Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 7

The Letter

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on PBS
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One morning Maya finds an abandoned letter on top of Miguel's desk written to a pretty girl in their class named Esperanza. Maya, Chrissy and Maggie decide that Miguel might need help making friends. The girls tell Esperanza that Miguel is a great athlete and how he is great. It turns out that the note was written by Andy. Maya, Chrissy and Maggie have a lot of explaining to do with Andy, Miguel and Esperanza. The girls do not know what to do now.moreless

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    • Miguel: Pepe says he doesn't like olives.

    • Andy: (still imitating voice) Pick up at airport, going to hotel downtown...(catches self) What?
      Esperanza: You are okay?
      Andy: Aw, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just...(imitate) I'm sunny and clear with a high of 77 and cloudy later this evening...(catches self again) I know...yeah, I'm fine!

    • Walkie-Talkie Voice: Breaker, breaker...
      Andy: (imitating) Breaker, breaker, we've got an APB on a blue convertible, lights out.

    • Miguel: Hey, Pepe, have you seen that sister of mine? ...Pepe says, "Thumbs down".

    • Maya: Theo. How fast can you rig up a walkie-talkie and an earplug?
      Theo: Faster than a photon-free from the space-time curvature! (No one understands) Gimme ten minutes.

    • Andy: (approaches Maya) Hola, Esperanza. Come te va-va-va-...(gives up and goes back) Oh, forget it. (takes 2) Hola, escuela! Como te van en la Esperanza...(loses steam, blushes, and walks back) No, wait, wait. Reverse that. (takes 3) Hola, EsperANZA!!! (falls over)

    • Maya: Pepe doesn't exist!
      Miguel: Shh! Maya. El oye. (to "Pepe") Don't listen to her, Pepe.

    • Miguel: Pepe says that if you are Esperanza, you wouldn't be wearing that.
      (Maya checks herself over and grows annoyed)
      Theo: Pepe's right. And your hair would be longer.
      Chrissy: And you would speak Spanish.
      Maggie: (pats "Pepe's" head) Thank you, Pepe. You're so helpful.

    • Maggie: Why do you get to play Esperanza? I wanna play Esperanza.
      Maya: I think I make a very good Esperanza. Why don't you be one of Esperanza's friends? Like me.
      Maggie: Should I be you or you being Esperanza?

    • Miguel: Do you have any ideas, Pepe? ("listens") Pepe says no.
      Theo: Miguel, cut it out.
      Miguel: Not now, Pepe. We'll talk later. (to Theo and Andy) I never thought I'd say this, guys, but maybe Maya can help us.

    • Maya: My work is never done.

    • Miguel: Earth to Maya. We're losing you, Maya, you're breaking up.

    • Maya: First, you catch her runaway dog. Then you catch your friend when he faints. You even offer her your last cookie.
      Miguel: Sorry. I can't help it. Mama and Papi didn't raise me to be rude.
      Maya: Ohhh, why did I have to end up with the most polite brother on Earth?

    • Maya: We haven't even told you how selfish Miguel is!
      Maggie: Oh. He's very selfish. Always "me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me"!

    • Chrissy: I know Miguel saved your dog. But he really is very unpleasant.
      Maya: This morning, I had just poured myself a big bowl of cereal, and Miguel finished all the milk.
      Maggie: (gasp) And the last time I was at Maya's house, he took the last cookie from the bag without even offering to share it!

    • Maya: I was just telling Maggie and Chrissy about my brother Miguel. Oh, he is so rude sometimes! Isn't he, Chrissy?
      Chrissy: Si. Tiene muy malos modales!
      Esperanza: De veras? Miguel? You say he was nice.
      Maggie: No, no, he's very rude.
      Maya: Yeah, like when he talks with his mouth full?
      (Dream bubble appears)
      Maggie: And when he changes the channel without asking?
      Maya: And he does that all the time! Do you know how annoying that is?? Es tan mal educado!

    • Theo: Use your deductive powers, Miguel. What's the primary obstacle here?
      Miguel: That my sister always butts into other people's business?

    • Chrissy: Maybe we should tell Esperanza it was all a mistake and that Miguel doesn't really like her.
      Maya: (gasps at Esperanza smiling Miguel's way) Look at that poor girl! If we tell her that, she'll be crushed!
      Maggie: Biplane anyone? (gets more funny looks) I'm trying, remember?

    • Miguel: How's Esperanza?
      Maya: (gasp) Oh, um, fine, I guess. She's a nice girl, huh?
      Miguel: You've been talking to her a lot lately, haven't you?
      Maya: (laughs) Oh, I don't know! I talk to a lot of people. I'm very friendly.

    • Miguel: (after being greeted by Esperanza) Did she just say, "Hola, Miguel"?
      Theo: That would be an accurate statement.

    • Maya: Miguel is one of the sweetest boys in the school. And I'm not just saying that because he's my brother.
      Maggie: He is as sweet as candy!
      Chrissy: Si, es muy dulce!
      Maggie: Yeah! What she said!

    • Maya: I was just telling Maggie and Chrissy about my brother Miguel. (chuckles a bit while talking) He is so funny sometimes! Right, Chrissy?
      Chrissy: Si. He makes me laugh so much! (chuckles along)
      Maggie: (also chuckles along) Sometimes, I laugh just looking at him! (catches self) I mean, I laugh because I know he's gonna say something funny! Not 'cause he's funny-looking! Though if he were, that would be okay!
      (Maya, Chrissy, and Esperanza look at her strangely)
      Maggie: (softly) I'll be quiet now.
      Esperanza: funny people.
      Chrissy: He's really smart, too!
      Maya: Si, si. Es tan inteligente! I mean, if he didn't help me with my homework, I just don't know what I would do.

    • Maya: All we need to do is let Esperanza know what a nice person Miguel is!
      Chrissy: Then she'll definitely want to be his friend!
      Maggie: If that doesn't work, we'll try the biplane. Please?

    • Maggie: We can rent one of those biplanes you see on the beach that writes words in the sky, and we tell the pilot to write...(fantasizes)..."Miguel likes Esperanza!" So the whole city can see it! (loses steam) You don't like it, do you?
      Maya: I like that you're trying.

    • Maggie: (still about Miguel to Esperanza) Oh, poor Miguel. I bet he wants to say something, but he's too shy.
      Maya: Exactamente. And I have to help him. It's my obligation as his sister.
      Maggie: And we have to help you.
      Chrissy: It's our obligation as your best friends.
      All: Las Tres Amigas!
      Maya: To the rescue!
      Chrissy: (loses steam) One question: What are we gonna do?

    • Maggie: (about Miguel to Esperanza) He wrote her a letter? What it say?
      Maya: You have to...
      Chrissy & Maggie: (interrupting) We promise!

    • Maya: (singing) Miguel likes a girl!
      Paco: (squawk; singing) Miguel likes a girl!
      Maya: Shh, Paco! Don't tell the whole world!
      Paco: Don't tell the whole world!

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