Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 5

Rhymes With Gato

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 15, 2004 on PBS
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Chrissy's kitten recently ran away. Maya and friends help her by looking for the kitten and asking other people if they have seen it. Maggie, who is terrible at Spanish, says that they are missing a "pato"- a duck. At the end Maya ends up with a duck instead of a "gato"- a cat.moreless

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Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Deliver Person, Clown

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Beth Payne

Beth Payne


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Jeannie Elias

Jeannie Elias

Yoga Teacher, Birthday Boy, Mean Rude Lady

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    • Maya: Everybody is back where they belong, and everything is back to normal.
      (Guests cheer)
      Miguel: See? Just another normal day with Maya.

    • Miguel: That duck has talent.

    • Maya: (after animals make mess) Abuela? Señor Gutierrez? We have something to tell you.
      Elena: Hmm, you mean you weren't just playing hide-and-quack.

    • (Yo-Yo screeches)
      Miguel: Did I mention we also like to play pin the tail on the cat?

    • Paco: Esconde el pato. Hide the duck.
      Gutierrez: Why does he keep saying that?
      Maya: (laughs) You know, he's a parrot. And he likes to repeat things that he hears.
      Miguel: Yeah. We like to play a game called hide-and-quack.
      (Gutierrez leaves)
      Maya: Hide-and-quack?
      Miguel: I panicked.

    • Gutierrez: (notices moving rug lump behind twins) Oh ho. What is that?
      Maya: Uhh, what's what?
      Gutierrez: (rubs eyes) I've got to remember not to stand up so quickly.

    • Theo: Bring the duck down! And we found the owner!
      Miguel: (voice) I don't know if we can catch him.
      Maggie: Please! There's a mob of angry 7-year olds here waiting for Bobo the circus duck. If you don't get him down here soon, who knows what they'll do!
      Maya: (voice) Maggie? This is Maya. Just sit tight. The quacker is on his way. Repeat: The quacker is on his way.

    • Clown: Look at the rabbit!
      Birthday Boy: But I want Bobo!

    • Maya: (about crashing noises in Miguel's room) He must be practicing his juggling.
      Gutierrez: He's juggling? Huh, sounds like he needs more practice.
      Maya: Oh, yeah. He's not very good now, but just you wait.
      Gutierrez: Well, this faucet is fixed. Now how about the baseboards in Miguel's room?
      Maya: Oh, that's okay. Miguel's room is a mess. You don't wanna go see that.
      Gutierrez: (laughs) Please, no worries. I'm sure I've seen worse.

    • Maya: I'm practicing my dance program. Watch. Shuffle, shuffle, step, step, step. Ooh!

    • Maya: (clings finger cymbals as cover-up) Oh, nothing like a little music while you work, huh?

    • Gutierrez: (hears quacking) Uh, did Paco just quack?

    • Elena: Now you're doing that walk, too, Maya.
      Maya: (laughs) If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Right, Abuelita? (also imitates duck)

    • Elena: Hola, Miguel. Que hases?
      Miguel: (squatting) Uh, just, you know, uh, practicing some soccer moves, doing a duck walk.
      (Maya waves her hand to say no)
      Miguel: I mean, uh, a luck walk. A good luck walk. (imitates duck and moves along)
      Elena: Ay, that boy. Ugh. Too much soccer, maybe.

    • Worker: (exasperated after encountering duck in elevator) That's it. I'm taking the stairs.

    • Miguel: That is one seriously bad duck.

    • Miguel: Sorry about the watermelon, but he's not our duck!

    • Cyclist: That was awesome! The duck ate the whole watermelon in ten seconds!

    • Miguel: Duck on the loose!

    • Maya: Trust me. Have I ever messed up? Okay, wait, don't answer that.

    • Man: Necesita ayuda?
      Maggie: Si. Es un pato perdido. Se llama Yo-Yo. Un pato perdido.
      Man: Un pato perdido, heh. How unusual.
      Maggie: Si. Si. Un pato perdido.
      Man: Okay. I'll look.
      (Scene rewinds just as they part)
      Maya: (narrating) Uh, let's rewind that for a second.
      Maggie: Un pato perdido.
      Man: Un pato perdido, heh. How unusual.
      Maggie: Si. Si. Un pato perdido.
      Maya: See, Maggie didn't know that "pato" means something different from "gato". "Gato" means "cat", but "pato" means...
      (Switch to group)
      Chrissy: A duck?

    • Maggie: So, "lost cat" in Spanish is "pato guerdido"?
      Maya: Mm-mm. "Perdido", Maggie. "Perdido".

    • Maya: (sees poster with guitar image) Eso es!
      Miguel: Guitar lessons?

    • Maya: All we need is un plan.
      Miguel: Oh, please, Maya. Not a plan.

    • Maya: Did you see a duck, un pato?
      Chrissy: That's "pato", not "gato".
      Maggie: With webbed feet.
      Miguel: Orange ones like most ducks?
      Theo: I mean, unless you count the genus "X" or the common wood duck.
      Maya: It's a duck. It looks like...
      Maggie: A duck!
      Chrissy: Pato, not gato.

    • Theo: This duck has total attitude!

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