Mayberry R.F.D.

CBS (ended 1971)





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  • Love Mayberry RFD !!!

    Mayberry RFD is a refreshing change given our choices on television. Thank you Me TV for bringing Mayberry RFD into my life! It's a simple comedy with fun and likable characters I'd love to have in my life. There's always a basic moral lesson than can be learned and I always feel better after watching an episode. I wish Season 2 and 3 would be released because I'd love to own them all.
  • All is still well in Mayberry!

    It’s true that Mayberry RFD is no Andy Griffith Show and Sam Jones is no Andy Taylor. Heck, Howard Sprague and Emmett Clark together can’t hold a candle to Barney Fife. A lot of fans of the Andy Griffith show refuse to acknowledge the color episodes and since RFD was the worthy successor it gets lumped in with those last three seasons of TAGS. But growing up in South Carolina during those times we were thrilled to have the flavor of "down home" shown on TV once a week (even though it was filmed in California!) RFD was a continuation of the elements that were prevalent on TAGS. Family, friends and community were held in the highest regard and traditional values were evident in the episodes as well. The comedy was a little more subtle than the first seasons of TAGS but since it remained in the top 10 Nielsen ratings during it’s run and was at #7 when canceled the writers must have been doing something right. Some of the guest stars were Jodie Foster (Buddy’s sister) and Farrah Fawcett (Yes Farrah!) This is still a classic show that deserves to be on TV and deserves a DVD release.
  • this was a bad idea

    as if they had not milked andy griffith for all it was worth, they turned around and gave ken berry his own show. in my opinion it was a bad idea. the show was never as funny as the old andy and barney seasons. but then again nothing could ever match that kind of magic.
  • I wonder what would happen if you took a classic comedy series and removed everyone who's funny from it?

    Wonder what would happen if you took a classic comedy series and removed everyone who's funny from the cast? 'The Andy Griffith Show' had been running on comedy fumes for quite a while after the departure of Don Knotts. Howard Sprague and Emmett the fix-it guy were hardly adequate replacements for Barney Fife. But then remove Andy, Opie and Floyd and Mayberry turns out to be a very dull place.Very, very dull.