Mayberry R.F.D. - Season 1

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Sister Cities
    Episode 26
    Sam prepares to welcome Mexican officials from its sister city to the south.
  • The Church Bell
    Episode 25
    Mayberry purchases a used bell for their church, but a problem arises when the individual who donated the church's land to the town had a condition placed on the donation: the church can never have a bell during his lifetime.
  • Millie's Girlfriend
    Episode 24
    Millie's girlfriend breaks up with her boyfriend and comes to Mayberry to stay with Millie for awhile. They plan on seeing a movie, but, when Millie gets sick, she insists that her friend go with Sam instead. When they are late returning, Millie begins to worry about them taking a shine to each other.moreless
  • Emmett's Retirement
    Episode 23
    With his mortgage finally paid off, Emmett decides to retire. He quickly finds that he can't find enough things to do to occupy his time.
  • 3/3/69
    Goober has been ordered to clean up his station and increase sales or risk losing his Acme franchise. He begins to follow the company line but no longer enjoys his work and considers packing it in.
  • The Pet Shop
    Episode 21
    Mike gets a job in the town's new pet shop. He feels sorry for a particular mixed-breed dog that won't sell and decides to ask Sam if he can get it for himself despite Sam already saying he couldn't have a dog.
  • 2/17/69
    Sam feels embarrassed because his string beans are much smaller than Millie's.
  • The Camper
    Episode 19
    Mike and Harold have a fight over a quarter and claim their friendship is over. Howard suggests to Sam that they invite the kids to go with them on their camping trip to demonstrate to them real friendship.
  • Howard's Hobby
    Episode 18
    Howard wants to share his coin-collecting hobby with his girlfriend and, also, wants to share her hobby. She tells him that her hobby is skydiving, so he, reluctantly, decides to give it a try.
  • Driver Education
    Episode 17
    Goober is hired as the high school's driving instructor but puts the job in jeopardy when he hits the principal's parked car.
  • Aunt Bee and the Captain (2)
    Aunt Bee and Captain Wolford plan to get married, but Bee begins to have second thoughts after seeing a show on television about a sailor who leaves his girl to go back to the sea.
  • Aunt Bee's Cruise (1)
    Aunt Bee goes on a Caribbean cruise and falls for the captain of the ship.
  • New Couple in Town
    Episode 14
    A writer, Frank Wylie, and his wife move to Mayberry from New York for inspiration, and Bee and Howard get Frank to speak at their next literary club meeting. As a result, membership applications for the club come flooding in. Goober is one of the applicants, but he is turned away for fear that he would embarrass the club with questions about comic books. It turns out, however, that comic books are what Frank writes.moreless
  • 12/30/68
    A journalism student assigned to interview Sam has a crush on him. It really begins to become a problem. He wants to straight out tell her to leave him alone, but Millie and Howard advise against it.
  • Miss Farmerette
    Episode 12
    Millie is named Miss Farmerette, the queen of the county fair. A former Hollywood agent sees her there and thinks she could be a big movie star.
  • 12/16/68
    Emmett becomes depressed when he reaches his 50th birthday.
  • Sam Gets a Ticket
    Episode 10
    Sam gets a ticket in Mount Pilot for, allegedly, not using his signal. Bee is positive that he did use his signal and is adamant that Sam fight the ticket in court as opposed to just paying the fine.
  • 12/2/68
    Because Mike's been losing many of his belongings lately, Sam threatens to forbid Mike to attend an upcomming baseball game if he loses one more thing.
  • The Church Play
    Episode 8
    After five consecutive years of declining profits, it is decided that Clara should be replaced as producer of the church play. Millie agrees to take over the production, but Clara overhears a former colleague of Millie's ask her to return to her past profession as a chorus girl in Raleigh.
  • Youth Takes Over
    Episode 7
    Sam and Andy organize a Youth Day in which three elementary school students will assume roles in Mayberry's government. They intend to have the day be a fun experience for the children, but the children, who include Mike as sheriff, take their positions very seriously and do everything exactly by the book.moreless
  • The Panel Show
    Episode 6
    Sam receives a letter inviting two people from Mayberry to participate in an episode of a popular panel show to discuss with two New Yorkers the advantages and disadvantages of living in a small town versus a large city. Emmett and Howard are chosen and make the trip to New York. There is concern, however, that Howard, by nature, is prone to be too easily swayed by opposition.moreless
  • The Copy Machine
    Episode 5
    Mike receives a copy machine in the mail to use, on a trial basis, for ten days. He and a friend decide to go into business making copies for local establishments. When Sam finds out, he sends Mike to the Post Office to mail it back. On the way, his friend announces a copy order that would give Mike enough money to buy a gift for Bee's birthday. Unfortunately, Mike accidentally knocks the machine off of a table causing it to get scratched and to make a lot of odd noises.moreless
  • Help on the Farm
    Episode 4
    Andy convinces Sam to hire two ex-convicts to help harvest his corn crop. Bee discovers money missing that she had hidden in the cookie jar, and it is assumed that the new help is responsible.
  • The Race Horse
    Episode 3
    Sam's cousin's race horse hasn't fared well, so he asks Sam to sell it for him as a saddle horse. Bee thinks it to be a shame to let such a thing happen, so she thwarts a potential sale of the horse and plans to enter it in an upcoming race.moreless
  • The Harvest Ball
    Episode 2
    Goober asks Sam to write a letter for him to give to Millie from the bakery asking her to the Harvest Ball. Despite the fact that he was just about to ask her himself, Sam agrees to write the letter. He is called away on business as he is typing the letter. Millie enters Sam's office at the City Council while he is still away, sees the letter in the typewriter, and gets excited as she thinks the letter is actually from Sam.moreless
  • 9/23/68
    After Andy and Helen are married, Bee is no longer needed and plans to leave Mayberry to live with her sister. Sam and Mike try to convince her to stay with them as their housekeeper.