their skin; Japanese bar lets patrons brake china plates; Indian therapy patients act like kids; Russian paratroopers get hit with poles and brake glass over heads; Mexicans hang from pole by ankles and spin with someone stands on top of the pole and plays a flute; Japanese mud wrestlers; Indian man does bike stunts; Iranian brakes chain with body; Chinese man walks across water on mat; Australian farm infested with mice; Thai chef cooks with 30-foot high flame; French chicken farmers on strike shovel feathers in street; Chinese eat silkworm, locusts, scorpions, and grasshoppers; Mexicans eat cooked rats; 103-year-old man from Ecuador; Thai women cover themselves with scorpions and eat them; Indian child rides under 20 cars on roller skates; Indian woman lets truck drive over her stomach; Chinese gymnast; Thai nun meditates by floating on water; Indian nuns practice karate; Russian woman pulls five cars tied together Max X List: 3. Buddhist monks get hit with sticks 2. Indian annual tiger dance 1. Japanese villagers burn even shrine as part of the Dosojin Festivalmoreless
    • Critter 911
      Critter 911
      Episode 8
      Horse hangs from train trestle; Elephant stuck in well; Whale with fishing net stuck on tail; Deer caught between fence bars; Woman hears what she thinks is a cat stuck in her pipes, but it turns out to be a frog; Monitor lizard stuck in tree; Baby kangaroo stuck in mud; Dog trapped in icy lake; Penguins injured by oil spill; Alligator rescued from storm drain; Sea turtles caught in fish net; Tiger cub neglected by mother; Dalmatian puppy trapped in sewer pipe; Rat hit with broom lands in woman's cleavage; Fireman does mouth-to-snout on kitten; Cat's head stuck in hollow tree; Beaver stuck in flooded storm drain Max X List: 3. Helicopters lift rhinos out of drought area 2. Helicopter rescues dog from sinking boat 1. Shark tangled in metal cablemoreless
    • Too Drunk For TV
      Too Drunk For TV
      Episode 7
      Drunk college students on spring break; Drunks interrogated at police station; Russians get popped with champagne corks; Italian tourist gets punched by drunk Brit after stealing teddy bear from Princess Diana memorial; Naked burglar asleep on couch; Drunk man fights couple in street; Cop pulls over drunk driver without license; Cops bust window and pull drunk driver out of car; DUI suspect runs from cop; Drunk driver claims to be from the CIA; Cop pulls over car with headlights off and finds out that the driver is a drunk girl; Cop pulls over drunk strippers driving topless; Taiwanese cops pull over drunk man on moped; Cops chase drunk man on lawnmower; Drunk girls flash boobs at Mardi Gras; Crowd throws snowballs at drunk man on traffic light pole; Drunks at Halloween costume party Max X List: 3. Drunk man runs from cop 2. Drunk Danish man on moped 1. Tie --Cops pull over drunk man with buttless pants --Drunk man shouts at cop though road cone --Drunk man with road cone on head --Drunk man at police station with butt crack exposed --Man tells cop he can't try to walk a line because he's drunkmoreless
    • Guns and Hoses: Shocking Stories from the Street
      SUV runs over fireman at accident scene and cops open fire; Cops pull over speeding van full of people and shoot two of the suspects with beanbags; College student suspected of robbery takes on three cops; Campers trapped in forest fire; Woman runs from cops, then finally pulls over and steals police car; Cops mistake clown for bank robber; Cops chase armed car thief and get into a shootout; Suspect plays charades with cops and gets shot with rubber bullets; Man trapped in submerged car for 30 minutes; Girl trapped on 7th floor of burning building; Shooting suspect jumps off house roof; Brazilian cops arrest drug dealers and take them to their moms' houses; Russian cops plan a sting for armed robbers; Russian cops bust mafia drug and hooker party Max X List: 3. South Korean firefighter rescues friend from burning building 2. Arizona troopers use spike strips to stop armed robbers in stolen truck, then the robbers lead cops head on into highway traffic 1. Burning building full of plastic flashes over and the fireball engulfs firefightersmoreless
    • Stupid Morons: A Celebration of Life
      College guy swings from rope with no hands and hits head on sidewalk; Rappeler jumps off cliff and hits ground face-first; Man videotapes himself making methamphetamine; Woman records husband flipping jeep; Man climbs into crocodile pit to impress girlfriend; Teenager rides bike off wall and falls on face; Man rides ATV over bank into creek; Man jumps old Honda Civic over hill crest and goes flying over the other side; Teenagers break into abandoned houses and vandalize them; Russian teenager blows up video game console with firecrackers; Texans on roller skates and hit each other with hockey sticks; Delawareans catapult pumpkins; People in Wisconsin swim in freezing waters; Californians moon train; Women swing from tree in swing made from car seats and fall; Murder suspect mouths off in court and gets mouth duct taped; Kids shoot friend on bike with roman candles; Man drives junky car into pond, then his friends pull it out and it overheats and catches on fire; Man attempts to jump between two truck beds and falls into street Max X List: 3. Man mouths in back of police car, spits on cop, and then the cop pulls the man's shirt over his head 2. Man rides bike down stair rail, falls, and busts crotch 1. Man blows up containers and buildings while he's inside themmoreless
    • Holy Matrimony: The World's Weirdest Wedding Videos
      Bride falls off horse; Scuba divers have wedding underwater; Apes at wedding; Couple arrives at wedding on go-karts; Couple married in hot air balloon; Preacher weds couple while all three stand on flying bi-planes; Japanese brides on game show compete in cake-eating contest; Couple goes to divorce court and decides to reconcile; Couple spends honeymoon in furniture store window to get free furniture; Couple fakes wedding; Man proposes to girlfriend and takes her for a ride in an Oscar-Mayer Weiner Mobile; Pilot distributes roses to passengers to be given his girlfriend; D.A. sets up bogus case to propose to girlfriend on witness stand; Fireman proposes to girlfriend during practice rescue mission; Husband swings at piñata and hits wife's face; Wife almost falls though seatbelt on slingshot ride; Couple crashes souped-up VW Bug; Private eye videotapes cheating wife's boyfriend fleeing from house; Private eye records cheating husband and the husband tries to steal the tape; Private eye records cheating husband pretending to be on a basketball league Max X List: 3. Cop pulls wife over and proposes 2. "Wizard of Oz" themed wedding 1. Woman hires undercover cop posing as hit man to kill her husband and offers to sell the cop her husband's motorcyclemoreless
    • Talent Show
      Talent Show
      Episode 3
      Man balances heavy objects on head; Man displays beer chugging talents; Man shoots balloons with gun while standing on tightrope; Man has cinderblock smashed over neck, lies on bed of nails, and bends metal bars with larynx; Monk crushes ceramic bowl in hand, bites wire, and plays flute while balancing chair on head; Man target shoots with slingshot; Cheerleader with dog that can do cheerleading poses; Men draw pictures by shooting canvas with rifles; Man does knife-between-the-fingers trick while blindfolded; Man makes pictures by blowing paint; Man makes pictures using typewriter; Man pops arm out of joint and plays guitar; Man makes beats by slapping face with fingers; Man makes beats by slapping fingers against palms; Man juggles and bounces balls inside large triangle; Man jumps hurdles while playing harmonica; Ice cream shop owner tosses ice cream 100 feet into the and catches it in dishes; Human bowling ball; Man stands on motorcycle and does tricks; Man passes body through pool ball rack; Man ties knots in cherry stems with tongue; Monk rock & roll band; Horse helps owner in kitchen; Water-skiing squirrel with dancing girls in see-through cat costumes; Elephant paints pictures; Man paints two different pictures at once using hands, feet, and mouth; Dalmatian rides bicycle Max X List: 3. Man with jump rope talents 2. Man skates while being towed by car 1. Man walks barefoot on broken glass, lies down on it, and has cinderblocks piled on top of himmoreless
    • On the Edge
      On the Edge
      Episode 2
      Sky diving instructor strangled by parachute cord during tandem jump; Wing walker slips and dangles beneath plane; Firefighter stops suicidal man from jumping off ledge; Man dangles 20-month old son out window; Woman handcuffs drunk husband to radiator; Man with hand caught in coin return slot of payphone; Truck stuck in flooded road; Police stop man from jumping off bridge; Chinese crowd runs from tidal wave; Helicopter rescues two men stuck on a rock in the middle of high seas; Cop posing as cameraman rescues Brazilian hostage; Boy stuck in manhole; Man trapped under ice for ten minutes; Rescuer and boy fall 50 feet from helicopter rope into flooded street; Wildebeest attacked by a pack of lions; Elephant gets hind leg stuck in tire swing; Goose impaled through head by arrow; Polar bears stuck in trap Max X List: 3. Large wave crashes into 50-foot cliff and washes man over the side 2. Truck crashes into burning go-kart, setting the truck on fire 1. Ship sinks into icy Alaska waters and a helicopter plucks the crew members off the deckmoreless
    • Really, Really Bad Days
      Hunter's truck gets stuck on edge of 300-foot cliff and falls; Parasailer can't get down; Car crashes through flaming boxes and hits reporter; Clerk locks robber in store; Man in armor hit by golf balls; Raccoon's head gets stuck in hollow tree limb; Teacher crawls to school in snow; Power company worker spays burning transformer with chemical; Skier hits gate; Sailboat gets hung up on dock during race and crushes driver; Motorcycle drag racer drives over opponent and launches; Woman trapped in car trunk; Dirt biker hits dirt mound and flies over handlebars; Woman's hair stuck in zip line over waterfall; Worker hangs by safety line from water tower; Magician in straight jacket hung from burning rope can't escape; Speedboat crashes into judges' boat Max X List: 3. Man parks his car too close to the ocean and the car gets washed out to sea 2. 900-pound marlin drags fisherman overboard 1. Vicious bull escapes from rodeomoreless
  • Season 1