Maya & Miguel - Season 3

PBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • The Best Thanksgiving Ever
    Santiago's mother is coming for Thanksgiving, and Maya and Miguel want to make it her best Thanksgiving ever, but they don't expect their plans to become unravelled.
  • The Red Jacket
    The Red Jacket
    Episode 8
    Miguel picks up a very special “Melissa Rojas” jacket for Kylie as a birthday gift. But when Maya discovers it, she thinks it’s a gift for her – and won’t take it off! Miguel can neither bear to break his sister’s heart nor be stuck without a present for Kylie.
  • The Big Idea
    Episode 11
    Maya attempts easing Miguel's anxiety about a soccer game by training him on the morning of the match. However, because they lose track of time and Miguel misses the team bus, both must rush to the soccer stadium.
  • 1/17/07
    Maya and Miguel decide on having separate birthday parties but accidentally schedule them to occur simultaneously.
  • Maya The Mascot
    Episode 10
    Maya becomes the mascot for Miguel's basketball team, only to forfeit when Miguel twists his ankle so she can lend her aid.
  • 9/25/06
    Tito meets a boy named Marco who he discovers is deaf. The two become fast friends and soon learn that they'll be attending Ms. Lim's class together. Pretty soon, the entire class is learning about sign language and etiquette for communicating with a deaf person. Tito and Marco decide to do a class project together, but Tito finds himself struggling with his accent.moreless
  • Papi Joins The Band
    Episode 13
    Santiago joins Miguel's band and starts dominating group activities, compelling Miguel to ask his father to leave the band.
  • Paging Dr. Maya
    Episode 12
    Maya works for a veterinarian and mistakenly believes that the doctor's practice is closing. So she sets out finding more clients for the clinic, eventually swamping it with patients.
  • 10/4/06
    When Abuela Elena leaves town for a few days, she entrusts an eager Maya with the care and feeding of her prized roses. Unfortunately, while Maya's heart is in the right place, she' too eager to grow the flowers quickly. Miguel simultaneously has his own distractions in the form of a newfound desire to wrestle and starts taking lessons from former luchador Gus "El Guamazo" Lopez. Rather an exciting luchador costume and learning show-wrestling moves, Gus teaches the boy the actual principles of wrestling (which more resembles baking in the man's bakery, to Miguel's chagrin). As Maya slowly destroys Elena's roses, Miguel gets frustrated at the slow training and quits. But when Maya's overzealous gardening leads to a flood of over-watering, Miguel hops into action using the moves Gus taught him to fix everything. At this, both children learn the value of patience and consistency – in gardening, wrestling, and life.moreless
  • Role Reversal
    Episode 4
    When the twins talk about how easy their parents' lives seem and vice versa, the both sides decide to switch roles for a day: Maya and Miguel run the pet store and keep the apartment in order while Rosa spends the day at dance, Santiago at soccer, and both parents at the “activities fun club.” All four end up exhausted and with new appreciation for each sides' lives.moreless
  • After School
    Episode 5
    After Maggie arrives late for class one day and talks back to Mr. Nguyen, he issues her detention; requiring her to stay late one day. Maggie is appalled seeing as how she's never slipped up like thus before, and she tries every trick in her book to change Mr. Nguyen's mind.moreless
  • 10/3/06
    Maya and Miguel's thrill over winning tickets to an extreme sports competition gives way to disappointment when they see they have only four tickets; not enough to bring all their friends. The twins devise competitions to decide which two friends will get the extras. Abuela Elena meanwhile, out of returning to her previous love of running, enters a competition especially for seniors, with the twins aiding in her training. Things grow more difficult when the duo discovers that the extreme sports expo and Elena's senior race occur on the same day. So which one will they attend? Following much soul searching, coin-flipping, and parental advice to follow their hearts, Maya and Miguel sacrifice the expo for Elena's while giving the tickets to their four friends.moreless
  • Puppy Love
    Episode 7
    A dog follows Miguel home one day, and because he doesn’t have the heart to leave it alone in the street at nightfall, he brings it inside. Before he can tell Abuela (the parents being absent), he opens his closet door to discover that the dog has had puppies! Now Maya and Miguel have thirteen dogs to look after...and a lot of explaining to do when their parents come home.moreless