Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 4

The Autograph

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 14, 2004 on PBS
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When Paco accidentally ruins Miguel's favorite baseball card, Maya tries to fix the problem. The baseball star Orlando Flores is coming to town on that weekend. Maya and her friends try to get an autograph from the great baseball player themselves. They try many ideas to get as close as they can to the baseball star. Can Maya get an autograph from Miguel's favorite baseball player? Abuela Elena makes a new friend in the meantime. At first she is sitting bored alone in the bleachers with him. Then his bad habits cause the Grandma to teach him to bite on gum instead of trash.moreless

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    • Maya: (about Miguel) Mi hermano. Sometimes I don't know what he would ever do without me. Ha! Que haria sin mi.

    • Miguel: Gracias, Maya. It was nice of you to try. Even if we do end up on some sports bloopers video.

    • Elena: You simply do not run onto a baseball field in the middle of a game.
      Maya: But Abuelita, I sort of wanted to help those poor hot people who had to wear the moose costume.
      Elena: Maya!
      Miguel: And I was trying to stop her before she embarrassed the whole family.
      Elena: Eso no se hace. It doesn't matter what the reason is. You cannot run onto the baseball field like that. It's not safe.
      Guard: With all due respect, you also ran onto the baseball field in the middle of a ball game.
      Elena: I am their abuela. Their grandmother. I was trying to stop them before they embarrassed the whole family.
      Maya: I know I shouldn't have done it, Abuelita. It's just sometimes my heart tells me what to do, and my brain just takes a siesta.

    • Miguel: (about the commotion) I just want everyone to know I had nothing to do with this.

    • Maya: (while chasing Orlando) Vamos! He's getting away!
      Miguel: Maya, he's not a criminal!

    • Elena: (sees baseball dropping) It's coming right at us! Uso el guante?
      Man: Yes! The glove, Elena! The glove! The glove!

    • Miguel: Maya, I saw you singing out on the baseball field.
      Tito: Te gusto? (begins singing again) Oh, say...(gets mouth covered)

    • Maya: (about group of people) Who are they?
      Chrissy: Our fans. It looks like they want our autographs.
      Maya, Tito, & Chrissy: (realize trouble) Run!

    • Tito: Otra vez! We sing again! (begins) Oh, say...
      Chrissy: (blocks mike) No, Tito, no.

    • Man: (about Maya, Tito, and Chrissy in disguise) These are the worst singers I've heard since that troop of mimes did the anthem!
      Elena: Ay, es verdad! My grandchildren and their friends sing better!

    • Chrissy: (observes own, Maya, and Tito's disguises) Oh. We look like cat people.
      Maya: Andale, Chrissy. Fashion designers charge top dollar for this stuff.

    • Man: You ever try on a real baseball glove?
      Elena: (accepts ball and glove) Un guante de beisbol. It's heavy, no?
      Man: You see, here's what you do: Pound the glove with your fist like you're making a spot for the ball to land. (demonstrates)
      (Elena pounds lightly)
      Man: Come on, do it like you mean it! (gets knocked over backward) Whoa!
      Elena: Like that?

    • Tito: My ice cream!
      Maya: No, no, no! It's time for Plan B!
      Chrissy: What's Plan B?
      Maya: "Be" quiet and let me think.

    • Chrissy: The locker room? Maya, they'll never let us in here.
      Maya: "Never" is not in my vocabulary, Chrissy. Never say "never".
      Chrissy: Okay. They will not let us in here...ever!

    • Maya: Wow, what a view! (panting) You can see the ocean!
      Chrissy: What ocean? We don't even live near the ocean!

    • Maya: Chrissy. Hi. Me. You gotta help me get Orlando Flores' autograph. Don't worry. I have a plan.
      Chrissy: Uh oh! I smell trouble!

    • Maya: Ay, Miguel! Eso es!
      Miguel: When you say "eso es" like that, I get a hollow cramping pain in my stomach right under my ribs! Right here!

    • Maya: (about Miguel's card) Ooh! That is one pricey piece of cardboard.

    • Maya: I have a lot of dreams. Not nighttime dreams like, you know, when you're trapped in a sinking canoe with your gym teacher and a monkey? I mean daytime dreams. Like this one.
      (Scene changes to performance theater)
      Maya: For my next number...
      Woman: (runs onstage) Dr. Santos! Dr. Santos!
      Maya: Please! I'm performing!
      Woman: You are the only one who can do the life-saving brain surgery on the mayor!
      Maya: My professional obligations leave me no choice! Hold my mike, please. (gives microphone to woman and leaves)
      (Scene changes back)

    • Maya: Imagine! Who would act so crazy just to get an autograph?

    • Woman: Get out there and sell! And don't come back until you've sold every hot dog, soda, and ice cream sandwich in those things.
      Maya: Yes, ma'am. Of course, ma'am.
      Woman: Ugh. Teenagers, I tell ya. By the way, you boys? You need to start shaving.

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