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  • Enjoyed until its end!

    I watched the show during its run and like the more current "Most Shocking" and "Most Daring", this show had humor mixed in with violence. Generally the crash and explosion themed episodes were my favorites but overall it was a great show and I was sad to see it go.
  • Recently changed the model from action with happy endings to showing footage where people die. Makes me sick, and should be rated MA at least.

    Recently changed the model from action with happy endings to showing footage where people die. Makes me sick, and should be rated MA at least.

    Max X used to be one of my favorite shows. It was excellent programming because no matter the accident, they only showed footage where individuals made it out alive. They recently changed models, now showing footage in which people die. Makes me sick to my stomach to watch.

    It's not entertainment watching someone die. How much more disgusting can a show get? It doesn't matter if someone dies a "hero" because they didn't land the plane in the middle of a bunch of people... It's still watching someone die.
  • Me Want This Show To Come Back And Produce New Episodes

    MASTER PIECE... What I like more is the narrator's high level of comedy. This show is by far the only thing that has made me laugh and laugh NON-STOP! There is nothing like this. Literally what the heck? Or is there another cool and funny show out there? Too bad it only comes out once a week. And I hope it'll still be on for a long time. A Year or Two at least! And If the biggest miracle happens, which would be MAX X once again be back in production... I hope they'll still stick will the same dude(the narrator)...
  • This is the greatest show ever. Ever. Best fight scenes on TV for sure.

    It's all in my summary - basically the best real fight videos you have ever seen. I see that the review has to be 100 words long, so I will add a few more words. After you watch the show, it makes you want to go out and fight - this is probably not a good thing, but it speaks to the high quality of the show. They also do a good job of including a diverse group of fighters (Asians, white people, black people, women - although it's mostly Asian and white men). I guess I'm still not at a 100 words.
  • The best narrated comedy show I love the spill of discriptions matching to the film. Awesome work, and the Narrator delivers with great canny.

    This is the family bonding show. We laugh and we dont stop laughing, the narration scripts are simply well cued and it delivers well every time. Just when you overlooked something "Try that again in slo mo" LoL. The retakes are just as humorous as the orginal montonage. Great work my daughter and I will be forever greatful for the film works shared by our fellow american with spendid candor. Lovinging it always. Thanks all who participated in getting my funny bone jumping. This is the true human source show, It shows man at his very best. It delivers laughter at its best without guilt. I think its the best of its kind.
  • This is the best Video show ever!!

    I loved this show they had videos sometimes that made you cringe or gasp, like someone turning their leg the wrong way or a daring rescue, and of course the smart alec announcer dude was the best. I really liked when they made fun of people with Mullets. I heard someone complain about his lack of English skills, but that was part of the act, if they were smart enough to see that. This show had every type of video, and the themes were really good, and of course so were the Max-X lists. This show has all other video shows of any kind beat, in my opinion. I still watch it when I find it on in re-runs every now and then.
  • This show is amazing.

    I love all the action video shots close up this show kind of like AFV Americas funniest videos a little bit except the videos are not funny. This show is a heart pounding masterpiece but no reality video show may out smart: AFV. I like this show. I like the videos with the volcanoes close up.
  • The best thing to happen to reality TV since America\'s Funniest Home Videos. Reminded me why I missed my college years so much!

    This show looks like it was meant to cater to your average frat-boy. Smart-Aleck Announcer Dude Cam Brainerd delivered commentary with the attitude of a college dude who isn\'t exactly failing English. Keep Stacy Keach, keep that guy from Real TV, and PLEASE keep Sheriff John Bunnell!! I would watch anything Cam Brainerd hosted--he did a pet show on Animal Planet for a while, and the only reason I watched was to hear his narration. The categories were perfectly selected and compiled, the sound effects and jokes only added to the self-made human tragedy that unfolded each week--first several days a week, then fewer, than one, now...into obscurity. Thank GOD for VCRs!! I must have over a dozen tapes of this show to keep me going since it\'s faded into the TV sunset. Best to read the actual episode titles to get the true feel of the show--it\'s an experience one must savor for oneself to truly appreicate!
  • This show was too wild for its own good.

    You got sweet mullets, bone breaking injuries, friggin critters, testicle's smashing into bars, stupid kids, cam brainard and all of the crap that Max X sends at you and combine it with rock music and you got one funny stupid show. Maximum Exposure is a really stupid "Real TV." esqe show but was funny whilst doing it. I really wish that it wasnt canceled because that "Smart-Alec-Announcer-Dude" made the show.
  • Thank heavens this program is no longer in production! There is no need to wonder about our childrens illiteracy if they are watching things like this on TV!

    Whereas the content is interesting Brainard is brain-dead! Has he ever attanded an educatational institution? In 15 minutes he used \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want no\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"it don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t take no\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" more times than I can stomach. Too bad because if one didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have to listen to his poor use of English the stories are interesting but perhaps one should consider he might just be the reason the show is o longer in production?
  • The smart aleck announcer dude makes this show.

    "Maximum Exposure", or "Max-X", is an awesome series that puts a positive and hilarious spin on otherwise tragic situations. That attitude wouldn't be possible without the comic stylings of Cam "Buzz" Brainard, the "smart-aleck announcer dude" as his title refers him to. His hilarious narration is the highlight of the show. Buzz has the ability to turn even the nastiest life-threatening fall into comedic genius. So, if you're looking for a good laugh, check out Max-X and hear Buzz's commentary. This show will at least put a smile on your face, if not have you rolling on the floor in uproarious laughter.
  • MAX X xtreme reality tv show the best one all around!!!!

    The best reality tv show I've ever seen!!! Stunts, jackasses, crashes and explosions all caught on tape!!! What's not to like?? I am MAX-X's biggest fan and defenetly this show rocks!!! if you ain't seen it your missin out on the world of Extreme!!! Cam Brainard smart Alec announcer dude, his liners are fun and witty!!!
  • It was an awesome show that shows many hillarious/dangerous/stupid stuff that are caught on tape!

    I really love watching this show, since it had many things to show. From stupid things, funny videos, and to dangerous things that had happened in real life! Whatever happens that is shown, most of them are hard to believe and leaves you saying,"Oh my God!" Usually, we can relate man things this show shows!

    Yay for Mullets!
  • actually a pretty good show

    I don't wathc this show but when I do every episode gets better....they have rediculy stupid stunts but it's so great to watch. I personally watch it with my friend and we get a crack out of the lame stuff people do. I really recomend this show to anyone who likes to wathc lame crap
  • Take the wildest clips of pretty much anything, mash them into an hour long show, and add plenty of sarcastic and funny commentary to make a great show.

    Maximum Exposure is a show that should appeal to fans of World's Wildest Police Videos, COPS, and and any other show that presents film clips from around the world.

    The show's episodes are divided into classifications of clips. Some examples include:

    World's Most Dumbest Guys
    When People Attack
    I Fought The Law
    Extreme Sports Psychos

    The sarcastic commentary comes from the narrator of the show. He is quite funny when he makes a remark and he never gets rude.

    Not only is this show an hour long, but in the finale of the episode, viewers are treated to something called "The Max X List", which are the three most punishing and extreme clips of the episode. I can assure you that the number one clip on the list is always the most amazing in any terms.

    Again, this is a great show, although it's hard to catch at times. Make sure to watch it and enjoy.
  • The commentary alone is worth the price of admission.

    Max X, as it's affectionately known, is to home videos what MST3K was to bad movies. You take a video, be it an amazing event, a natural disaster, or home stuypidity, and insert the commentary from an announcer convinced of his own superiority and the rest of the world's inferiority. The result is a show that's absolutely hysterical and riveting at the same time.

    Max X's topics range from specific to broad, and cover pretty much everything. While it often shares footage with World's Wildest Police Videos, the snotty attitude of the host more than makes up for this deficit.

    Amazingly funny and surprisingly smart, Max X is a winner.
  • This show is very fun to watch.

    Maximum Exposure is an excellent show. The show basically shows clips from all around the world of acts that are incredible, dangerous, or funny. There are plenty of clips to show and at the end of the program, they show their "X-List". That is the top three clips of the show. Overall, Max Ex is very fun to watch and a great show.
  • Great action packed show

    This is a very great show if you're craving home-videos, action, and people getting hurt. I love how they have different catagories in different episodes. This show is better than other action home-video clip shows like "Real TV" or "World's Best Videos". I like to watch this show but not at 2:00 am or 11:00 pm.
  • This show's alright.

    When this program first aired, it was extremely funny. Although, now that it has ended, its schedule is full of repeats. People who veiw it for the first time will enjoy it. But if you've seen it before, there's not anything new to see.

    In conclusion, if you have not seen it before, check this one out.
  • Fast-paced and funny

    "Maximum Exposure" is a show that puts on display a compilation of bizarre video footage, including car chases, people getting hurt, fires, accidents, people getting hurt, stunts, people getting hurt--the list goes on and on.

    In earlier shows of this genre, such "Real TV," the footage was commented on with solemnity; watching car wrecks and other accidents for thirty minutes generally made for a depressing experience.

    But "Maximum Exposure" is different. Unlike "Real TV" and its facsimiles, "Max X" has a sense of humor. (Combining humor with scenes of terrible accidents doesn't sound appropriate, but somehow, "Maximum Exposure" makes it work; often, we'll see the victims themselves looking at the footage and laughing about it.) The announcer doesn't just explain what's happening to the audience; he makes it entertaining.

    For example, in one clip, a rollerblader wearing no protective gear is gliding along a short wall. Suddenly, he falls over the edge; we can't see where he's fallen. The footage is paused, and the announcer asks of us:

    "What is on the other side of this wall?

    "A: A pile of cushiony mattresses

    "B: A collection of soft, feathery pillows

    "Or C: A thirty-foot drop to rock-hard pavement"

    The footage is played, and, of course, the outcome is answer "C." The scene left me cringing and laughing at the same time--a common experience when watching "Maximum Exposure."

    This is really what makes "Maximum Exposure" so great; it takes the premise of shows like "Real TV" and adds the element of humor to it. Even better, their selection of video footage is unique, too, with a different theme each week. "Maximum Exposure" is simply an entertaining program; it's hip, funny, and impossible to take your eyes away from (just like a bad car wreck, which there are plenty of on this show).