Maya & Miguel

PBS (ended 2007)


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  • Maya & Miguel? Its more like the Maya Santos Show!

    Maya and Miguel is a decietful title, becuase it implies that the show is about Maya AND Miguel! Watch the show just once and one can ask, "who is REALLY the star?" Every show is about how Maya tries to save the day, how Maya fixes everyone's problems, how Maya is the only one on that show with any inteligence! Poor Miguel has turned into a background character whos only purpose is to show how great Maya is. Not to mention how Maya is everyone's life coach, how old is she? 10?! And why don't these people ever get tired of her ideas that usually get her and everyone involved looking like fools? But that doesn't matter considering she never gets in any real trouble anyway. Call it the Maya show or make Miguel a little smarter so that he gets some ideas every once and a while.