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Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 2

The Matchmaker

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on PBS
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Episode Summary

When Maya sees her Grandmother Elena dancing cheerfully by herself, she decides that she is lonely. Maya decides to fix her grandmother with a sixty year old bachelor in a blind date. Maya helps Abuela Elena receive a makeover for her blind date. Later in the evening the blind date goes horribly wrong and nothing like Maya expected it to go.moreless

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    • Miguel: Let me start by saying this wasn't my idea.
      Maya: He's right.
      Elena: Mija, I don't understand. Why did you do all this? And dress me like this?
      Maya: So you would look nice for your date.
      Elena & Felipe: Date?
      Miguel: Once again, I'd like to make it absolutely clear that this wasn't my idea.

    • Miguel: Hey, is that a flying donkey?

    • (Maya and Chrissy attempt rolling Elena over)
      Maggie: Good. Good, a little more. A little...
      (Elena falls off the couch)
      Maggie: Oopsie. Okay. That's enough.
      Maya: (helps Elena up) It's okay. It's okay, Abuelita. I think you just had a nightmare.

    • Chrissy: Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bad idea?
      Maya: Yes. Now what's her height?
      Maggie: Five three, give or take a toenail.

    • Maggie: (sees Elena's repetitive wardrobe) How am I supposed to mix and match? I am a fashionista, not a magician.

    • Elena: (catches Las Tres Amigas sneaking around) Am I still dreaming?
      Maya: Yes.
      Elena: Bueno. (goes back to sleep)

    • Maya: (quietly) My Abuelita's bedroom is over there. Follow me.
      Maggie: (loud) Okay!
      (Maya and Chrissy shush their friend)
      Maggie: (whispering) Sorry.

    • Miguel: Remind me again why I'm helping you.
      Maya: I'm your sister, and you love me.
      Miguel: No, that's not...
      Maya: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

    • Theo: The community center? That's the opposite of romantic.
      Maya: Theo. Where's your imagination, your creativity, your vision? Think about music, lighting, special effects to set the mood. The room must be transformed into a romantic paradise.

    • Maya: Miguel, please. Less thinking, more doing.
      (Theo and Andy enter)
      Theo: Hey, Miguel. You in here?
      Miguel: Busted.
      Maya: We're just planning our Abuela Elena's date.
      (Theo and Andy exchange uninterested look)
      Theo: Right.
      Andy: Uh, I don't think so.
      Miguel: (prevents their departure) Less thinking, more doing.

    • Maya: Abuela Elena just loves a man in uniform.
      Miguel: No, she doesn't. You just made that up.

    • Miguel: Uh oh. You've got that gleam in your eye. Which means I'm gonna be dragged into one of your schemes!

    • Maya: What are you gonna do with an astro pack?
      Miguel: (runs in circles) Fly around town. Never have to walk to school again.

    • Teenager: Hey!
      Maya: Move along, please!
      (Teenager looks strangely at Las Tres Amigas and leaves)
      Maya: Pase usted, por favor. Pase, pase, pase.
      Chrissy: They're all too young, too old, or too yuck!

    • Maya: Do you mean to tell me soccer is more important than finding my Abuelita a date?
      Miguel: Yeah.
      Theo: Uh-huh.

    • Miguel: Maya. No one on the planet but you could think this is a good idea.
      (Skip to next day)
      Chrissy: I love the idea!
      Maggie: So romantic.
      Theo: So cheesy.
      Miguel: That's what I said five times to Las Tres Amigas.

    • Maya: Miguel, look around the room. Do you notice something horribly wrong?
      Miguel: I'm standing here talking to you instead of playing hide-and-seek with Tito?

    • Elena: I have plenty of pretty dresses in my closet.
      Maggie: We don't think...(gets bumped by Maya) I mean, of course you do.
      Chrissy: But we'd like to make you another pretty dress anyway.
      Maya: For Chinese New Year. Right, Maggie?
      Maggie: Ah...er, right! It's the Year of the Dress!

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