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Maya the Bee

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Welcome to the Maya the Bee guide at Based on the children's book by German Author Waldemar Bonsels, Maya the Bee first aired as a cartoon in 1975 in Japan and West Germany and went from April 1st thru June 14th of the same year. It was originally called "Mitsubachi Maya No Boken". Maya would sometimes get into trouble. Others in the cast include her brother Willi, Grimelda, Flip the Grasshopper, and Ms. Cassandra. It began airing in the U.S on Nickelodeon for 2 years from 1990-1992. It has since been made into a Broadway play, but hasn't been seen on TV for 11 years.

Episodes: 55 color episodes.
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  • A Classic

    I loved this show so much as a child. I was just thinking about it and had to go look up the theme song. Maya was such a sweet little bee lol Thinking of this show reminds me of how much fun it was to be a kid and also reminds me of when Nickelodeon had shows that were innocent and specifically for kids.
  • My best childhood friend!!!



    A little history:



    The Adventures of Maya the Bee (in German Die Biene Maja und ihre Abenteuer) is a book written by Waldemar Bonsels and first published in 1912.

    In this children's storybook, Maya and her friends (Willy the bee and Flip the grasshopper) and many other insects have a colourful life. There was Mrs. Cassandra, Maya's teacher who teaches Maya the virtues of the bee nation. The book depicts Maya's development from an adventurous, thoughtless youngster to a responsible adult of bee society.

    Wolfram Junghans, a German photographer, directed a live-action full-length film version of the story in 1924. It is considered to be the first full-length film to star live insects. The film was restored in 2005 by the Finnish Film Archive together with the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiven, and screened in Hamburg and Helsinki.

    The story was also adapted by Japanese animation company Nippon Animation into the television series Mitsubachi Maya no Boken (みつばちマーヤの冒険) in 1975, later aired in English on the children's television channel Nickelodeon Saban from 1990 to 1992 as Maya the Bee alongside other anime children's series such as Adventures of the Little Koala, The Littl' Bits, Noozles, and The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

    Biene Maja is most popular in German speaking countries. In Germany, it is among the five most recognized characters by children. It has been broadcast continuously since its premiere on German television in 1976.



    A little info:




    みつばちマーヤの冒険 (Japanese)

    زينة ونحول (Arabic)

    Abeja Maya (Spanish)

    Adventures of Maya the Honeybee

    Die Biene Maja (German)

    L'Apemaia (Italian)

    Maija Mehiläinen

    Maja de Bij (Dutch)

    Maya l'abeille (French)

    Mitsubachi Maaya no Boken (Japanese)

    Pszczółka Maja (Polish)

    Maja e Melisa (Greek)


    Japanese staff


    Series director:

    Hiroshi Saitô

    Mitsuo Kaminashi

    Seiji Endô


    Hikaru Sasa

    Hitoshi Kanazawa

    Screenplay: Fumi Takahashi


    Fumio Ikeno

    Hikaru Sasa

    Hitoshi Kikuchi

    Mitsuo Kobayashi

    Osamu Murayama

    Shisuke Takahashi

    Shûji Yamazaki

    Episode Director: Hiroshi Saitô

    Character Design: Susumu Shiraume

    Animation director:

    Susumu Shiraume

    Takao Ogawa

    Animation: Hayao Nobe

    Original story: Waldemar Bonsels

    Sound: Yasuhiro Koyama

    Theme Song Arrangement: Yasuhiro Koyama

    Theme Song Lyrics: Seizo Ise

    Theme Song Music: Seizo Ise

    Production: Nippon Animation Zuiyo Eizo


    English staff (cast)


    Pauline Little as Maya

    Richard Dumont as Willi

    A.J. Henderson as Flip

    Anna MacCormack as Grimelda

    Jane Woods as Cassandramoreless
  • One of my childhood favorites.

    The greatest show ever!!!! I would love to see this show again somehow. I watched this every day when I was little. I had taped some episodes, but sadly they are no more. There are so many fond memories I have of this show. I want to see it again!!!!!
  • sadly unrememebered

    One of the great shows along with Samurai Pizza Cats. This is actually hard to remember. I have the themesong on my music. Ah-h wish just somehow this show would come back to life. I'm glad that I'm first guy ever post here. If anyone has any Links to Maya the bee,pease feel free to tell me.