Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 6

La Nueva Cocinita

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 18, 2004 on PBS
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Episode Summary

When Maya and Miguel look through Abuela Elena's old trunk filled with memories, they find an unusual thing: It's a menu of an old restaurant with the name "La Cocinita"- Little Kitchen. Maya sees how her grandma sighs and remembers the good memories. Maya gets an idea of making a new restaurant with the same name for her grandma and all of the neighborhood to enjoy.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • If you look closely enough, you can see Tito toss one of Maya's spare shoes out from underneath the sink.

    • When Miguel checks in on the living room, he finds Tito, Chrissy, and Maggie rearranging stuff. But in the next shot, a pale-looking Theo replaces the younger boy. And when Miguel returns to the kitchen in wake of another mess, Tito is abruptly seen sitting next to Maya.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Maya: (narrating) So. That's how we ended up starting a restaurant. Oh, for one day anyway. And the yin and yang got back into perfect balance. (takes storm into account) Okay, almost perfect.

    • Miguel: So I guess your recipes really are magic, Abuelita. Encantadoras.
      Elena: The magic came from your desire to see us all happy. That's what I loved about our restaurant. You know, maybe these recipes don't belong gathering dust in some old trunk.

    • Woman: Well, she did it! Elena brought back La Cocinita!
      Obregon: Just what the neighborhood needed!

    • Maya: (about La Nueva Cocinita) Oh, Miguel. You were right. This was an impractical, impossible, crazy idea!
      Maya: Oh, Miguelito! Mama is right! I need you to keep my feet on the ground!
      Miguel: And I need you to keep me on my toes!

    • Maya: How do you open a pumpkin?

    • Maya: Okay. Green salad with chipotle dressing and cheese, coming right up! "Combine lime juice, whisk in olive oil, season with...l-lettuce, uh, limes, garlic, hot sauce, and..." okay, all the rest. (shoves ingredients into bowl)

    • Maya: Agent 009? The chicken is in the barnyard. Do you read?

    • (Miguel and Andy mock-cough when trouble nears)
      Maggie: What's wrong? You guys have something in your throat?

    • Miguel: I just wanna say one thing.
      Maya: Por supuesto.
      Miguel: This is a completely impractical, impossible, crazy idea.
      Maya: Por favor, Miguel. Who else is going to keep our feet on the ground?
      Miguel: (thinks it over) Well, alright. How bad can it be?

    • Miguel: Where exactly is this restaurant gonna be?
      Maya: Well, we have a kitchen, right?
      Paco: Si! Una cocina! A kitchen!
      Maya: So the restaurant can be in our apartment, silly.
      Miguel: (laughs sarcastically) At first, I thought you said, "our apartment".
      Maya: I did.

    • Maya: Don't you see? Abuelita is feeling dumpy, dear Miguel is feeling frumpy, the whole neighborhood is feeling grumpy. This is the perfect way to cheer everyone up...all at once.
      Paco: Si, perfecto! A restaurant! (squawk)
      Maya: Si, Paquito. Un restaurante. Using Abuelita's magical, delicious, fantastic recipes from La Cocinita.
      Maggie: I've heard crazier ideas.
      Miguel: Heh, yeah. Mostly from Maya.

    • Maya: Opening a restaurant takes a lot of work!
      Miguel: Did she just say she was gonna open a restaurant? Yah! (to growling stomach) You keep quiet. You've made enough trouble already.

    • (Miguel's stomach growls)
      Maya: What did you just say?
      Miguel: Oh, that was my stomach growling. I was thinking about those recipes.
      Maya: Eso es, Miguel!
      Miguel: My stomach?

    • Miguel: (while skimming through Elena's recipes) Oh! My stomach is crying over here!

    • Maya: I almost forgot you used to have a restaurant, Abuelita.
      Elena: (voice-over) Actually, Abuelo Ernesto and I had a restaurant. We were a perfect team. We both cooked. He tasted what I made, and I tasted what he made. I suppose I liked things a little spicier than he... And the truth is, almost every night was nearly a disaster. One time, your abuelo came out of the kitchen with a big tray of plates and bowls... But, people laughed. They said the food made them feel so good, it was like magic. One taste of our desserts could bring people together. It was the kind of restaurant everybody came to just to see how everyone else was doing.

    • Maya: (narrating) My friend Maggie says Miguel and I balance each other, like the Chinese symbols yin and yang. I guess that's what my mom means when she says, "Nos balanceamos". I keep Miguel on his toes, and he keeps my feet on the ground.

  • NOTES (1)

    • First time we see the twins' maternal grandfather Ernesto, which is also the same name as Tito's father. (And since The Doubtful Prince shows that Elena remembers the latter from his childhood, that would make him Ernesto Jr. and the other Ernesto Sr.)