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  • Loved it

    I loved Maya & Miguel when I was growing up.. I miss them. I would give it 10 but there did need to have some more evenness
  • I can see why I didn't watch this show very often.

    It's not bad, but it's not exactly a show kids would find the most interesting; the plots are generic, the characters are nothing new and the Spanish dialogue goes by too fast for kids to catch on. On the positive side, kids will still learn some vocabulary and the show provides some humor to bring a smile or a small chuckle to them. I recommend you have your child (between 5-7 preferably) take a look at this show and maybe they'll learn something about Spanish culture. That's the show judge by itself; in comparison, Dora is obviously better and worth a higher recommendation. Maya and Miguel, brother and sister and just ok as well.
  • One of the best shows to ever

    That's all I can say.
  • AIN'T A FAN!

    People may say everyone is stupid except for Maya. I think Maya is the true idiot of this show that makes everyone's life worse based on her stupidity. The question that comes to my mind is who is more stupid:

    A. The one who continually comes up with stupid ideas


    B. The people who follows the idiot's idea.

    In my mind, both are equally dumb.

    I wish I could give it 0 stars but Miguel is the only tolerable character in the bunch. Everyone else is either an imbecile (Maya and her friends) or don't give Maya any consequences (her Morals are very poorly taught. Animation is okay. Lastly, each story is a mess.
  • All time

    . Do think sometimes Maya and Miguel will become Most Popular kids tv series of All time? Hmmm
  • Noticed something?

    Everyone in here is stupid except Maya.

    Plot: Maya helps the other characters in this show because they act very stupid that they cause mistakes.

    Characters: It makes me give some question why this show has no balance and order. Maya is the only smart character in this show, the smartest. And it's very unfair to the other characters around and Maya herself. Voice acting is above average.

    Value: Helping everyone is a great lesson, but why are those characters are too dumb and lazy? It's really off balance.

    Art: It's okay I guess. Animation is good.

    Overall: 1.5. The other characters needs to have a member that is in military service so they can sharpen themselves up.

  • Maya & Miguel? Its more like the Maya Santos Show!

    Maya and Miguel is a decietful title, becuase it implies that the show is about Maya AND Miguel! Watch the show just once and one can ask, "who is REALLY the star?" Every show is about how Maya tries to save the day, how Maya fixes everyone's problems, how Maya is the only one on that show with any inteligence! Poor Miguel has turned into a background character whos only purpose is to show how great Maya is. Not to mention how Maya is everyone's life coach, how old is she? 10?! And why don't these people ever get tired of her ideas that usually get her and everyone involved looking like fools? But that doesn't matter considering she never gets in any real trouble anyway. Call it the Maya show or make Miguel a little smarter so that he gets some ideas every once and a while.
  • This is a pretty good kid show

    As far as PBS shows go, this is on the upper scale. Funny, Witty,good family values...

    Ten year old twins Maya and Miguel come from a hispanic family. Maya is always coming up with some crazy idea to help their freinds, while Miguel just tries to keep her from getting carried away, although most of the time she drags him into the plan. Their freinds, Theo- an african-american boy with a knack for inventing and science, Andy- a boy who was born with one arm, but gets along fine, Chrissy- another hispanic girl and Maya's best freind, and Maggi- a chinese/american girl. and of course Poco, their pet parot.
  • Maya keeps Miguel on his toes while Miguel keeps Maya's feet on the ground.

    Maya and Miguel are 10 year old twins, and they have a funny pet parrot named Paco. Maya is very bubbly, friendly and always wanting to help, even when no help is needed (or wanted). Miguel is really into sports, especially soccer, and minds his own business unless Maya intervenes. My favorite episode is when Maya thinks Miguel has a crush on a new girl at their school named Esperanza because Maya found a note he wrote to her. But what Maya doesn’t know, is Miguel wrote the note for his friend Andy because Andy doesn’t know any Spanish and Esperanza only speaks Spanish. Maya talks Miguel up to Esperanza, and she ends up having a crush on him, which understandably irritates poor Andy. Maya eventually learns the truth, and starts talking Miguel down to Esperanza, and encourages Andy to talk to her. Poor Esperanza ends up so confused, and Miguel ends up bringing back his old imaginary friend and talking to him in public so Esperanza starts to think he’s wierd, so she finally takes more of an interest in befriending Andy. I was laughing so hard the first time I saw that episode! I’ve learned quite a bit of Spanish watching this show, which is both fun and educational, even for a 20-something like me.
  • This show is okay I don't much care about this show but it teaches me a good deal of Spanish. The one thing I don't like is Maya butting in everyones lives. I like poco and Miguel and teto and everyone else. I watch this show everyday.

    This show is a 49% satisfaction count from me. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this show a 7. One thing I like about Miguel is he plays soccer I'm a fan of soccer and one more thing I like about him he doesn't like Maya's ideas no hard feelings to everyone who like this show.
  • Maya & Miguel

    Yes I think this is a great addition to Pbs Kids my daughter loves to watch this show and so do I. Its very good for bigger kids rather than toddlers, this show kind of reminds me of I Love Lucy where Maya always getting in trouble Lucy the same And where Miguel always trying to make things right that is where Ricky Ricardo comes in with both always going ahi ya ya when they get in trouble. Personally i watch this show every day twice a day but they should make more new epsisodes because they do repeat all of them alot we need more new episodes.
  • Educational funny and silly this show has got it well it kind of lame and boring but they trying to be funny and educational maya and miguel is the best educational and comedy show ever especially maya and her friends now they know funny even miguel tmpif

    maya and miguel is about two mexican kids settling off on a lot of crazy adventures helping people with their problems and i not ticked off about this show at all the reason i give it a 10.0 is because every kids and every body need a kid hero to stand up for then even they are kiddly and dumb but is funny and educational maya is not your average everyday girl she got all your answers for your everyday life and im 15 year old and sometimes i watch pbs when nothing good is on but i dont watch the reason of pbs kids i just watch cyberchase and this and that it and sometimes i watch arthur but thats it and maya and miguel is the best show to know and experience the spanish langauge and i very good in spanish well not all the good but i know my spanish and this show is the bomb
    and i hate to say this it is better and cool than better the lions and sesame street
  • It's not that bad.....

    One out of two shows on PBS kids that are aimed torward a tad bit older audience it's not that bad..... but the theme song is annoying as hell! It's not aimed for preschoolers though some would enjoy it, it's not aimed for teens yet i can imagine some becoming very slightly interested, a group of 5-10 year olds depending on their opinion would like this show. But most would probably prefer Arthur.
  • Maya and Miguel is an excellent show! I think that it is a great addition to PBS kids because the shows already there are usually only for little kids!

    I think that Maya and Miguel is an excellent show and includes the Hispanic culture and Spanish language very well. Tv Hacker is a total moron and I can't believe he has kids! This must be a teen writing! He can't spell for beans and he makes fun of shows for younger kids because he is so insecure! But the point IS, I reccomend Maya and Miguel along with Arthur, which is also an excellent show!
  • Good Show For Little Kids

    Maya & Miguel Is About Two Hispanic Children Doing Crazy Things. They Try To Do Something Right But It Always Gets Done Wrong. Also Kids Who Watch It Can Learn Spanish. It's Funny & Educational. It's Funucational. Yay Funucational Television. It's Really Really A Good Show For The Little Ones.
  • This show is alomst as good as arthur.

    At first I thought this would just be another dumb hispanic show. But it is fuuny and exciting. Something bad usually happens and maya tries to help. This is probably the funniest show on pbs. Hopefully they will keep making this because suprisingly it rules. I recommend watching this show.