Maya the Bee

Nickelodeon (ended 1992)


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Maya the Bee

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Welcome to the Maya the Bee guide at Based on the children's book by German Author Waldemar Bonsels, Maya the Bee first aired as a cartoon in 1975 in Japan and West Germany and went from April 1st thru June 14th of the same year. It was originally called "Mitsubachi Maya No Boken". Maya would sometimes get into trouble. Others in the cast include her brother Willi, Grimelda, Flip the Grasshopper, and Ms. Cassandra. It began airing in the U.S on Nickelodeon for 2 years from 1990-1992. It has since been made into a Broadway play, but hasn't been seen on TV for 11 years.

Episodes: 55 color episodes.