Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 8

Teacher's Pet

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 20, 2004 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Min sounds just like Paco until Maya, Miguel, and Theo discover her.

    • Rosa points out that her son is wearing non-matching shoes, which he is. Unless rushing around clouded his senses, he found the correct one seconds earlier.

    • The sock on Miguel's right foot disappears when he finds his other shoe and then reappears.

  • Quotes

    • Paco: Adios!
      Min: Macaroni!

    • Mr. Nguyen: (notices Paco, Min, and Maya) Is that...?
      Maya: Paquito! It's me, Maya! I have sunflower seeds for you! Paquito!
      Miguel: (to teacher) Um, don't you want to talk about history?

    • Maya: Okay. While Miguel is distracting Mr. Nguyen, we need to search every nook and cranny, every closet, everything that squawks.

    • Maya: (sees chicken on someone's tray) No. No. No! Oh no! Paco's been served for lunch!
      (Paco's head appears on chicken)
      Paco: (squawk) Quiero hablar! I wanna talk!
      (Maya gasps as head disappears)
      Mr. Nguyen: Are you okay, Maya?
      Maya: Huh? What? Me? Yeah. Sure. (eyes Mr. Nguyen's lunch)
      Mr. Nguyen: They're serving Cornish game hen today.
      Maya: Cuh-Cornish game hen?
      Mr. Nguyen: Yes. It's like chicken. Really, really small chicken.
      Maya: (ecstatic) Cornish game hen! (chuckles nervously) Oh, yes! Thank you, Mr. Nguyen! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Nguyen!

    • Paco: Macaroni! Macaroni! Paco likes macaroni!

    • Theo: (about finding Paco) We use what we know. Elementary deduction.
      Maya: Well, how do we do that?
      Theo: First put yourself in Paco's shoes. I mean, if you were a bird, where would you go?
      Miguel: The arcade!
      Maya: No, Miguel. Not where would "you" go. Where would Paco go?
      Miguel: Oh! I gotcha! Hmm... If I were Paco...I'd go to where there's food!
      Theo: Right, so, what does a parrot eat?
      Miguel: Hmm...double-sausage pizza, chocolate, tacos...
      Theo: Paco eats tacos?
      Miguel: I would eat a taco if I were Paco.

    • Football Coach: (to Jensen) I noticed you were favoring your right leg a little. So I think you should sit out practice tomorrow until you're better.
      Paco: Oh no!
      Coach: You don't have to take it so hard, son. I mean, it's not the end of the world. It's only until...
      Paco: Be quiet!
      (Jensen eyes bag)
      Coach: Really, Jensen. That was uncalled for.
      Jensen: Wh-no. It wasn't me. My backpack said it.
      Coach: Right. The backpack. Maybe you'll sit out more than just practice.
      Paco: Be quiet!
      Jensen: Uh...but coach! Look! See?!
      Paco: (squawks and pops out) It's me, Paco! (leaves) I'm outta here!

    • Girl: Excuse me. May I get into my locker? I have a class.
      Paco: (squawk) Be quiet!
      Girl: (gets the wrong idea) Oh! Okay. (walks off)

    • Mr. Nguyen: I couldn't help but notice that you were very, uh, distracted during class. Is there something you'd like to talk about?
      (Maya shakes head no)
      Paco: I wanna talk! Quiero hablar!
      Mr. Nguyen: Uh, go ahead, I'm all ears.
      Paco: I wanna talk!
      Maya: Uh, I'm sorry. I meant to say, uh, I-I-I don't wanna talk. But I was in such a hurry that I forgot to say "don't".

    • Mr. Nguyen: Who can tell me who issued the Emancipation Proclamation?
      (Maya raises hand)
      Mr. Nguyen: Maya?
      Paco: (squawk) Quiero hablar. I wanna talk.
      Mr. Nguyen: (to Maya) Ah, great. Talk. Tell us the answer.
      Paco: Quiero hablar. I want to talk.
      (Everyone gives funny looks)
      Maya: A-!
      Paco: I rock!
      Maya: -bra-!
      Paco: Eso es!
      Maya: -ham!
      Paco: Goal!
      (More funny looks, and Maya blushes)
      Mr. Nguyen: Uh, perhaps someone else would like to answer the question.

    • Maya: (about her idea) You see? It's working. He's happy.
      Miguel: Yeah. Maybe you were right. (mutters) Can't believe I'm saying that.

    • Miguel: Maya. We can't take Paco to school. He's a pet.
      Maya: I cannot believe you just said that in front of Paco! He's part of our flock. Our family. He's a Santos.
      Miguel: Okay, okay, he's family. But Maya, you can't just walk into school with Paco on your shoulder like you're a pirate. Though, that would be pretty cool.

    • Paco: Brawk, pretty bird! Brawk, pretty bird!

    • Miguel: (whispering; about Maya) If she says "Eso es", run!

    • Miguel: And then, Andy passed the ball to me, and goal! You should've seen me. I rocked.
      Rosa: That's wonderful, Miguelito. And how did you do on your math quiz? Did you rock?
      Miguel: Ah...well...(pulls out quiz with perfect mark) He shoots! He scores!

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