Maya & Miguel

Season 1 Episode 3

When Maya Met Andy

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on PBS
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Episode Summary

When Maya Met Andy
Miguel remembers when Andy one of his best friends came to the city. He remembers how Maya's reaction was toward Andy. Maya felt that since Andy was missing an arm he should be treated with more caution. Maya warned Theo and Miguel not to play sports in front of Andy because he might feel bad. Maya felt that Andy was incapable of playing sports as well as the other boys. Once Maya sees how good Andy plays sports she feels bad and realizes that everybody should be treated equally.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At the end of the twins' argument concerning Miguel's sabotaged sports equipment, the orange of Maya's shoes has switched places with the light-orange but then switches again.

    • Maya's teeth remain normal after eating so many ice pops and during her brain freeze but only just turn green seconds before Miguel points it out.

    • In one shot, Tito's eyes are brown. This recurs in a few following episodes, and not just with him or limited to brown only.

    • Andy already appeared in The Matchmaker, but here we learn how he became part of the group.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Miguel: (narrating; chuckles) Andy's no different from any of our other friends. He just wants to hang out and have fun.

    • Maya: I've decided what our next activity should be.
      Maggie: Does this mean we're not gonna bob for apples?

    • Miguel: Hey, remember the guy you told me not to play sports with? Well, you were right. He's mopping up the court with me. Did you see that shot??
      Maya: But I...
      Miguel: But what? Andy's finally doing something he likes for the first time since he moved in. In fact, it's taken everything I've got to stay ahead of him.

    • Andy: All the trombones. Oh, how I want to play the trombone. (mock-cries)
      (Miguel chuckles)
      Maya: (approaches band) Cut the music! Cut it!
      Miguel: Now see what you've done? You made poor Andy feel bad about not being able to play the trombone.
      Maya: (whispers) I am so sorry! I'll get them out of here right now.
      Theo: Yeah, get 'em far, far away. He looks pretty broken up.
      (Maya and band leave)
      Theo: Further! Go further!
      Miguel: You know Maya already, Andy.
      Andy: Let's just say I've got lots of experience with people trying to figure out how to act around my, uh, disability.

    • Miguel: (after Maya and band are in lot) Now you've officially gone way, massively, majorly overboard.
      Maya: (shouting; apparently ignorant) What's that, Miguel? I couldn't hear you!

    • Miguel: (concerning sports) Maya. Did you ever think that if Andy wants to do it, then maybe he can and he's fine with it?

    • Miguel: You're making the face. I can feel it. I can't sleep when you're making the face. Ah, I give up. I'm powerless against the face.

    • Maggie: (trapped in net with balloons) Ew! It's alive!

    • Maya: Does everyone know the Frankenstein foot dance? You know, where you stomp around using only your feet?
      Maggie: Oh, yeah! The Frankenstein foot dance! I love that dance.

    • Maya: Hey, do you know what would be fun right now?
      (No answer)
      Maya: Singing songs!
      Andy: Really? 'Cause there's so many cool things around here to...
      Maya: (takes bow) Ooh, no archery. Someone could lose an arm...uh, eye. Un ojo. Um, lose an eye. Know what? Let's all dance instead.

    • Theo: Has anyone seen Maggie?
      Maggie: (meek) Help me.
      (Everyone finds her trapped again behind net)
      Maya: (helps her out) Maggie, what happened?
      Maggie: That net's alive, I tell you!

    • Maggie: (struggles inside net) Aah! It's alive! It's alive! (falls over, all wrapped up) Ooh! It's alive!

    • Maya: (about Andy) We have to make him feel welcome.
      Miguel: And nothing says "welcome" like chewable vitamins in the shape of farm animals.

    • Miguel: I can't believe you gave him vitamins.
      Maya: It's okay, Miguel. You can't believe a lot of the stuff I do.

    • Andy: Children's chewable vitamins.
      Maya: Yes. They provide the recommended daily allowance of thirteen vitamins and minerals, all wrapped up in a delicious grape flavor. It's something you can use every day.
      Miguel: You get used to her...eventually.

    • Maya: Where am I going? To welcome our new neighbors, like you said.
      Miguel: I didn't say we should welcome them!
      Maya: Well, whoever said it, it was such a great idea. It was probably me.

  • NOTES (1)

    • It's first confirmed here that Santiago came from Puerto Rico and that Rosa and Elena came from Mexico even though the previous two episodes at least hinted it.