Maya & Miguel - Season 2

PBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Mother's Day
    Episode 17
    Mother's Day is coming up, and Maya and Miguel have bought Rosa a cat-shaped potholder. But because it doesn't impress their friends, Maya vows to make something that will help their hard-working mom feel more relaxed and happy. They decide on a facial mask consisting of a series of highly exotic ingredients. Maya, Miguel and the gang split up to collect those items but encounter many difficulties... amongst them the ingredients mysteriously disappearing! Failure in the end sees the twins go back to the original potholder, something that actually delights Rosa since it's the thought that counts. At this, Paco appears with his own gift: a facial mask he made with the ingredients he took from the twins.moreless
  • 4/21/06
    For a school Earth Day project, the kids clean up an old lot and plant a community garden. But as the deadline draws nigh, a rainstorm turns the patch of dirt into a mess.
  • Cupid
    Episode 15
    Whereas Miguel detests Valentine's Day and considers it nothing more than a greeting card holiday, Maya adores it and sees it as an opportunity to tell one's loved ones how much one cares for them. While she prepares for the best one yet, her brother's horrified to learn that he's been chosen as this year's official Cupid and must deliver valentines throughout the school, attired in the appropriate duds. Begging for someone else to take over ends in vain, so he wears the outfit and begins halfheartedly delivering the valentines to thrilled students throughout. Come day's end, he tosses the outfit feeling relieved with the closing of his duties. Maya in the meantime considers her brother fortunate to do so much and decides to deliver complimentary cards for the rest of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, her helper Paco stuffs the wrong valentines into the wrong envelopes, sending the wrong ones to the wrong people, with insulting results. When a mob confronts Maya, Miguel takes charge by recovering his outfit from the trash and hops into action to save his sister. The angry faces become pleased at Miguel's efforts, the boy in question growing warm about the holiday.moreless
  • Paper Girl
    Episode 14
    It starts when Maya learns how lackluster the school newspaper is. To spice it up, she agrees to be editor and enlists Miguel, Theo, and Chrissy to help out. When their articles seem too ordinary, she injects a dose of creative editing that makes the paper the talk of the school. But Maya's reputation as a journalist is on thin ice when everyone else realizes she doesn't have her facts straight. Now she must make amends in the wake of interviewing a man whose family made its own newspaper...before the midnight deadline.moreless
  • A Star Is Born
    Episode 13
    Santiago plans to make a television commercial for the pet store, but when Maya hears out his plan, she decides to take over and produce something bigger. Together with Miguel, she puts together the entire production. In the meantime, dreaming of a big spot in show business, Paco continually pops up trying to get on camera but gets repeatedly snubbed as Maya's production goes haywire. Santiago wants to make his simple commercial, but Maya refuses to budge and so enlists Fabian's help. However, Fabian ends up replacing Santiago with someone else. With Fabian's removal, Maya finally decides to let her father do what he wishes...and he does.moreless
  • The Video
    Episode 12
    Elena is disappointed when her old friend from Mexico, Carlota, cancels a planned visit. At least, that's what Maya believes. To remedy this, Maya, Miguel, and friends decide to secretly make a surprise video of the twins' grandmother's daily life. But their amateur efforts go awry when they keep losing track of their star in her travels through the neighborhood.moreless
  • Tito's Pet
    Episode 11
    Following a school pet fair, Tito is upset because the winners - Freddy and Cesar Castillo - poke fun at his tarantula and gloat about victory. When their teasing goes too far, Tito (with Maya's encouragement) blurts out that he has an even better pet: a chupacabra (a mythical winged carnivore of Puerto Rican lore). Now Freddy and Cesar, along with half the neighborhood, want to see the creature, and Maya and Tito must figure out how to appease all.moreless
  • Miguel's Wonderful Life
    When Maya ruins his Christmas gift to the family, Miguel wishes that he never had a sister. He then dreams of a world without Maya, and it isn't as great as he thought it would be.
  • The Taming Of Mr. Shue
    When the beloved teacher Mrs. Langley leaves to have a baby, the kids get a long-term substitute, Mr. Shue. Mr. Shue seems much more serious and not nearly as much fun as Mrs. Langley, so the kids decide they have to win him over. The only problem is, he only seems to like one thing – math. With the help of Celia Lopez, Gus the baker’s niece, they eventually succeed and in the process learn that sometimes one must give people a chance.moreless
  • Real Twins
    Real Twins
    Episode 8
    Maya wants to go on a reality TV show about twins, but when she finds out that the other twins auditioning for the show are all identical she had Miguel try to act more alike.
  • Maya Quixote and Miguel Panza
    Maya and Miguel lead a campaign to keep the ice cream shop from discontinuing his favorite flavor.
  • Fashionistas
    Episode 6
    Maya and her friends decide to show off different fashion designs.
  • Abuela Upmanship
    Abuela Upmanship
    Episode 5
    Jealous of a girl's fascinating grandmother, Maya exaggerates about her own.
  • The Pen Pal
    The Pen Pal
    Episode 4
    For school, Miguel has been assigned a pen pal from Puerto Rico by the name of Román. Miguel thinks Román has a more exciting life than him and, with Paco's encouragement, starts exaggerating details about his own life. Things run smoothly until Miguel finds out that his pen pal will soon be visiting.moreless
  • 10/11/05
    In order to win an award for giving away the most books to a local book fair, Maya rounds up all those unwanted in the Santos family's apartment - amongst those one of Rosa's old cookbooks. When Maya discovers a recipe existed within that Rosa really needs, she and Miguel have to relocate the book before an old friend of their mother's arrives.moreless
  • The Dogwalkers
    The Dogwalkers
    Episode 2
    Maya and Miguel decide to raise money by walking dogs for people.
  • Friends Forever?
    Friends Forever?
    Episode 1
    When the girls have an argument and avoid each other, the boys think that the same thing can't happen to them. They all end up realizing that they are all different from each other but also that they're a great group when together.