Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 29

The Slump

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Jul 15, 2005 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Miguel turned his head after losing the bat, but the video tape's footage shows he eyed the results the whole time.

    • The blond girl who first appears here is referred to as Julie but then in later episodes as Kylie.

  • Quotes

    • Miguel: What if I blow it? What if I end the game?
      Andy: Well, what if you do? If you don't try, how will you find out?

    • Man: Hey, you know who's not playing today? That kid. Dark hair, strikes out a lot?
      Miguel: You mean the kid who kind of looked like this? (points to self)

    • Theo: (watches Miguel trip through fence board) He's a dead man.

    • Maya: (to lunch lady) Okay. How about this? I get two hot lunches and a milk, and you sponsor the team twice. (receives funny look) Alrighty. What about this? Three milks, two hot lunches, and a cold lunch.

    • Theo: Just concentrate on the ball. Concentration... Concentration... Just concentrate on the ball. Concentration. Just concentrate on the ball.
      Miguel: Enough already! (misses ball)
      Theo: You're supposed to swing.

    • Miguel: (misses popping soap bubbles) How many did I get?
      Theo: Don't worry. They were faulty bubbles.

    • Miguel: I'm concentrating on how dizzy I am.
      Andy: That's a start.

    • Andy: (swinging makeshift pendulum) Back, and forth! Back, and forth! Faster! (picks up speed)
      (Miguel's head flails about while he screams, and Paco follows along)
      Theo: How do you feel?
      Miguel: Very dizzy.

    • Theo: So. Do you see what was wrong with that swing?
      Miguel: Um, yeah. I let go of the bat, and it almost decapitated you.
      Andy: Yep. That's one problem.

    • Andy: Things haven't been going well for a while, right? That means you're in a slump.
      Miguel: Yeah. A bad slump
      Theo: A really bad slump.
      Andy: A really, really, really bad slump.
      Miguel: Thanks, I get it.

    • Umpire: Steeeee-rike 3!
      Miguel: Can I please have a fourth?

    • Maya: And so, I'm trying to get 25 sponsors in order to help the team get new equipment and uniforms. (hears giggling and meets small child's gaze) Oh. Um, is your mom home?

    • Theo: I can smell the championships!
      Andy: (sniffs air) Where?

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