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Maya & Miguel

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Maya & Miguel is based on two 10-year-old twins who are Hispanic and go to school, and make new friends. This show is made by Scholastic, who also makes children favorites such as Clifford The Big Red Dog, Clifford's Puppy Days and The Magic School Bus. Maya & Miguel features guest stars including Erik Estrada, Lucy Liu, Carlos Ponce and Elizabeth Peña. The show is made for 5 year old to 11 year old, but other children might be interested in it as well. The show entertains and educate children. It will entertain as it is an animated comedy. It educates because it teaches Spanish Language, Culture, traditions and it encourages cultural diversity. The show describes the adventures of the Santo's Twins. As well, as the lessons and experiences the twins have. It explains how the twins deal with their problems along with family and friends. Theme Song: It's Maya and Miguel! What they will do next you never can tell Brother and Sister, and Best Friends as Well With each Misadventure they're put to the test Working together is what they do best Helping their family and friends, that's the start He leads with his head, and she follows her heart It's Maya, (it's maya) and Miguel (miguel) What they will do next you never can tell It's Maya, (it's maya) and Miguel (miguel) Brother and Sister, and Best Friends as Well Brother and Sister, Maya and Miguel! Character Bios Maya- Maya is a great person who always tries to help everyone. Sometimes her plans go wrong, but everyone knows she had good intentions. Maya loves to have adventures with her twin brother Miguel. Miguel- Miguel is three minutes older than Maya, so he always uses that against her. Miguel loves to have adventures with his twin sister although he does not admit it. Miguel loves Soccer, music and laugh. Paco- Paco is the family "perico", or bird. Paco always knows what to say. Paco enjoys eating crackers and other cookies. Rosa and Santiago- Rosa and Santiago are the most understanding parents you will ever meet. They enjoy playing with their children but also teaching them wise lessons. Theo- Theo is one of Miguel's best friends. Theo is very smart and hates to be called a geek, because he knows he is not one. Theo has great memory and can be counted on to solve many problems. Tito- Tito is the twins 7-year-old cousin who came from Mexico and lives with them. Tito does not know much English but he is catching up. He loves to have adventures with both his cousins. Andy- Andy is an American boy who is also Miguel's friend. Andy is physically challenged because of his arm. He hates it when people feel sorry for him or treat him differently. Maggie- Maggie is one of Maya's best friends. Her parents are from China, therefore her life is richly influenced by Chinese Culture. Chrissy- Chrissy is one Maya's best friends along with Maggie. Chrissy is an only child, therefore she loves to be with her friends. Abuela Elena- Abuela Elena is Maya and Miguel's grandma. She loves them and also likes to be with them as well as hang around with them. Mailman Sr. Felipe- Sr. Felipe is the neighborhood mailman who likes to be around the twins. Sr. Felipe always has something to say about Maya's ideas. He also loves to help the children around.moreless

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AIRED ON 10/11/2007

Season 4 : Episode 7

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  • I can see why I didn't watch this show very often.

    It's not bad, but it's not exactly a show kids would find the most interesting; the plots are generic, the characters are nothing new and the Spanish dialogue goes by too fast for kids to catch on. On the positive side, kids will still learn some vocabulary and the show provides some humor to bring a smile or a small chuckle to them. I recommend you have your child (between 5-7 preferably) take a look at this show and maybe they'll learn something about Spanish culture. That's the show judge by itself; in comparison, Dora is obviously better and worth a higher recommendation. Maya and Miguel, brother and sister and just ok as well.moreless
  • One of the best shows to ever

    That's all I can say.
  • AIN'T A FAN!

    People may say everyone is stupid except for Maya. I think Maya is the true idiot of this show that makes everyone's life worse based on her stupidity. The question that comes to my mind is who is more stupid:

    A. The one who continually comes up with stupid ideas


    B. The people who follows the idiot's idea.

    In my mind, both are equally dumb.

    I wish I could give it 0 stars but Miguel is the only tolerable character in the bunch. Everyone else is either an imbecile (Maya and her friends) or don't give Maya any consequences (her Morals are very poorly taught. Animation is okay. Lastly, each story is a mess.moreless
  • All time

    . Do think sometimes Maya and Miguel will become Most Popular kids tv series of All time? Hmmm
  • Noticed something?

    Everyone in here is stupid except Maya.

    Plot: Maya helps the other characters in this show because they act very stupid that they cause mistakes.

    Characters: It makes me give some question why this show has no balance and order. Maya is the only smart character in this show, the smartest. And it's very unfair to the other characters around and Maya herself. Voice acting is above average.

    Value: Helping everyone is a great lesson, but why are those characters are too dumb and lazy? It's really off balance.

    Art: It's okay I guess. Animation is good.

    Overall: 1.5. The other characters needs to have a member that is in military service so they can sharpen themselves up.


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